One-on-One Spiritual Sessions:

Many things can happen during a session! But don’t worry, it’s only great things, no crazy ghosts or flying saucer will come and bother us!

Do you wonder why you’re a this stage in your life right now, why you’ve got to go through what you’re going through? Maybe you wonder why a certain pattern keeps on repeating itself, preventing you from moving forward? Feeling stuck, blocked, lost, are often signs that soemthing deeper might be going on. Bringing clarity upon that can be very helpful.

Or you could simply want to receive some guidance from the spiritual world to help you move on your path with more joy and confidence.

Some people have a deep calling to simply come to a session and see what will happen for them. They are never disappointed. Others come with specific questions, and I am there to bring clarity and guidance.

I don’t read the future as such. I can see the energy field and chakra system, as well as all that’s around us. I can communicate with your spirit guides and channel spirit directly. I’m highly intuitive and use those gifts to help you out. It’s fascinating really… I’m just so grateful to be able to become a channel of the divine and transmit its light to you.

I use my gifts and all the techniques learned over the years to be fully present and deliver in-depth sessions.

People have reported feeling more confident and joyful aftre a session with me. Stress, anxiety and depression might be aleviated. More focus can be found and abundance flow. This session is deeply healing on many levels, body, mind and soul.

Off course this is NOT a replacement from getting the help you need if you suffer from a medical condition. If you’re highly depressed or anxious, checking in with your GP or another therapist is highly important. I don’t heal and don’t pretend to do so either. I am simply channeling what comes, a conduit of divine love.

+++ Each session can be recorded!

+++ I give you spiritual exercises to do at home to implement long-lasting changes for a happy life!

If you’re interested in past-lives work or cosmic healing for greater soul incarnation, then please come for the 90 min session to allocate the time needed for those techniques.


Techniques that might be used during a session:

Aura reading

Trapped Emotion Release


Mind programing

Fears and Negative beliefs reprograming


Clearing and recharging the energy field

Chakras balancing

Spirit guides communication

Source’s channeling

Inner child work

Inutition boost

Meditation and Mindfulness

Movement and Nature

Past-lives work

Cosmic healing for greater soul incarnation



Email me: info@cendrines.com

Tel: 0210727013


Choose from:

  • Relaxation massage: To unwind, relax on a deep level and allow yourself to drift away…
  • Somatic Emotional Massage: To free emotions from your physical body. I will use my intuition, massage techniques, some rocking of the body and Reiki to help you release what no longer serves you. This treatment is very unique and healing.
  • Deep Tissue, Myo-fascial release and sports massage: To get those knots out, work on bringing more mobility, and help your body recover from sports injuries or accident. It’s great for most people to have some deeper work done every now and then. Even sitting all day at a computer or driving for hours can put our body in pretty bad postures.

We always have a little chat before your treatment so I can understand what you want. I’m happy to be there for you and tailor the treatment to your needs.

I work weekdays and every second weekend. The only late night I work at the moment is Wednesdays, until 8 pm.

Contact me at info@cendrines.com to book your treatment!

60 min: $80

90 min: $100


PS: This is not the place to get a happy ending, for that, contact appropriate services, thank you very much;-)


“I love Cendrine, she is so committed to her passions and helping us get what we need from the sessions. Highly recommend the yoga and workshops” – Karen

“An amazing yoga teacher, healer & spiritual goddess. Thank you Cendrine….continue doing what you do because you are amazing” – Sharon

“I was pretty cynic with life and couldn’t see a way out of my demanding work. I felt I could never settle anywhere and didn’t really know how to use my talents and actually start living my life, simply to feel happy and grounded with my family. So, when I said I’ll find a way to always feel joyful and confident, I wasn’t sure what the universe would bring me; but then I started the 1:1 coaching with Cendrine. When I became a true spiritual warrior who knows his spiritual journey and feels grounded and happy with his family, I felt the best I had ever felt. And I still do!”. – H. S.