Are you in search of a little inspiration on your journey, something that’s both deep and down-to earth at the same time?

I love to write about life from an angle that’s fun and realistic, yet doesn’t bring the limitations that are often present in our belief systems. I try my best to keep an open mind of the world and the human beings that create it (not easy at times right?). I learn and grow every day, just like you do… So yes, I do change my mind at times, go through ups and downs and write about what I like in this very moment, about what I experience and see others experiencing.

This is an open platform that only brings a personal touch of colour to a big white canevas that our reality is. We create it together and every single touch of colour is beautiful…

Feel free to comment (being respectful of everyone’s views and opinions) and please let me know if you’d like me to write about something that’s being bugging you or that you’d like to know more about…

I as well would love to write for you if you want me to, so get in touch: info@cendrines.com

Blessings to you, shining light. You’re a badass soul just for being here in this human body, so keep going and rock your life like there’s no tomorrow!