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Become a powerful intuitive by activating your three intuitive centres!

In this blog post, you will learn about the three intuitive centres, the gut, the heart and the mind. Discover how you can activate and harmonise these centres so they can work together to create a pure channel for you to tap into your intuitive abilities. 

Recognise, acknowledge and expand your intuition into the galactic and Earth realms!

What are the three intuitive centres?

The three intuitive centres can also be called the three minds and are made up of the gut, the heart centre and the headspace. These three centres relay different information with each other. When they are fully wired they can give us tremendous signals about our physical body, our environment, the people around us, our energetic field and our spirit guides and galactic friends present in our energetic field.

intuitive centres

We are all intuitive beings

A lot of people out there don’t believe that they have intuitive abilities. But the truth is, all of us are intuitive. But the difference is many of us don’t recognise our intuition. 

We self sabotage our intuition and don’t listen to it when we don’t like what it says and we feel an aversion to the changes it is telling us to make, for example, to stop hanging out with those friends or to eat different food. 

When we receive messages that aren’t to our liking we discard them and then we think we aren’t intuitive. 

It is important to check-in with yourself and be really honest with the intuitive messages you may be receiving. Sometimes you receive intuitive messages to do something that you might not be ready for. In instances like this, always acknowledge your intuition, the guidance you receive and keep it in your field for when you are ready, instead of ignoring the message altogether. 

Acknowledging your intuition will keep your channel clear. When we keep the channel clear, intuitive messages will keep coming. Intuition is a frequency, you can visualise the frequency of your intuition as a crystal or as a being that is a good friend. Imagine if this friend comes and talks to you to tell you something and you keep ignoring them. Eventually, that being, representing the frequency of your intuition, will go away because all of the channels will become blocked. 

It’s pretty much like saying to a dear friend: “I don’t like what you’re telling me right now, even though I know deep down it’s actually valuable, so I choose to ignore you until you will only tell me what I want to hear, even if that doesn’t make me grow”.

Our intuitive channels need to be highly regarded to remain clear and open. These are channels of deep inner knowing. Let’s study them more deeply!

The gut

We start with the gut because it is our primary intuitive centre. We all know the expression of “having a gut feeling”. Most people don’t understand intuition but they understand the gut feeling. If you know and have felt this gut feeling before, work with that! This intuitive centre relies deeply on our instinct which triggers our primal cortex. The gut literally has billions of neurons directly connected to the limbic brain.

When the limbic system is healthy and the gut functions properly it can receive information and transmit it quickly and accurately to the primal brain. This is how we start having strong gut feelings from our lower belly that give us attractions or aversions to certain things, people or places. 

This area of the lower belly which includes the womb and the gut, relays information about being grounded on earth now, our physical environment and our physical body. This is all about our raw primal sense of having a gut feeling. 

Remember your gut feeling is always right! 

Good gut health is essential

If we have poor gut health it becomes difficult for the gut to send information for the brain and for the brain to receive it accurately. It also becomes difficult for the brain to transmit information to the gut system. It is therefore very important to have a healthy gut which can be done by eating healthy.

Include a lot of fruit, raw food, fermented food in your diet. Try to mostly avoid meat, dairy and gluten products which are really damaging to the gut system. 

Focus on foods that come from mother earth and are supercharged with high frequency, vitamins and minerals.

Taking a probiotic can hugely help with improving the gut system and perceiving the intelligence directly residing inside of us. When we take a really good strength probiotic with at least 50 billion strains, it increases brain function, cognition and memory. It creates a connection between the gut and the brain.

Have an honest check-in with yourself and find what you can do or change to improve your gut health.

The gut and intuition

This centre is like our sixth sense, interoception. 

Interoception is our ability to understand the signals that are sent by our body. The physical body uses interoception to tell us that we are hungry or thirsty. Very often we don’t listen to these signals and the body is not properly wired due to eating and drinking out of habit.

By fasting, for example, you can reclaim this connection with the gut system through our interoception centre. By embracing different kinds of fasting techniques like intermittent fasting, you can rewire this connection and really start listening to your body. 

Observe your body’s signals when you become hungry to learn to discern whether you are really hungry or you are just used to eating at this time. 

When we listen to signals of the body, it will tell us exactly what we need. Whether it is to sleep, to exercise or eat. It is up to us to honour our body and follow the advice of our body. When we don’t listen to and follow the signals of our body we will end up sick, injured and be forced to take rest for an extended period of time.

Using your gut to make a decision

Tune into your belly and ask for guidance. If you have a decision to make between two options, bring one decision into your lower belly. Visualise it in your gut or womb area (men have a womb area residing within as well). 

Feel that option inside you, connecting into your lower belly and observing how you feel. Do you feel expansive or restricted? Do you have shortness of breath or are breathing enthusiastically?

Your body will give you the answer!

The heart centre

The heart is more intelligent than the mind! The HeartMath Institute has incredible free courses where you can learn about the heart’s intelligence. The best part is, everything they teach has been scientifically proven, which gives more weight to what I intuitively know.

Your heart centre creates the strongest electric current inside your physical body. When we start connecting and practising heart breath, by inhaling and exhaling into the heart space, we increase the electromagnetic field of the heart which can be measured. This field can radiate up to a metre away from our physical body. 

This means that when we come into contact with other people our electromagnetic fields are already touching one another before we come into physical contact. In this electromagnetic field, resides our emotions because our feelings and our emotions reside within and are felt through our heart portal.

Communicating with the intelligence of the heart

Our emotions radiate through our electromagnetic field. You have probably had the experience of when you meet a friend and they tell you everything is amazing but you feel there is a distortion and for all sorts of reasons they want to hide from you how they are really feeling. But you can feel there is a discordance there because their electromagnetic field is radiating how they are really feeling. 

It is important to understand this when communicating with other people. When you enter communication with someone, especially when dealing with a conflict, and connect to your heart and what you are perceiving from your heart you will be able to discern how the interaction has made them feel and react. Perhaps they are actually feeling scared and attacked and need protection, or perhaps they are feeling very sad inside.

When we can connect to our heart centre this way we can understand the depth beyond the simple words and we can start practising heart centred communication by listening to the other person and speaking from the heart. 

As we connect and breathe into our heart and feel love, then it radiates into our energetic field and the other person is going to start feeling it. We can then anchor that heart quality inside of us. 

Heart-based intuition 

When you are around people or in a location and you start interacting, your heart will start perceiving the frequencies and energy of the people around you and also the space you are in. You can start to tune into the vibration of a person or a place and perceive when something is low frequency or uplifted.

The heart is the seat of our intuition when we connect to our soul. The soul speaks from the heart portal! 

If there is a decision you want to make in your life and you wonder what is most in alignment with your soul and your soul purpose simply take a moment to breathe from the gut, heart and head and connect to the heart centre and ask to be 100% aligned with your soul right now. As you do that brings in a question and observe the answer that comes. 

The answer could come in words, colours or sensations in the body. This allows you to start wiring the different intuitive centres together. 

The headspace

This includes the brain and mind together. The brain is the physical place where the mind resides but the mind is also present in the heart and gut. The mind doesn’t only exist in the brain but the brain is the container for the mind in the headspace.

To connect to your headspace it is important to meditate. The mind is a very bad boss! If it is not under control it will make you do all sorts of draining, negative and unpleasant things. It will take you in all sorts of directions and make it difficult to concentrate. 

Once you learn to control the mind, it will become the best servant ever! The mind is a tool, it is not negative. It is only negative if we don’t control it. It is the most amazing computer available to us! The mind has the ability to connect on a deep cellular level in the physical body but it can also expand all the way out to the multidimensional realities out there. 

Perceiving intuitive messages through the mind

The mind perceives intuitive messages by opening up and by being wired in a certain way through control. All of the intuitive modes are perceived through the mind in the brain, this includes claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. 

It is impossible to be a powerful intuitive if we don’t control our mind. 

The mind operates mostly through the subconscious mind! About 90% of our decisions and actions are directed by our subconscious mind, which is crazy because we think we are making decisions and are in control but actually most of the time it can be subconscious limiting beliefs and fears controlling everything that we do. 

Start asking yourself the right questions on why you think in certain ways and where do these thoughts come from. It can be from our families, friends, the environment, school, society in general or from our lower ego. 

Your intuition will never ask you to play small. Intuition is the language of the soul, it is the channel through which we perceive the quantum universe that is out there. So how can intuition ever be negative? If you perceive anything that is negative or limiting, it is coming from the lower subconscious mind.

Don’t buy into the darkness because that isn’t you. Remember that you are the light of the divine. Reclaim to be fully aligned to your soul, reclaim the connection to your higher mind and your deep inner knowing so you can recognise the intuitive message that comes through as divine guidance.

Sensory overload impairs our intuitive abilities

There is so much sensory overload around us all the time. The primal brain, the amygdala, is going to filter information super quickly. It will decide which information is important enough to keep and what information can be filtered out. 

We are totally wired by our environment. A lot of our negative perceptions and thoughts are not actually from us. It comes from a program that is running. We have been conditioned by what society and our parents teach us.

Question everything! 

Ask why you think that way, why you react that way and observe that very often the way you think is just from programs that are running inside of you. Then you can start reclaiming your power over your wind and your power over your life. 

Harmonising our three intuitive centres

When everything is aligned, the gut, heart and head will start working together. We can then move away from the need to know which centres do what, because the three centres become fluid. 

As we become divine open channels, we start to constantly stream messages effortlessly.

When we start to perceive lower vibrations through our intuitive centres we then have the ability to question where that is coming from. 

Is it the mind, the environment, the people around me? And so on. This is so empowering! 

We can reclaim joy, happiness, heart centred connection, authentic communication and connect to our physical bodies. We can connect to our soul mission, go after our dreams and connect to our friends in spirit. 

Activation of our three intuitive centres

To listen to my channelled activation of the three intuitive minds simply skip to 30 minutes of my video below or listen to this episode on my podcast.

Galactic Intuitive Online Course

I could talk for hours about intuition, this is why I created my amazing online course the Galactic Intuitive! It is a deep spiritual journey focusing not only on expanding our intuition but also on finding our soul mission. 

The best part is that this course is filled with powerful activations from the Arcturians! 

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We were born free, reclaim the power within!

With Love,


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