activate the healer within
In this post, I cover five powerful ways to activate the healer within.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a healer or feel inspired to be a healer. Maybe you are already working as a healer, but you don’t know how to step fully into your power.

These include getting yourself out of the way, doing the healing work on yourself, understanding the people we heal are mirroring back to us and healing from the heart portal. 

You will also learn the difference between healing and alchemising.

I want to help you recode your reality and the way you see yourself, as well as having a greater understanding of what it actually means to be a healer.

activate the healer

1. Get out of the way when healing others to activate the healer within

What does it mean to be a healer?

Being a healer has got nothing to do with us, it has everything to do with the frequency we channel to be able to serve others. Our role is to get out of the way so we can channel the frequencies that need to come through us to allow the other person to receive. 

Some of us healers often think that we don’t know enough or have enough tools to serve others. When we start thinking in that way, we make it all about ourselves. But this has nothing to do with us, it’s got everything to do with being able to channel life force energy and to serve others.

If the calling is there, it means that we are missioned souls, that we are here to serve other people. We serve other people by experiencing humility and allowing what needs to come through to serve. We will never know everything for the quantum is infinite, but we can get out of the way to allow our soul to take over, as it knows, as it is divine!

Healing on all levels

Just because we can’t repair bones or diseases doesn’t mean we aren’t healers. That is just the physical level, there is also the mental, emotional and spiritual levels that we are here to heal and alchemise. 

Our healing tools are here to help us shift frequency because everything is frequency. The physical body is just frequency vibrating at a certain level. We also have the mental body and emotional body each vibrating at different frequencies. Then, we have the spiritual body and light body yet vibrating at even higher frequencies.

Healing on a cellular level

We are simply attuning ourselves to be able to channel a certain frequency. That frequency is going to come into the soft tissues and into the bones. It is also going to come into the DNA, therefore, shifting us on a cellular level.

In our DNA, we store emotions that are trapped, amongst many other things. That could come from our childhood but also the traumas that our ancestors carried and passed onto us. 

We can learn to allow the cells to shift in frequency by removing all lower frequencies that were stuck in our DNA. This activates the healer within by uplifting ourselves to higher vibrations. This is part of Fractal reflections, the body of work that I channel and teach.

Stuck emotions will shut our cells down and trigger a ripple effect throughout the body, resulting in physical illnesses. By channelling healing frequencies we allow the cells to shift.

This results in the purging of lower frequencies from the cells in our body. We can often end up feeling worse than we did before the healing started as our body purges out all of the trapped density.

It is important to sweat and move to allow our physical body to get rid of the lower frequencies, of the “sticky water”, the density that is present within our tissues.

After the purging has been done, there is this deep, profound feeling of clarity and peace. Lifeforce energy can then flow with greater ease. 

So, when we work on healing we work with frequency and lifeforce energy.

We can all learn how to channel healing frequencies

There is a huge range of healing modalities out there, Reiki being one of the most popular.

In the body of work that I channel there is a lot around Quantum Alchemy and Quantum Healing. This goes a lot deeper than Reiki in terms of quantum mechanics. We learn about fractal reflections and the processes of alchemising and healing. 

Anyone can channel healing frequencies. It is just a matter of receiving attunements and studying different modalities to remember what is already there. We trigger greater awakening and greater abilities to channel lifeforce energy through these attunements. When we do the work on ourselves, then we can do the work for others.

2. Walk the talk by doing the work to heal

We need to do the healing work on ourselves to activate the healer within.

When I am in a lot of emotional pain, I retreat into my cave and I don’t want anyone to poke me. I process the energetics of my life by myself or with my mentor, doing the inner work in my own sacred way.

Recently when I was going through something, my friend kept poking me with deep love. He cracked me open and I started crying. 

All of the repressed emotions came flooding out, even though I usually stay strong and don’t cry in front of anyone. When I first went into my cave alone and started processing my feelings in this way, it was healing but only to a certain extent.

Being able to strengthen my connection to my friend, Alex, by simply receiving the support and love he was offering was truly life-changing for me.

When we don’t allow other people to come into our field and hold space for whatever we are experiencing, we are very limited. There is only so much we can see and do for ourselves. 

I didn’t want to allow anyone in, because allowing people in means literally poking the wound. 

Now, I still retrieve my cave, I don’t interact with the world as I process. But I now also connect to Alex and Shannon, my cousin Valentine and my sister. I have a close circle that I consciously share with, so they can be there for me, as I am there for them too.

I am learning to balance the energetics of self-responsibility and connection, inward movement and outward movement/ reaching out to others.

Why does this relate to healing codes?

I used to see a therapist years ago. I felt like I needed help and support for a ‘small thing’ and that I would probably be going there for a month or two. Seven months later I was still crying in every session and I felt like it was going nowhere. 

This happened until the therapist stopped being silent as he was holding space for me to share. One day he told me he feels it’s important for me to start talking about my father. 

He poked me exactly where I needed to be poked! So I lost my shit and told him there is nothing wrong with my relationship with my father. He is shit, I don’t talk to him and there is nothing to talk about. 

But he was right, he triggered even more pain to allow me to open up. That was really unpleasant, uncomfortable.

I learned that transformation often implies discomfort and that it is ok.

I find a lot of us stop at a certain level because there is so much pain to process… But we are really only at the tip of the iceberg.

There is all the work underneath the surface that is still there. Very often the tip of the iceberg is what we see on a mental level. What we don’t know is everything that is underneath which are physical, emotional and spiritual shifts. All of these lower frequencies are trapped in the body.

3. Poke the wound to activate the healer within

The role of the healer is to not only hold space for the other person, depending on the healing modality we practice. 

For example, I hold space by listening through mentoring and coaching my students and clients. The power of truly listening to someone allows people to process and channel for themselves.

After we have held space for the person to open up and start processing, we then start to show the other person where the density is. AKA we ‘poke the wound with love’. This can be hard for empaths, who struggle to see someone else in pain and don’t want to make it worse by poking more.

But by poking the person where it hurts, it allows them to go into the layers they need to go to crack open, process and truly heal their deepest wounds. It allows them to find a new level of trust and connection with you as their healer.

Here, I am not talking about deep intense trauma that creates suicidal thoughts, and other deep mental illnesses. For those who require longer care, accredited professionals are the ones who are often the most equipped to deal with people who experience such intense emotions. I encourage anyone who has this depth of suffering within to go get help. Find courage and reach out. It is why these people train and why they do what they do. 

I am talking about serving humans on their healing journey when they are anchored in higher levels of love for life and spiritual depth.

We are wired to heal one another

As a healer, when we are fully soul-aligned, we can start seeing the person we are working with going through shifts. 

As human beings, we are wired to connect and to be there for one another. Connection is one of the four primal codes, along with Love, Abundance and Freedom.

This primal code of connection is in our genes, for the survival of our species. We have to be there for one another! When we are here for the people we love, we help them by holding space for them and becoming a vessel of divine love.

We are here to mirror and ask the right questions to allow them to go deeper and further to the root of their pain. This allows the person to process their emotions.

When we encourage people to process emotions like this, we must walk the talk by doing healing work on ourselves. If we don’t, we unconsciously share all our shit with the people we heal. This is because there is still a lot of density within ourselves. Our work as a healer becomes limited and won’t really bring long-lasting shifts.

4. The people we heal are our mirrors

For a lot of people, it is easier to serve than to receive. This is an invitation for you to also observe how you receive from other healers. 

As healers, we are often coded as givers, but when it is our time to receive, we say we don’t need it and that we should be able to go through the process by ourselves.  

It was very much me retrieving in my cave, thinking that I have many tools in my toolbox so I can do it myself, that if I ask for help it means that I’m not good enough, that I can’t be a quantum teacher, that I am a fraud!

With those thoughts process, I welcome the purging of outdated limiting beliefs and fears! 

But we are human! Our human needs to be held, understood and loved with all the layers and messiness that we are. We are learning to be our own angel, our own best friend and guardian.

We always do the best we can with what we have. To activate the healer within, it is very important to realise what we face as a healer is always going to be a reflection of the things we are healing and alchemising ourselves.

This is a powerful shift into integrating a higher level of humility!

Why is this important to realise?

Because it’s one of the biggest blocks that prevent us from serving at the highest level. 

When we start serving others, they will start showing things that are a direct mirror of things that we are processing ourselves or that we have processed in the past. There are still things that need to be alchemised and healed there.

If we don’t have enough responsibility and are not ready to do the work ourselves, we will find all sorts of excuses not to do it. For example, ‘I’m not good enough, I can’t really help them’. Or ‘that person is too much for me’.

All these excuses for not being present and not holding space for that person will come through. We will be unable to get ourselves out of the way.

When this happens to me I realise that people mirror things going on inside me. I realise someone I’m working with is mirroring something I’m processing if I have a reaction. This could be goosebumps or I feel emotions or thoughts arising as I listen to what my student/client shares.

I take a mental note of going back there to purge and process what needs to be alchemised. Then I get out of the way so I don’t project my own shit onto my student/client. I stay anchored in my divine light, simply serving by channelling high frequencies of Love.

This process is really interesting because it shows I still need to work on myself, because yes, I learn and will keep on learning and shifting all my life!

We came here to evolve, and that is a wonderful formula offered to us as we serve others!

Having humility and compassion to activate the healer within

This level of self-responsibility of walking the talk of being a healer is going to allow us to step into our role as a healer with so much humility and compassion but also courage. 

Healing requires courage codes big time! It can be very unpleasant and challenging!

When we heal physically, we are in physical pain. When we are healing emotionally it is mentally very painful, especially when we look at aspects of ourselves that are imbalanced and unaligned. Painful mental loops of drama, victimisation and limiting beliefs are unpleasant to heal. 

No shifts happen with a lack of courage! We have to take aligned actions and to take aligned actions takes courage.

But you know what?

Your soul knows, your soul is infinite and the most courageous ever! So go for it, trust your soul as it knows the way!

5. Activate the healer within through the heart portal

To activate the healer within, we have to realise it’s not about us, it’s about the frequency we are here to bring through. 

We may bring it through our hands if we are giving hands-on healing. We may heal others through our heart portal as we practice divine listening.

My online course, Fractal Shifts, which is being re-released with amazing new content on the 2nd of July 2021, is an amazing body of work that I channel and co-create with advanced star races. Through this body of work, we shift all of these systems inside of us so we can really self-heal.

When we start anchoring into that, we can start serving others, knowing it is not about us, it is about serving them from the heart. In Fractal Shifts, we learn to work with the heart, as the electromagnetic field from the heart does the work of the healing. We learn about our thoughts process and fractal reflections.

We learn to be so heart centred, so connected to the Earth and to Source, that we are constantly channelling lifeforce energy. 

We shine those frequencies outward for others to receive. This is an invitation for other people to bring those frequencies in. Lower frequencies can be processed through their cells by removing them and activating higher levels of frequencies present in their fractal.

We serve others by getting out of the way and serving from a place of love

We want to heal others because we love them right? 

We love our fellow humans so much! 

We love our spirit guides and God and the Earth. We have so much love! Really realise that and anchor that in!!!

It is not about us not being good enough, it is about the heart desire that is there for a reason. The heart desires are seeds planted by the soul which give us signs of our purpose. 

If we allow ourselves to look into our heart’s desire of working as a healer to serve others, we completely get out of the way. We are simply here holding space. This is when miracles happen!

The difference between healing and alchemising

The healing process is about going into our wounds. This is about going into our inner child and our deepest traumas. We find out the why, how and when all of our wounds were created and allowing all of the emotions to arise.

It is taking the time to process, hold space to get to the root of the pain and heal it. 

Alchemy is a very different formula…

The path of alchemy is available to us at every moment when we feel something arising in our field. We can instantly shift by alchemising those lower frequencies. If that doesn’t work then we know healing needs to be done. 

When you are triggered, you observe that you are being triggered. Can the trigger be alchemised by acknowledging it? You realise what is going on in the moment and you consciously choose higher frequencies available instead of going into the lower fractal reflection.

For example, when my friend Alex reached out to me when I just wanted to be all alone in my cave, I felt even more emotional. I observed that and alchemised it instantly by realising that it was needed for me to feel that, so I could connect more to him and my other close friends.

I took full responsibility for my emotions instead of projecting things onto him. I could have chosen to react strongly emotionally, to be offended, to push him away and feel even more sorry for myself. But no, I alchemised those lower frequencies by choosing not to go there and instead. I chose the higher path.

Every time something arises in our field we can choose to alchemise it until we encounter something that is bigger. We know it is bigger because the situation is presenting itself more, we are overthinking it and life keeps poking us with it. 

This is when we go into healing, by questioning why we feel like this, when we started feeling this and what reactions and emotions we are feeling. 

Embodied healing

It is so powerful to tune into the body and feel where in the body the wound or trauma is. Everything is stored in the physical body. If we don’t embody healing and truly get rid of the lower frequency in our cells it will continue perpetuating.

In the Fractal Shifts online course, we work with archetypes, star races and quantum technologies. We use tools to look at the physical body and our other systems. We start isolating the one cell that is shut down because of previous trauma. We heal and alchemise the cells to completely remove them from the body.

This creates a ripple effect on a multi-dimensional level.

I would like to invite you to join me in this amazing online course Fractal Shifts 2.0, and especially now that we offer bi-monthly quantum coaching sessions for all the students of the course!

to celebrate the launch of the upgraded course, it is 50% OFF right now! So make sure you enrol before the 2nd of July 2021 to start your quantum healing journey! I would absolutely love to have you there!

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activate the healer within

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