Instead of feeling drained around people, we can learn to use our deep empathy to feel strong and connected.

We can then become a positive charge that will uplift others and society.

Here are a few steps that help this process…

1. Remember who you truly are

Our true nature is divine. Each of us is an enlighten soul experiencing a journey on earth, with millions of other fellow souls.

As such, we are all already deeply connected, like all the facets of a magnificent crystal. We reflect different aspects of humanity, but we are on the same boat. We are all experiencing the hardships that come with having a human body. We just deal with it in different ways.

We are powerful souls made out of pure and unconditional love. As such, we are here to transcend our sense of separation from other human beings. Instead of looking for differences, we can acknowledge that the light within others is the same as the light within us.


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