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7 helpful ways to become a powerful empath

Instead of feeling drained around people, we can learn to use our deep empathy to feel strong and connected. We can then become a positive charge that will uplift others and society. Here are a few steps that help this process… 1. Remember who you truly are Our true...

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What people say

“Cendrine is a very talented massage therapist and healer. In my experience, I found her to be very insightful and intuitive in her healing and channelling.”


“Just the perfect amount of massage pressure for me:) loved every minute of it and didn’t want it to stop! I found Cendrine had a very intuitive touch and I’m still feeling great a day later.”


“Thanks so much for the massage & spiritual consultation Cendrine, you knew what I needed at the time. You reminded me of what was truly important and I left feeling much better than before.”


“Cendrine is a very knowledge, professional and friendly masseuse. She always has tips and stretches/ exercises to share with me after my massages and these have been very helpful….as have the massages!”