We were born free, reclaim the power within!

This is a journal to witness my daily inspirations, actions and expansions in embodying pure aligned soul freedom to reclaim my power on all levels.

This is written in memory of my mother. Today, as I write these lines, on the 1st of July 2020, she would have turned 72 years old. She is now experiencing freedom in her purest form, an expanded soul in the Quantum. She has always encouraged me to be free, and she still does.

“Write, she whispers, be free now, ma cherie!”

One doesn’t have to wait to die to become free, one has to integrate this quality of pure soul essence now, on Earth, in physical form. I will serve this purpose now, and every single day, for as long as I live.

May this journal be the witness of my expansion, and inspire many other human beings to do the same, to reclaim our freedom, to reclaim the power within!


Freedom Diary – Day 11

Excitement is an emotion felt in the range of possible frequencies available to us in this reality. Therefore, it coexists with its fractal reflection: despair. Excitement is a shifter of frequencies that is there to remove lower frequencies holding us back in an...

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Freedom Diary – Day 10

As Above, so Below. I am free to experience the spectrum of frequencies available to me in this very moment of creation. As the experience is being felt, the emotions arising will take me in the above fractal reflection, or the below fractal reflection. I am allowed...

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Freedom Diary- Day 9

At each and every single moment of creation, I am given the choice of experiencing the fractal reflection of me residing within the range of highest possible frequencies available to me right now. As I chose Love over hate, faith over despair, compassion over...

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Freedom Diary – Day 8

Reclaiming the power of our sacred sexuality is tapping in a new level of FREEDOM! It's very triggering, to dive deep in our sexuality, why we think this way, why we like it this way or not, why we judge others on their own sexual preferences... This is the work to be...

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Freedom Diary – Day 7

Today, I just released a MASSIVE block to my quantum evolution, and the thing is: I wasn't even aware it even existed! I went on a galactivation journey in the quantum to receive many gifts (thank you Gaby Kowalski for the guided journey;-). I got a galactic crown, a...

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Freedom Diary – Day 6

Today, I'm living my dream life! And that comes from surrendering to my soul's calling, creating fast and powerful ripples of quantum shifts. More precisely: I'm attending (virtually due to the Covid19's disruption in air travel) a 4 days event with the one and only...

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Freedom Diary – Day 5

Tonight, full moon and powerful eclipse are bringing strong emotions, and profound release of outdated templates. It is a time for self-introspection and depth. I stay free from the waves crashing, anchoring myself deep in my vortex of light. Being able to witness the...

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Freedom Diary – day 4

That feeling you get when looking out at the sea... Right? Do you feel it too? There is nothing like the sea to bring me inner peace and a profound sense of freedom. Mum was a also a sea lover. At the age of 68, she sold her apartment in town and didn't know where to...

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Freedom Diary – day 3

Today my heart is full of gratitude for the flow of abundance, connections and expansion flowing FAST into my daily life. Being free means allowing ourselves to be open to receive. I used to think that "off course, I'm always happy to receive" but as a matter of fact,...

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Freedom Diary Day 2

Today I chose to free myself even more from all food addictions and templates created by society. This has been, roughly, the changes in my eating habits over the years: 6 years sugar free, 4 years vegan (not completely as I ate eggs for 2 years during that time;-),...

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