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entity clearing & removal training

Transformative Programs

Learn and grow with Cendrine in one of her in-depth online journeys

foundations of channelling

Each transmission is a portal to a new aspect of the self, bringing it into the light, so it can be activated and fully embodied. These portals also give all members much greater access to their spirit guides, star races, past-lives, ancestors and so much more. Receive access to an extensive digital library and three live sessions a month with Cendrine

foundations of channelling

Step into a new, higher version of yourself, by connecting deeply to your own soul and your spirit guides under the advanced guidance of Cendrine and her High Council. Learn to channel for others with great levels of precision and grounded leadership. Activate your own connection to your unique soul path and download your own unique body of work, so you can share it with the world and play your role in the Ascension process of humanity.


Cendrine is the Founder and Leader of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry, a nonprofit here to help humans remember the truth of their sovereign multidimensionality.

She is also a spiritual teacher, ascension mentor and trance channel to the Arcturians. She was born awake and learned to embrace the journey of self-empowerment through experiencing many challenges in her life. She always knew she came to earth for a very special mission that would shift the consciousness of humanity forever.

That deep inner knowing was her anchor as she experienced the many waves of living a human life in the 3D Matrix. Now, her mission templates and soul alignment are fully activated so she can share a new body of work with all her students and fellow humans, “the fractal dynamic system”.

These revolutionary teachings are here to completely regrid the earth and establish the templates of the neo-humans, anchoring a new wave of human evolution in the new Golden Age!

Coded Library

Here you will find a database of self-paced mini online courses to guide you on your spiritual journey, so you can embody more of your soul blueprint and activate your mission at a deeper level.

From learning about intuition to meeting your star friends during some quantum travels, learn how to activate deep layers of connection with yourself, your family and community and your mission.

Online Signature Courses


entity clearing & removal training


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this course (the Galactic Intuitive), even though I am not through yet with it. The information and activations are so valuable and exactly what I was looking for, including the titles of the subjects I haven’t gotten to yet. The whole thing is even better than expected, and I was pretty excited to start with.”


“That was the most mind blowing session of my life and I fully felt it in every layer of my being. I will hold this day in my heart with deep reverence and I am so deeply grateful for the strength of your power and grace that you brought to this healing. Thank you Goddess”


“Heartfelt thanks for your powerful Pineal Gland Recoding Mastermind. I experienced the joy, excitement, enthusiasm and power of you and the Arcturian beings you channeled, as well as the Arcturians you brought in around us, and a powerful activation and opening in my Pineal Gland with strong energy pulsing through all areas of my body in bliss, such as I have never felt before. Beautiful. I was honoured to be with you all.”


That was something else. I can’t really describe what happened as it was mind blowing, literally! My body is still shivering from it. Maybe it’s the magnetic field being fully connected?


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