channel the blue avians

In this post, I am sharing a few tips on how to call in the Blue Avian star race and how to co-create with them.

These tips come from personal experiences I have had. I have learnt more about this very unique 12th-dimensional star race over the years.  

The Blue Avians are emissaries of God Source who hold the keys of the one unified field as seeders of consciousness in different realms of reality. 

Continue reading to learn in-depth all 3 of the things I have found that have helped me connect to this star race, who isn’t as present here on Earth as many other star races we know and love.

To learn more about the Blue Avians, check out this post!

#1 Tip to channel the Blue Avians: Eat more fruit & raw food

I have noticed that the more fruit I eat, the easier it is for me to connect with the Blue Avians. This is because the Blue Avians have such a high frequency, so if we release density from the body through our diet, it is easier to feel them.

As soon as I started juicing and eating a higher level of high-vibrational food like fruit and raw fruit and vegetables I could feel them around me.

It turned into a full-body sensory feeling where I could perceive and feel them flying around me. When they fly around me they give me activations and harmonise my field. I then can start to perceive myself flying with them in different realms and dimensions.

Detox your diet

If you’d like to start connecting with the Blue Avians, I would highly recommend reviewing your diet and possibly even working with a professional to do a detox. I have done detoxes in the past under the guidance of Nova Earth Oracle.

By hiring a qualified professional, you will be able to go on a journey to detoxify in a safe way. Focus on freshly pressed juices, raw fruit and vegetables.

Detox your lifestyle

Not only is it a good idea to detox your diet but to also detox everything in your life. Remove all toxins from your body as much as possible!

This includes your food and water but also your home, your skincare, cosmetics, your cleaning products and so on. The more high vibe your physical body is, the easier it will be to connect with the Blue Avians.

#2 Tip to channel the Blue Avians: Connect with birds

Birds love fruit!

Think of the Blue Avians like you would think of birds on earth, they are drawn to fruit! The Blue Avians don’t eat anymore but where they originated from a long time ago, they did. And so we can honour them and call them in by blessing the fruit and raw food that we eat to activate a deeper connection with the Blue Avians.

Go outside and connect to birdsong 

Wherever you are in the world, likely if you go outside, especially at dusk and dawn, you will be able to listen to birdsong.

You can also just spend time outside with the birds, observing them, listening to them and attuning to their frequency. See the way they move, how they behave, what is their birdsong and so on.

You can connect with all the diverse types of birds we have on this planet. They all have a signature frequency but they also are part of the unified field of bird beings.

You can thank the birds for their beautiful songs and their energy, 

You can set the intention that as you do this practice of simply being in contemplation with the birds, you call the Blue Avians in your field.

#3 Tip to channel the Blue Avians: Activate Blue Avian Light Language through birdsong

To connect with all star races, including the Blue Avians, activating light language works wonders. We do this by tuning into birdsong specifically.

Feel the song of the birds awakening something within you, vibrating within your cells. This will help you to channel the Blue Avians.

If there aren’t many birds where you live or you want to tune in at night time, find some birdsong music that you can listen to wherever and whenever.

Take your time to consciously listen to the birds and feel the sounds they make. Allow the bird to activate something within you, even if you don’t know what it is.

Your cells know, your body knows.

As you do this you can start to consciously connect with the frequency of the Blue Avians and activate their light language consciously.

Do this by allowing your heart to open fully and bring in any songs that come out.

Impersonating and embodying Bird Frequency

I invite you right now to close your eye and take a few conscious breaths into your heart space. 

Open your heart and see if you can connect to this bird frequency, this Blue Avian frequency. Connect to the birds on this planet and the unified field of bird frequency.

Tune into your voice, and your throat chakra and allow it to create a channel to your open heart. Feel the joy and ecstasy that comes with the playful Blue Avian frequency.

Then open your mouth and start making bird noises as you perceive them. Just have fun and see what happens!

In this YouTube video version of this post, I did a Blue Avian Light Language activation which you can tune into and do along with me if you’d like some more guidance for this practice.

You may feel silly and that’s okay!

When you practice activating Blue Avian light language you may observe your mind telling you that you look crazy and ridiculous. Let it just be and slide off you like water on a duck’s back.

Continue with your experience, continue to have fun and open your heart wide open to experience playful co-creation with the Blue Avians.

A Blue Avian Trilogy

To activate a greater connection with the Blue Avians in preparation for huge activations, upgrades and cosmetic surgeries that we are going to experience during the month of April, I would love to invite you to join the Blue Avian Trilogy starting on the 10th of March 2023. 

We will have four live sessions as well as pre-recorded sessions. I will gift you some light language, light codes and bonus videos on the Blue Avians and so much more! 

Experience a uniquely personal, deep transformation with the Blue Avians by your side. 

We are going to support you to activate more of your unique essence so you can release everything that you are not.

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This trilogy will be facilitated from March to May 2023. However, if you are reading this after the live event has passed, it will be available to purchase as a replay from the link provided.

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channel the blue avians

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