The Arcturian Gateway

Are you ready to learn about the Arcturians, the Arcturian gateway and what we are being invited to cultivate during this potent time?

At the time of writing, we are approaching the Arcturus Gateway on the 17th of October where the sun aligns with this very big and bright star in our sky.

During this time the energy from Arcturus is going to be very strong and potent. 

This transmission is here to help you prepare energetically to receive from the Arcturians during the Arcturian Gateway!

The frequency of Arcturus is especially potent for harnessing heart opening, abundance, prosperity and success in the achievement of our desires. The frequency of Arcturus is elegant, gracious, humble and royal in the most crystalline term of the world. They are also the master healers of the galaxy!

In this transmission, I share how we can cultivate four qualities during the Arcturian gateway. I also share messages that the Arcturians have on how to heal ourselves and therefore the collective.

The Arcturian Gateway

On the 17th of October 2022, our sun will align with the very bright star of Arcturus! The gateway actually opens on the 15th and closes on the 19th. During this time the energy of Arcturus is going to be very potent. 

The gateway is a doorway that will bring certain frequencies and energy from the Arcturians into our field. This makes it easier to shift in the areas that are amplified by the Arcturian portal. It is so important and powerful to know about these cosmic alignments!

The Arcturian Gateway

What are the Arcturians like?

The Arcturians are extremely tall, blue, gracious beings. They have a huge head that is a bit triangular with a massive brain inside. They have the most gigantic eyes.

When you gaze into the eyes of an Arcturian, everything melts away. Looking into the eyes of an Arcturian is like being at one with the universe.

All of the pain, trauma, challenges and burdens are no longer there, just for a moment. It is like going into an ultimate embrace.

During the Arcturian Gateway, the Arcturians are inviting us to cultivate several things, including beauty, honour, prosperity and healing.

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Cultivate a sense of beauty

During the Arcturus gateway, there is an invitation to look into the way we carry ourselves.

Do you cultivate beauty?

Do you cultivate beauty in your appearance and your surroundings but also in the way you speak about yourself, others and the world?

Do you see the beauty in others, even when they don’t see it themselves?

If we are anchored into thought patterns of ‘why am I not prettier, why is the world so ugly, why is everything broken, why is there not enough for everyone’ and so on, we will not be an energetic match to the frequency of the Arcturian gateway. 

These thought patterns show that we are anchored into a low fractal frequency which doesn’t align with what the gateway is calling us to step into, which is the remembrance of our true divine nature. Our true divine nature is already abundant and beautiful. 

The Arcturian Gateway is an invitation for us to more effortlessly cultivate beauty in the way we dress, in our home and also in our minds and our thoughts.

The Arcturian Gateway

Cultivate a sense of honour

Are you honourable?

The Arcturians have a huge sense of honour. Having honour is something that happens in the intimacy of our hearts when no one is looking. What are you like when no one is watching you or knows what you are doing? What is going on inside the intimacy of your mind? 

Maybe you have some pretty harsh words in there towards yourself and others. Maybe you are continuously chewing on the past and reliving pain and trauma again and again. 

Being honourable means we treat ourselves and others with the highest level of respect, even when no one is watching.

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Cultivate prosperity

Do you embody prosperity?

Do you cultivate a heart that is abundant and prosperous? Or do you continuously think that you don’t have enough? 

Do you feel like you aren’t enough and there isn’t enough in this world for you to ever be wealthy?

These thought patterns are not a match to the frequency of the Arcturian Gateway. Our thoughts and feelings around abundance and prosperity are invited to be refined during this time. 

Start digging into your beliefs around prosperity and abundance, not only in money but also in time, health, joy, relationships and so on.

The Arcturians are ALWAYS there helping you…

… even if you don’t perceive them.

The Arcturians are going to be especially present during October, even though they are always present! You can always ask them for their guidance and help, even if you don’t clearly perceive them. It doesn’t matter.

It is not because you don’t perceive the Arcturians clearly that they are not there helping.

It is the same with angels, archangels, ascended masters, earth elementals and so on. It’s not because of our limited senses that they don’t exist!

So if you want to cultivate a relationship with the Arcturians, cultivate it now. You don’t need to wait. Call them and they will be there for you, always.

The Arcturian Gateway

The Arcturians help us heal

The Arcturians have a very high level of love and compassion with an extraordinary ability to heal. They are the master healers of the galaxy after all! 

They have very advanced technology for healing, but mostly they just heal through their presence. They heal through sharing their heart, through gazing, touching, moving frequencies around us and through sharing light and sound frequencies. 

The Arcturian Gateway is the perfect time to call them in for healing. If you have a certain body part or a certain system that needs healing, ask them for help. Whatever needs to be healed, pray to Arcturians and ask for guidance and healing.

And rejoice in the knowledge that the world that we live in now allows us to open up our heart and consciousness to co-creating with advanced masters in non-physical forms.

Healing the collective

Scientific progress, the progress of our consciousness and progress in our prosperity only happen if we don’t block it by having a lack of faith. 

Having faith and intuition are what will lead us to quantum leap into discoveries around not only science but also abundance, happiness, joy and connection. Allowing us to create a new reality.

The Arcturians share that for humanity to heal from the intense trauma for thousands of years that have been inflicted on most cultures around the planet, we need to reconnect to faith. 

Having faith is what will allow us to quantum leap

We can’t just heal one tiny little scratch or wound at a time because we will still be in the same place thousands of years from now. 

Now is the time to open up our hearts to the deep knowing that resides there.

When we hold ourselves at the highest level and when we remember who we all truly are, fractals of divine source consciousness, we remember that we are whole already. 

We remember that we are already residing in the unified field and we are just learning to walk the way back to embodying that fully through our entire being.

The more we reside in this inner knowing within our heart, through the principle of quantum resonance we allow others and our reality to shift completely in a very short period of time.

The Arcturian Gateway

Start making small changes guided by your intuition

To cultivate these qualities during the Arcturian gateway, follow your intuitive guidance, one step at a time. Maybe start with the food you put in your body, the clothes you wear, change your furniture around or change your circle of friends.

The more you start to feel safe to trust your intuition as you take these small steps, the easier it will be to trust your intuition as you start to take big steps. 

I am speaking from experience here! 

I have practised this for a very long time and now I quantum leap very fast!

But it does require a lot of faith and courage.

Sometimes the way my intuition guides me seems crazy. But I have unconditional faith in my success. I have unconditional faith in the fact that I can follow my intuition.

You are completely unique

The Arcturians wanted me to remind you that you chose this life for a reason. 

You are a master walking the path of enlightenment. 

You are in the unified field already. 

You are not broken, destroyed or lesser than anyone else on this planet. 

You are not even less than an Arcturian, an ascended master, an angel. 

You are you!

And there is only one you in the entire universe because there is only one you experiencing the algorithm of this particular reality in your particular body.

You are completely unique! And then you aren’t special, because everyone’s special and unique.

And that is the beauty of this reality!

The more we can remember who we truly are, that we are invincible, and unbreakable, the more we will be unshakable.

We will rise to remember our full potential.

The Arcturians are here to remind us of this.

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