In this transmission, I will be sharing about the embodiment of Unity Consciousness, the primordial force that binds all things and all beings, physical and non-physical.

We are fractals of Source Consciousness

When I talk about unity consciousness, the information I receive as well as the information that so many teachers, ascended masters and spirit guides share is that we are fractals of divine consciousness. 

We are all projections of specific frequencies that source consciousness projects into different realms of reality so it can experience itself over and over again. 

We were born from the divine will of unity consciousness to experience some sort of play in different realms in the quantum. We are here to experience playfulness on Earth.

Our purpose is evolution

Our own oversoul network chose to project into this current reality for specific reasons but the greater reason is always for evolution. 

This is the common purpose of all existing frequencies. 

We are here to learn, grow and evolve and we do this by gathering information! 

We are here to collect information from all the experiences that we have in this reality. All of this information is constantly reflecting back to us what is happening internally within our own microcosm. 

Our own microcosm, which is our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems, reacts to our macrocosm, which is everything external to our microcosm.

There is a constant dance of information that we are giving and receiving and this is how we evolve.

energy body

Evolution is a process of refinement

We realise that if we want to be healthy, we need to eat in a specific way. We try all sorts of diets and supplements until we find something that works. We evolve into having a healthier body! 

We then may feel the need to refine our health further as we have received new information from our body who is craving something or rejecting something. We also receive information from our macrocosm, when people share about new ways of eating and it starts resonating with us. We continuously refine our diet again and again as well evolve through our physical health.

This is the refinement of the connection that we receive from our microcosm as it resonates with our macrocosm.

Accessing higher consciousness

As Source Consciousness, we are here to understand our unique soul blueprint, our unique connection with our oversoul network and how we dance with life and this information.

We are learning by becoming more and more conscious. An increase in consciousness is always a sign that we are evolving and that therefore humanity is evolving, as we project our reality.

The refinement of what it means to be ‘blocked’

Often I hear my students and clients asking me why they are blocked and how they can change. I always invite them to refine their understanding and wording around this situation that is creating the sensation of being stuck. 

There is only motion. The quantum is always moving!

Frequency and energy are always moving. It is never stagnant or blocked as such. 

We are able to shift from one situation where we feel stuck, by tapping into the awareness that we are unity consciousness, a projection of Source. 

How can I realise that I am bigger than this block? 

How can I embody my divine soul right now into moving forward consciously?

Asking questions to open our consciousness 

Often when we are unconscious, it is when we feel blocked. So it is important to open up our consciousness to tune into what it is about this situation that is making us feel stuck and not moving or progressing. 

Is there another way to perceive it? 

How would my Godself, my infinite soul love myself more through this? 

How can I hold myself through this? 

What kind of perspective am I not seeing from this?

Do I need to show more courage?

What is really happening? Ask questions! Questions always help open up our consciousness. The more we open our consciousness, the more we realise that we are consciously evolving!

Even if the situation in itself is still the same and our physical reality hasn’t changed, we know that we are moving and fulfilling our purpose of evolution when we choose to consciously grow.

We do this by opening our consciousness to perceiving the situation from a different angle. 

Questions create detector frequencies in our field

Asking questions places bubbles of frequency within your energetic field, these bubbles of frequencies act like detectors and simply scan for information within you and all around you. 

They are going to allow you to receive information when you are ready to receive it. This is when your consciousness has opened enough and your human is strong and empowered enough to receive the information.

We grow progressively! 

We can quantum jump reality but we only do this when our systems can actually take it. 

If we quantum jump reality that is so high vibrational very quickly, the nervous system and our mind is going to block it. 

We aren’t ready, we don’t think we’re worth it, we don’t know how to handle the new identity we are in. 

To be able to quantum jump reality, we must be able to reclaim the Source Consciousness that we are and continuously open up to allow new information to come in. Then we can do the work to align to that information.

This mini-course below is about acknowledging the lower frequencies residing in specific areas in our life to then alchemise those frequencies. 

We grow when there is discomfort

When there is contrast we are pushed to our edges because there is growth happening outside of our comfort zone. 

We check with ourselves if we feel safe and ready to go down a direction, if it’s a yes then we need to walk the path with fierce courage and strength into the discomfort to be able to activate the next level of our evolution.

To become more of an embodiment of Source, unity consciousness, we need to have deep humility of only knowing what we know now and that tomorrow we will be an even brighter version of ourselves because we choose love as our guiding force. 

We don’t throw a rock at the past version of ourselves for not knowing certain things! We must love our past self with compassion, so we can heal the past effortlessly.

This transmission may open some doors for you

Once the door is open, we can really sit with the information and bring it into our lives to change our perspective on certain things. 

We can then consciously open our awareness to move in the direction of our dreams.

We have a profound sense of self-awareness, we know that being uncomfortable is okay because we have our own back. We learn to be the angel of our human experience.

Being the embodiment of source consciousness is loving the self unconditionally

If we don’t love ourselves unconditionally, we are not embodying source consciousness. Source consciousness would not talk badly or down to you or anyone else. 

When we love ourselves unconditionally, it is easy to take risks, it is easy to be uncomfortable because we are not afraid. 

We have our own back!

I am not afraid to take risks in my business because I know I have my own back, I have resources and I have the unconditional love of unity consciousness flowing through me. 

I also know that if everything crashes and I lose everything, that will still be amazing because I love myself.

When we love ourselves unconditionally, we are already embodying unity consciousness, we are god in physical reality. This gives us a super solid foundation that we can grow from. 

We grow from that by continuously asking questions which become detectors of new information in our field. This information could totally blow our minds!

Embodying Source through action

Becoming the embodiment of Source Consciousness is firstly loving the self and secondly, it is acting as the embodiment of source.

Action is more of a masculine divine frequency that penetrates the field. We can choose to penetrate the field through our actions in many different ways.

When we become more of the embodiment of source consciousness, we become very conscious of the frequency of our actions and how they make us feel. 

We, therefore, act accordingly.

Staying in our God-self during challenging situations

It is important to be able to catch ourselves in the moment but at times we receive a test from the universe in the form of challenging or triggering situations to see whether we can stay level and in our God-self, regardless.

Can we hold ourselves with grace? Can we see a difference in our words and our actions from a year ago? Have we evolved?

We realise that we can be the embodiment of Source Consciousness with more precision and connection when we are conscious that we are that in each and every single moment. 

The actions we, therefore, place in the world are literally an extension of Source.

Conscious awareness of our interactions

Becoming the embodiment of Source is having this level of conscious awareness of our interactions with the interface of our reality. 

This awareness is completely enveloped in the cocoon of the safety of the love that we have for ourselves. 

Our distortions are okay

When we put ourselves out there and have a negative interaction with others, when we think badly about the world or categories of people with certain belief systems and so on,we can feel our frequencies drop.

We are unity consciousness but our human distortions are still present and that is okay! 

We are learning discernment and divine embodiment, which is why we are here, after all. Whatever reaction we have as a human, we still hold space for ourselves so we don’t bypass these dense emotions. 

Then, we can go deep into addressing those emotions.

We can talk to our inner child and to the amazing human that we are with all of our distortions and density because we are still the embodiment of unity consciousness. 

We are simply coming back to this truth and learning how to embody it. 

Always remember to love yourself unconditionally

Always love yourself no matter what happens. 

Be the safe haven, your own safety net, your own guardian angel and your best friend. 

When you have interactions with your external reality, you know that at the end of the day, you will always be safe within the intimacy of your own heart.

This is all that matters! 

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