Cendrine Sauvenier

Owner of CendrineS, Cendrine teaches most of the week days yoga classes and receives clients for treatments such as massage therapies, reiki, spiritual soul healing, spiritual coaching, readings and more.
She is the person you can talk to about anything that happens in the Centre, from admin to schedule and prices and the rest!
Cendrine was born into the world of yoga, both her father and grand-mother being yoga teachers themselves. Her beloved grand-mother opened the first yoga centre in Belgium in 1968 and was still running it nearly until she passed.Yoga might be in her genes but Cendrine has consciously embraced the yoga journey from a young age, enjoying practising with her family. Yoga was at time not very present but it was always there nevertheless. Mind exercise, conscious breath, looking after her body, etc… have been taught to her when she was a child and it deeply resonated with her. The stories and legends told by her father fascinated her. She always knew that one day, her too would be a teacher and open a centre.
She undertook a teacher training in Belgium 12 years ago but then left to go on adventures. She qualified as a teacher in New Zealand in 2015 and finished a 300hrs teacher training with the renowned Noah Maze in 2017. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy, asanas, sequencing and philosophy. She embraced all aspects of yoga, meditation and Kirtan.
Her father’s side might drawn her into yoga but it is her mother that inspired her spirituality. Her mother is still nowadays a strong support and inspiration for her. Very little, Cendrine had many intuitive gifts that she chose to shut down and ignore for many years, knowing that she wasn’t ready to understand them fully and use them safely. After a long self-discovery and empowering journey that she is still on today, Cendrine has been able to awaken her gift and cultivate them. She has now many years of experience working on a deep spiritual level and is very grateful to be able to help others discover their own gifts.
Her favourite quote is ‘Know Yourself’ – by knowing yourself, you know the divine within you and you can connect to your life and to others on a deep level. Yoga and spiritual practises to do just that!

Chantal Lynne

Chantal is originally from Toronto, Canada. Her yoga practice began five years ago when she adopted proper exercise and nutritional habits to transform her physical and mental health. Hatha and Yin yoga became a part of her regular practice, realizing the importance and benefits of meditation and breathing techniques to combat stress and bring balance into her life. Being a personal trainer as well, Chantal teaches with a focus on alignment and the use of props, working to increase strength, mobility and flexibility in the body, while creating a space for ease and personal growth through a mind body connection.Chantal has a background in Primary School Education, specializing in Autism. Her love of yoga led to her bringing movement and mindfulness programs into schools to manage anxiety and emotional regulation, foster children’s understanding of self love and individuality, and to encourage healthy bodies, minds, and emotions from a young age.

Chantal studied her 200hr and 300hr advanced yoga training in Indonesia from a Vancouver based hatha-vinyasa school, where she deeper explored her passion for yoga movement, exercise physiology, and meditation. She creates a welcoming space that allows yoga practitioners to embrace their practice no matter their level, and to work towards exploring how yoga resonates within them.

Claudio Escutia

“I found through the practice of conscious movement and breath, sound and vibrations the path to inner silence and peace.”

Claudio is a yoga teacher and active musician since more than 10 years.

He comes from a family of musicians from Mexico City, surrounded from childhood with instruments and music.

He began his spiritual journey in Mexico with the practice of Tai Chi. After finishing his classical guitar studies at the School of Fine Arts he decided to move to Montreal Canada to study jazz music, where he experienced for the first time the power of the sacred Yogic practices, becoming aware of his breathing, body, mind and soul.

When he settled in Canada, he expanded his knowledge by practicing Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, with great masters, he learned to play Kirtan (sacred chants circles) with local musicians and started playing live music for yoga classes.

After 2 years of practice, he heads to the mountains of Quebec and begins his training as a resident yoga and meditation teacher at the Yoga Sivananda Vedanta Ashram, with the renowned professor Praladh, a direct student of Swami Vishnudevananda, one of the first teachers of India in introduce yoga in the West. Claudio receives his certification of 300 hours of Yoga by Yoga Alliance recognized throughout the world. After finishing his training and after living 6 months of intense Sadhana (spiritual practice) he began to teach Hatha Yoga in several studies in Montreal.

In 2012 he moved to Europe, where he studied Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Jivamukti Berlin and Yin Yoga taking workshops and retreats.

In 2013 he traveled to Nepal to study Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls ,Gongs, Bells and Mantras taking certification and courses  at the Kundalini Sound and Herbal Healing School in Kathmandu with the renowned teacher and healer Chaitanyashree. After Nepal, he travels to India to study classical music of India on Sitar, Esraj and Bansuri and voice technique in Calcutta and Varanasi.


He comes back home to live in Riviera Maya Mexico to teach for 3 years and practice with several teachers getting experience on teaching to big groups of students and teaching workshops on Nada Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Sound Healing.


During his classes, he uses ancient and traditional techniques to harmonize physical, mental and emotional levels with the sound of Tibetan bowls, Mantras, Mudras and other Yoga techniques that take you on a journey to the heart, inner peace and silence.

e creates a welcoming space that allows yoga practitioners to embrace their practice no matter their level, and to work towards exploring how yoga resonates within them.

Marcelly Ribeiro

Marcelly has been practicing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2006. Her life was completely changed when she got pregnant in 2008 and had her first natural birth in Brazil. Pregnancy and birth are still fascinating for her: “Yoga is an amazing way for women to increase their connection with themselves and the baby. Breathing and relaxation techniques empower women in preparation for labour. For me it’s wonderful to stay in touch with pregnant women trough yoga!”

Raphaelle Stockwell

I discovered yoga 20 years ago when I was an architecture student in America. It was becoming very popular over there at the time, but still a bit unknown back in France when I came from.

I immediately loved how it made me feel in my body and in my mind; its calming effect and overall well-being feel. It didn’t take me long to become hooked!

I finally took the plunge and completed my 200hrs teacher’s training with Power Living and my Yin Level 1 with Joe Barnett. I’ll be doing my Yin Level 2 at the end of the year and always look forward to gain new knowledge and sharing it with my students.


Tanya Carr-Smith

Tanya was first introduced to yoga with a dvd when she was 15 years old. She was 20 when she first stepped into a studio. It wasn’t until she was due to have her first child that she started to deepen her own practice and become more of a regular on the mat.

Tanya embodies the idea that every body is different. This is not just physically but mentally as well. She loves sharing not just the physical asana practice with her students but also the more in-depth learnings that yoga can provide on a day to day level. She is a self confessed anatomy geek and loves to assist students to become more in tune with their own body so that they can practice safely with self awareness.

She hopes that as your teacher, she will be able to play a small part in bringing yoga -on and off the mat- into your everyday life.

She enjoys energetic vinyasa flow practices, movement awareness in hatha classes and soothing but engaging asana in yin.

Jeanne Weinstock

“I am so excited to bring Kula Kids’ Yoga to Cendrine’s!

I love my yoga practice and I love teaching yoga to children. It offers them a form of movement and physicality that can be gentle or athletic and non-competitive. It builds strength, balance and flexibility. It teaches mindfulness in stillness ( I always include some quiet meditation in class) and mindfulness in action. The yoga teachings include principles of compassion for self and others, discipline and self-study. My classes are playful, imaginative and age-appropriate weaving games, song and story into the practice of the poses.

I currently teach yoga to children, teens and adults in Eastbourne and Lower Hutt. I received my RYT training in California and have years of experience working with children in schools and after school (references available). I am also the mother of three children ages 14, 17 and 22 and have learned the most from them. ”


Dr Ramesh Chand Sharma

Ramesh is from a city, Haridwar, located very closed to Rishikesh, one of the most renowned place to learn yoga in India.
Coming directly from Indian yogic traditions, Ramesh has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with people and luckily for us, here in Wellington.
He has perfection in following Yogas and recently earned Phd in Yoga.
1. Asnas (Physical Yoga Postures and Streches)
2. Pranayam (Breathing Yoga, 7 different Yogs)
3. Kriyas – Another meaning of Kriya is an outward physical manifestation of awakened kundalini, such as a spontaneous body movement related to Kundalini energy flow
4. Sitting Postures
5. Mudras- Different Gestures
6. Laughing Yoga
7. Udgeet Prayanam – Mind Relaxation
His classes not only come from his extensive yogic knowledge but as well from a heart place. His love of yoga is transparent as well as his enthusiasm in sharing it with other.
Be prepared to experience something else with his classes, something that will train your body and your mind into real yogi practice.


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