One-on-One Spiritual Session:

“Walking your Ascension Path”

Join me for an hour of trance channelling Arcturian healing!

All the work I’ve been doing for years is now coming together to allow me to channel the Arcturians, amazing light beings from the galactic realms.

They are powerful healers that use sound, colours, vibrations, cosmic surgery and sacred geometry to help us humans ascend to our 5D reality and beyond, 6 and 7th D.

I am now very happy and excited to be able to share it with others.

Trance channelling is very powerful and requires me to be in the highest possible frequencies on all levels, body, mind, emotions and soul alignment.
I work on myself constantly on these multiple planes to be able to be a channel, as this is my path on this earth, and I’m really happy when I do it.

I am here, more than ever, for you, for the collective, for the earth, ready to be at the service of oneness.

Join me and receive what will come through with an open heart and curiosity!


With this session: 

We go deep and allow Channelling and Light Language transmission to activate our DNA on a new level, bringing in powerful healing

We work with the Arcturians to bring ancient wisdom and cosmic healing into our field

We heal past-lives, inner child, broken hearts, blocks and ancient vows

We work with sounds, sacred geometry, colours, cosmic surgery and vibrations

And much more!

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Choose from:

  • Relaxation massage: To unwind, relax on a deep level and allow yourself to drift away…
  • Somatic Emotional Massage: To free emotions from your physical body. I will use my intuition, massage techniques, some rocking of the body and Reiki to help you release what no longer serves you. This treatment is very unique and healing.
  • Deep Tissue, Myo-fascial release and sports massage: To get those knots out, work on bringing more mobility, and help your body recover from sports injuries or accident. It’s great for most people to have some deeper work done every now and then. Even sitting all day at a computer or driving for hours can put our body in pretty bad postures.

We always have a little chat before your treatment so I can understand what you want. I’m happy to be there for you and tailor the treatment to your needs.

2 Locations available in Wellington CBD!

To book, visit Tory Urban Retreat website by clicking HERE

60 min: $95

90 min: $135


“I love Cendrine, she is so committed to her passions and helping us get what we need from the sessions. Highly recommend the yoga and workshops” – Karen

“An amazing yoga teacher, healer & spiritual goddess. Thank you Cendrine….continue doing what you do because you are amazing” – Sharon

“I’ve know Cendrine for years and have been coming to her for all sorts of things, like massage, yoga, and her spiritual offerings. I’m blown away but the way she integrates all her knowledge. She’s the most powerful psychic I’ve ever met and she keeps on getting better and better. I highly recommend meeting her, she’s something else…” – Sam