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In this post, I am sharing a message from the beloved Sirian Star Race about psychic enhancements! This information has been channeled from the Sirians on my High Council and also the Sirian frequencies within me.

The Lions Gate Portal

As we approach the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8, the energies between Earth and Sirius intensify. The precision of the body of work that I’m sharing with humanity gets more and more refined as I receive more advanced downloads during this time.

Lion’s Gate is always a huge portal during this time of year that I have felt year after year. It was during this time over three years ago that I started downloading the first codes of the embodiment of multidimensionality through the anchoring of our sovereignty through the theory of fractal reflections.

The energy right now is therefore very potent, to say the least!

Psychic Advancement with the Sirians

During the Great Awakening that we are currently in, psychic advancements are very enhanced. Humanity needs these psychic enhancements to transcend outdated realities that are anchored in 3D matrix systems.

It is challenging for many humans to transcend these outdated templates because of the state of their consciousness. Even when people are on a path of awakening and are doing the work, they still struggle with the mastery of their mental system.

We have to realise that everything happens from thoughts, everything that we create, was first a thought-form. The teachings of the Sirians relate very strongly to this. 

Psychic Enhancement Code 1: Silence the mind

The Sirians want us to understand that for psychic advancement the most important practice one can do is silence the mind. That means having a strong meditation practice. I talk about the importance of meditation all the time and it is because it is the most fundamental way to increase psychic abilities.

We cannot enhance our psychic abilities if we don’t have a practice to silence the mind. It is only when we can be fully silent, that we can hear. If we don’t have silence how will we ever hear guidance from our spirit team? If there is constant noise in our heads, it will be very hard to receive intuitive messages through the mental system. 

The Sirians say that it doesn’t matter what kind of meditation we choose. Choose something that works. We will each know what works because we will always feel better afterwards.


Meditation can be challenging!

Some days we may find ourselves in bliss states having incredible experiences in the quantum and other days our mind may be so agitated that we are hardly able to sit and focus for 10 minutes but it is all okay! It is the same.

We embrace it with equanimity. We do not set any expectations. We sit at our altar and we create a calming environment that suits us. Brainwave music and Solfeggio frequencies can be extremely beneficial in helping us to silence the mind.

Breathing exercises that have a strong focus on the breath such as Ujjayi pranayama are another powerful way to calm the mental clutter.

20 minutes of meditation a day is a prerequisite for any kind of psychic enhancement

20 minutes is the bare minimum needed to experience an advancement of psychic abilities and to reach the super-conscious states that we are all aiming for.

When we give ourselves this sacred time to meditate we allow the mind to remove clutter, density, outdated programs as well as pain, trauma and dense emotions that don’t need to be there!

soul embodiment free meditation

The purpose of the mental system is to be an empty box

The second thing the Sirians want us to remember is the true purpose of our mind which is to be empty with nothing in it. 

When the mind is empty it can receive the desires blossoming in our heart. This will then enable a new pathway of evolution to be activated so that these heart desires can become manifest in our reality.

As soon as we have a heart desire, we can bring it to reality fast when the mind is acting as an empty box. But what usually happens in humanity is when a heart desire comes through, the mind comes in straight away with a whole host of limiting beliefs that we then need to battle.

“You’re not good enough. You don’t have time, you don’t have money, you don’t have energy. You need to wait.”

Then what happens is we shut down the heart’s desire and we never even start experimenting with it.

Having touch points throughout the day

To experience psychic enhancements the Sirians tell us to first have a conscious and dedicated meditation practice but secondly have touch points throughout the day. These touchpoints are there to allow us to tune into the emptiness inside our mind multiple times a day.

These touch points can be a brief meditation, for 5 minutes or so. It could be 5 minutes of conscious breathing from the heart. It may be going for a walk outside in silence and simply focusing on the ground of our feet on the earth and the birds chirping in the trees. 

Have one-pointed focus

This is a mindfulness technique where we have one point of focus which is a critical and ancient teaching. The yogis have been teaching these one-pointed focus concentration techniques for centuries. Concentration comes before meditation.

When we wash the dishes, we simply wash the dishes. When we go for a walk or a drive, we listen to the sounds around us instead of music. When we are working, we put all our attention on that one thing until it is finished instead of jumping from one thing to another.

This one-point of focus teaching is the opposite of multitasking!

When it comes to these touchpoints and one-pointed concentration, the Sirians say to us, humans: 

“If only you knew the extent of the shift that you would bring into your everyday life by practising these touchpoint techniques. You would stop everything that you are doing right now and you would sit in meditation and you would do this multiple times per day.

We keep on repeating this teaching again and again from different cultures, different teachings, different religions and different philosophies. We keep repeating this over and over again because this is the most important teaching for any kind of sovereign empowerment to reclaim a higher level of consciousness, psychic abilities and creator powers.

We are emphasising this right now because as humanity is going into an accelerated pathway of evolution, many humans are going to embrace these teachings more. 

Many humans will face more resistance and more density because all of a sudden, humans give themselves permission to see this pathway of evolution and they want it. They’ve asked for it. They want more. They want to awaken. They want to know who they are and what is out there.

Every time these resistances come they are alchemised through meditation. It is alchemised through emptying the mind. Because then emotions come and intensity arises. But, instead of buying into these energies and going into a dramatic story about the future or the past, we command the zero point of creation to be present here and now.

 Reclaiming our sovereignty through meditation

As we sit, as we breathe and as we calm our mind, we reclaim our sovereign power. We declare that we are the boss of our mental system. Our mental system is not a crazy monkey running around telling me all the crazy things we should be thinking, and what we should be scared of. NO, we say.

Psychic Enhancement Code 2: Movement

So far, this transmission has been very serious, but the Sirians are also WILD. They know about trance states, the power of shaking the body and movement, the power of community and about this wild being that is inside us!

The Sirians want us to understand that to have the ability to reach higher levels of psychic abilities and super-conscious states, it is vital to bring embodiment into our meditation and breathing practices.

We don’t have to become paralyzed statues in front of our altar! We can also bring movement, fun and joy and activate these wild states with ourselves. Shaking the body IS a spiritual practice as is singing and dancing. These types of practices help us to transmute and release density in the body. 

Our physical body is our system (the other ones being mental, emotional & spiritual) that shifts at a slower rate because of its density. But we don’t hate our bodies for that! We love it! We came here to have this body. Our body is perfect and we just acknowledge our other systems. 

Removing density from the body

We bring consciousness into our physical system by removing the density. We do this by sweating, sauna, intense exercise, eating clean, high vibrational foods, going for a massage, practising hot yoga and so on. We do whatever we need to do to remove the toxins from the body. 

We keep our body’s muscles strong and flexible and our joints mobile so that the body can shift to higher frequencies with the rest of our systems. We don’t want our bodies to be a painful drag that we have to lug around. We don’t want our bodies to prevent us from accessing a higher level of consciousness as we evolve as sovereign, divine human beings in this reality.

Get addicted to movement

Anyone who has done a lot of physical movement over a certain period of time knows that we feel a lot calmer afterwards. Our body feels good and this feeling is highly addictive. And this is a good addiction to have! This is an addiction that we want to cultivate as it is so good for the mind.

Reprogram the mental system with these two codes

The Sirians say that if we were to only implement these two codes of silencing the mind and movement into our everyday lives we would be able to reprogram our mental system.

The mental system is the system that allows us to create a reality with very little resistance. So once our mental system is calm, we will have a strong sense of presence. This feeling is so delicious. It is the feeling we want to cultivate and feel all the time!

When we are anchored into this feeling of pure presence it is much easier for us to receive messages from our soul into our conscious awareness.

These messages from our soul don’t need to be big important messages such as the purpose of life. It could be as simple as what to eat, what to do that day, how to arrange furniture, getting a new haircut, sending a message to a loved one and so on. 

When the mind is calm we start having more pieces of wisdom come through which will help us feel more vibrant and happy in our everyday life. 

This teaching is so simple and yet so profound. My Sirian friends and I would love for you to start implementing these tools into your daily practice in the lead-up to the Lion’s Gate Portal!




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