spiritual evolution

In this transmission, I am sharing three codes that we can use to help accelerate our spiritual evolution. Spiritual evolution is when we consciously choose to embrace the pathway of ascension. Ascension is the increase in vibration that we stabilise within ourselves to be able to vibrate at a higher level of frequency on a constant basis.

If we want to ascend to 5D frequency and above we must do the spiritual work of choosing conscious spiritual evolution. To do this we must deconstruct our own outdated ego that is completely misaligned with the true template of our crystalline divine blueprint. 

When we are not afraid to deconstruct our false ego template it means that we have courage, faith and confidence in ourselves. We are not afraid to go into our shadows and look into what is often not pretty.

These three codes I am sharing today to help you deepen your journey of spiritual evolution, may not be new to you but I invite you to stick with me because maybe I will share things with you that will land in a completely different way when coming from my unique perspective. 

spiritual evolution

Spiritual evolution, ascension and doing the work

Spiritual evolution happens when we consciously choose to embrace the pathway of ascension. Ascension is the increase in the frequency of our vibration. When our vibration stabilises at this new frequency, we have ascended. If we want to ascend to 5D frequency and above, we must do the spiritual work that comes along with choosing conscious evolution. 

When we decide to do spiritual work, it means we aren’t afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror and see where we need to change. 

We courageously deconstruct our outdated ego which is misaligned with the template of our crystalline divine soul blueprint. 

When we do spiritual work, we are not afraid to go into the darkness of our shadows and look head-on at what is often not pretty. These three codes will help you in your process of conscious evolution and spiritual work so that you can start to raise your vibration and ascend to new templates of high frequencies.

Spiritual Evolution Code 1: Embrace all of you

We have all heard about this through the lens of self-love and so on. Here ‘embracing all of you’ is about embracing our multifaceted personality which is the embodiment of our multidimensionality.

We are multidimensional beings which means that we are huge, we are GIGANTIC on so many levels.

Why do we think that at times we are too much, not good enough etc?

We do this because we reject aspects of ourselves that appear to be inconvenient. They may be ‘taboo’ or ‘bad’.

When we live like this, along the way, we forget who we are! We allow our lives to go by as we participate in the enslavement process which tells us to be a ‘good human’.

So learn to embrace all of you, including all of your shadows. This is your past self, your trauma and your wounds. This is also about embracing aspects of your personality that may be hidden in the intimacy of your heart. Maybe it is around your sexuality, your preferences, your dreams and your deepest heart desires.

This isn’t about jumping on the roof and screaming to the world all of this information. It is about accepting who you are on the deepest level.

When we do this, it helps us to reconcile all aspects of our multifaceted personality. This allows us to tap into and embody the unified field of our infinite consciousness.

Mantra to accept all of you

“I accept and I receive all of me, now.”

Spiritual evolution Code 2: Treat others how you would like to be treated

I know you have heard this a million times before, but do you really embody it? All religions and philosophies have some saying about this! It is extremely important and quite simple.

Don’t treat others like shit.

Don’t judge people and make them feel ashamed or guilty. Don’t be nasty to other people to their faces or behind their backs.

This may sound so obvious but the way we do this can be very sneaky at times or manipulative. This can then make us feel personally guilty about what we have done.

I know I do this and I have to catch myself. Now and then I’ll see someone wearing something and I’ll judge them or I’ll hear someone say something stupid on TV and I’ll judge them.

I catch myself and then I bring myself back to non-judgemental high vibrational words and thoughts. The same types of words and thoughts that I would want others to say and think about me.

We can actually take back what we say when we slip!

How can we allow other people to just be themselves without judging them?

When someone is obviously an asshole, we feel it is righteous of us to criticise and judge. This is another place where we want to catch ourselves! The way of enlightenment is to refine our connection with others to this level of radical acceptance. This is radical acceptance of the fact that everyone is on their own journey. And we don’t know them. We don’t know what everyone has been through that led them to this point, we don’t know their mind or what goes on in the intimacy of their heart.

And even if we did, it still doesn’t matter.

We are all sovereign beings and we can all do whatever we want.

Spiritual Evolution Code 3: Spiritual Discipline

This code of spiritual discipline is going to help you tremendously on your pathway of spiritual evolution.

We must have spiritual discipline.

Some people may think they have such a high vibe, are blessed and full of love and light that they blast out into humanity, that they don’t need to do any spiritual practice. To a certain extent, this is true – our light shines all around us and if other people can feel it, it can help them.

However, we want to do the work on ourselves so that we have a greater level of humility, compassion, love and service. This is how we help the world

There is always more that we can do.

We are not here to put ourselves on a pedestal and think we are better than anyone else.

We are here to realise that if we want to have amazing changes in our everyday life then we have to do the work.

What does spiritual work look like?

Doing the work is sitting down at our altar and meditating and praying every single day. Yes, every single day.

This is how I have personally been able to receive highly advanced psychic downloads that I teach in all of our programs and with private clients.

All of the information I receive about the quantum architecture of life, which I share with others to help them on their own journey, gets downloaded because I spend hours every day in meditation and prayer.

Here are the spiritual practices I will typically do every day:

  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
  • Mindset exercises
  • Yoga
  • Physical exercise
  • Walks in nature

soul embodiment free meditation

Having a spiritual practice is saying yes to our crystalline divine genome becoming the main operating system of our current incarnation.

It is allowing our soul to lead as we surrender in prayer and meditation. We bring the unified field within so that we can consciously feel that we are part of this unified field.

This helps us to be non-reactive, observe what is going on with detachment and carry ourselves with much greater ease.

It also allows me to observe more subtle energetic changes within my field. I can see where every piece of information that comes into my field is from the 3D matrix system or the 5D matrix system. 

I can see if information comes from my soul, my spirit guides or Source. Or if it comes from my inner child, past lives or ancestors. I can see it all.

Accessing the codes of Ancient Civilisations through spiritual discipline

There is so much more that we can understand about ourselves by sitting in silence. As we sit in silence and connect with our soul and with the heart of Gaia and Source Consciousness we become fully anchored into the ascension process. 

The more we activate spiritual discipline every day, the more we activate the codes of the ancient civilisations residing within our DNA. These include the code from Shambala, Avalon, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Lemuria and so on.

All ancient traditions, cultures and religions have spiritual discipline at the core of their teachings!

Mystery Schools in the past would take people from a very young age and train them for hours a day. I have past life memories of attending Mystery Schools and we would train for 16 hours a day for years to reach levels of enlightenment that would allow us to be telepathic, levitate, bio-locate and heal ourselves and others.

Spiritual discipline and the new Golden Age

This level of spiritual discipline allows us to hone our psychic abilities and spiritual powers but more importantly, it allows us to be happy! It allows us to more easily treat others with the highest level of love and respect. This is how we create a golden age for all! Don’t you want that dear one?

Do you really want abundance and freedom for yourself and all of humanity? Do you actually do anything about it? Do you pray and meditate for these things every day?

To conclude

In summary, the three codes for spiritual evolution that I shared today are:

  1. Embrace all of you
  2. Treat others as you would like to be treated
  3. Practise spiritual discipline

I would LOVE for you to practise and embody these codes today and every day going forward.

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