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I have been gifted since I was very young and this is the work that comes the most naturally to me. The spiritual world is were my heart and most powerful gifts lie, were my journey takes me on a deeper level than ever before. I have been working as an intuitive healer, psychic and medium for many years and my ability to help others on their spiritual journey is increasing as I, myself, progress on my own spiritual path.

I have access to information held in the Akashic Records, I see and hear spirits and light beings, I receive messages from ascended masters and can see one’s energetic field and all that it contains.


I have recently gained my level II in Reiki and can add this healing methods to other treatments or offer a full 60 minutes Reiki session that will leave you feel energised, centred and uplifted.


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With the spiritual healing session, you can expect to go deep within your inner being to learn more about yourself and allow shifts and transformation to happen on all levels (body, mind and soul). This session offers a deep soul healing on many levels and is truly transformational.

The consultation often includes some practical advices and spiritual exercises that the person can do in his/her free time to ground down and speed up the transformation process. You can prepare questions if you want to or just be present and ready to receive the healing and advices needed for your personal growth.


In this session, we will work together on specific issues that you face in your life to help you feel more empowered and clear about your life and the actions needed to keep moving forward with confidence. I use all my gifts and abilities to help you on your journey, give you some practical and clear exercises that you can do at home  and listen to you on all levels, not only your conscious mind but your soul’s voice too, so I can help you find your path on earth.

This a deep transformational journey; I will be there for you along the way but you will be the one leading the changes and finding the destination. It is a great follow up for the “Spiritual soul healing” but can be used independently too.


Come for a reading and discover more about yourself, your path and the advices given by your spirit guides. Feel free to prepare some questions or to just come and see what we will discover. I use my own clairvoyant, medium and psychic abilities as well as angel cards


– Reiki: 60 min: $75
– Spiritual coaching: 45 min: $60
– Spiritual soul healing: 90 min: $125
– Reading: 30 min: $50

We offer 20% Off for students

Please kindly note that there is a 3.5% surcharge on all credit card payments. We accept online payments and have an eftpos facility in the Centre.


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