Fractal Alchemy is the very first Quantum University of the planet. I am so very excited to take you on a journey and share with you what Fractal Alchemy is really about.

Now we are in a time where many missioned souls are awakening to their greater purpose and to their greater calling.

What are missioned souls?

Missioned souls are the ones who know that they came here to help humanity during the great awakening. YOU might have that calling! That is why you are here reading these lines because you feel the calling to serve others, even if you are not quite sure yet how to do it.

Even if you have never worked with quantum technologies before but are super keen to learn how to:

  • Master the quantum
  • Work with advanced star races
  • Channel Gaia and the Earth elementals

Then I would like to invite you to continue this journey with me now through Fractal Alchemy.

We are source, we are oneness

Now, I’d like to invite you to imagine that you are holding a ball. 

It represents oneness, Source. It is the supreme consciousness (or whatever you want to call it). That ball, oneness, is everything that is available to us, every reality ever created and every reality yet to be birthed.

This oneness is a sphere, a very advanced being from where we all come from. We are all a spark of oneness. On our planet, we perceive this oneness from a unique angle.

Let’s say I am sitting on the outside of the ball and want to know the Divine. I will start creating a connection with the Divine from where I am sitting. What I see of the Divine is from my own angle and from my own perspective.

After a while (some people take a lifetime, or more, to get that direct connection) I start to experience a bliss state, empowerment, abundance, love. This unique connection with Source is so life-changing that I want to share it with my people. 

From my unique angle, I share my own experiences with my tribe, telling them how I got there, encouraging them to do it too, so they can also feel abundant, blissful and empowered.

This sharing with other people is how we start creating new bodies of work. This is how religions are born, how healing modalities come to life, how spiritual movements are created around a guru.

When one person has direct and clear access to Source, she/he becomes such a powerful channel, that she/he could be called to create a body of work for other people to experience. 

Therefore, this powerful channel will start leading other people from her/his own understanding of reality. Even though what this person is sharing with others is genuine and may be full of amazing teachings, techniques and learnings, it is still just a very small aspect of the whole.

The channel may go on to teach that “This is the way to get to oneness and you have to do it exactly as I say if you want to get that result”, which then leads to creating a framework that others can follow to attain this oneness. This is the case for all religions and other bodies of work such as yogic philosophy, Reiki, Kinesiology or Quantum healing hypnosis and so on.

These teachings are not being judged here. In fact, many of them hold divine codes and are deeply transformative and healing. 

The architecture, the birth of these teachings is explained, so you, dear reader, can understand how the process of channeling, leading and creating a ‘framework’ comes together.

Creating new bodies of spiritual work

All spiritual teachings come from understanding one aspect of oneness. When these understandings start to feel outdated, it is because people start asking questions that cannot be answered from this one limited perspective of oneness. 

This process of finding limitations happens because the student/follower is starting to honour and open up more and more to their own channel. Consciousness expands and soul alignment increases.

This results in students/followers perceiving reality from a different perspective, which means that the spiritual framework they are in right now simply doesn’t work any longer. 

This misalignment can have many different negative rippled effects if it is not addressed with understanding, love and most of all freedom.

People have been shamed for thinking there could be another way to perceive reality beyond the religion or framework they have been taught. People can feel so guilty for thinking differently… These limiting beliefs and fears become huge blocks.

Have you ever felt that way?

Like, “I’m not initiated, I am not spiritual enough, I am not this and I am not that, how could I possibly question these teachings when they come from such a powerful leader, etc.

We each have our direct access to oneness

The truth is that we each have direct access to oneness because we are all a spark of the divine. 

There is nothing wrong with receiving a transmission from another channel, from a body of work they share. This is not about judging anyone or anyone else’s body of work because, in fact, many humans have soul contracts to receive from a particular person. This means it is part of the soul purpose of that person to transmit these teachings to people so they may receive what they have been contracted to learn.

We learn from each other and this is a beautiful thing…

For me, my soul mission is to be there for all the souls who are here to connect with the Divine from their own unique angle, their unique quantum soul blueprint, and therefore channel their own body of work, their own grids and their own templates. 

I am here to help advanced souls to recode themselves and reach full soul alignment, so they can download directly from oneness, anchored into abundance, love and trust.

When we receive teachings indirectly from oneness the frequencies are diluted

When we find ourselves in a big tribe, like a big ‘pool’, receiving from another person’s body of work, the frequencies are diluted and most of the time received from the mind. 

There are many trainings that are anchored through our conscious mind, we learn, we study, we replicate. But most tend to have little training on the subconscious mind and the quantum world where our unique soul blueprint resides.

Fractal Alchemy 5D Quantum University is being channelled directly from Source

I have been privileged, humbled and excited to have this direct access increasing so much so that I have started downloading a new body of work. I am not downloading a body of work to create a tribe, a pool of people that I get to keep to myself. I’m not here to keep propagating knowledge from a conscious ‘to do and not to do’ list, binding my students to me if they want to ascend. 

This is not my purpose.

My purpose is to anchor you in your own unique channel, residing in freedom, to smash down the box, break the frames, and break down the old templates from an outdated reality. 

I am here for you, missioned soul who knows that you do not belong to a pool of people, that you belong in direct connection with source. 

Then, you can start channelling in your own unique ways, for your own unique industries, so that you can serve your students, your tribe, from an embodied place of deeper connection and divine service.

This body of work that I channel and co-create with advanced star races and earth elementals is for channels, healers, alchemists, divine revolutionaries and light leaders. But it is also for anyone residing in any industry. This is for lawyers, people who work in the government, for people who create special products to shift the market such as food and skincare.

I work with people in many different industries because we need to completely regrid the earth with new templates anchored in abundance, freedom, love and co-creation. The New Earth needs light leaders from all industries and walks of life to step up now and reclaim their unique connections to Source, to be able to serve humanity.

Fractal Alchemy’s framework

Fractal Alchemy 5D Quantum University is here to take you on a journey through six modules on how to deconstruct outdated matrix systems that you are still residing in, that prevents you from shifting your frequency to a higher level. 

By shifting your frequency to a higher level, you are going to reclaim more of your codes and remember who you once were. We will call in all the gifts and talents that you have developed, received and solved in so many lifetimes, not only on Earth but also in other star systems.

This is a body of work that I receive and co-create with a collective of advanced star races and earth elementals. Most of the work is actually done in the quantum, where Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians, Pleiadians and many more star races work in the energy field of the students, completely recoding their multidimensionality to accelerate their evolution.

As soon as students join the Quantum University, they are placed in a grid. The students will receive their own unique team of advanced star races and earth elementals that will work in their field, for the amount of time they have enrolled for which is up to 18 months to 2 years!

I also download an abundance of information for my students and share everything with them. I do not hold anything back because my mission is to channel all the teachings I receive to allow light leaders to establish trust, confidence and knowledge of their divine, unique soul frequency. I’m here to connect them to their star races and earth elementals and give them divine toolkits of quantum technologies.

We are establishing light leaders powerfully into their mission

From receiving such powerful channeled teachings, these light leaders can start creating new realities themselves and together, with all of the light leaders joining Fractal Alchemy 5D Quantum University. At the end of the codex, all students will be attuned and certified as Fractal Alchemists. 

The greater picture of this container is to completely re-grid the Earth, to transmute Gaia and humanity during the Great Awakening. 

We can reduce pain and suffering by being present and fully anchored in our soul blueprint and by channelling new ways of living, new physical bodies, new ways of parenting our children, new ways of teaching, new healing modalities, new alchemy and new ways of working with nature, animals and mystical creatures. 

All of this will be taught during the 18-month codex!

This program may seem long, but the quantum world is filled with an infinite amount of possibilities right? 

So, 18 months is actually quite short! 

Have you ever found a program that is going to teach you not only to transmute yourself but also to transmute your avatar so you are always stabilised in life and in Love, always aligned to your unique YOU?

Connect with new star races and earth elementals

For whatever arises in your life, you can learn to ride that wave like a boss! 

Not only that, but by joining the university, you will also learn how to work with star races from star systems we already know, and also how to access new star systems that are not known yet. 

We will also learn how to co-create with earth elementals, past incarnations and past civilisations such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Avalon, Ancient Egypt and more.

We will also work on the matrix systems by learning what they are and how to dissolve what is anchored in suffering and enslavement, as well as how to create new 5D matrix systems. 

We will learn how to work with timelines and how to recode the soul blueprint by working on the over-soul network.

Very exciting, isn’t it?

Your soul is a projection from your oversoul

This oversoul network resides at a very high level of frequency and it has thousands of projections. We are just one of those projections. This is important information because, through Fractal Alchemy, we can learn how to weave time and space realities so that we can work with our other soul projections.

Not only will there be other Cendrine’s on different Earths, but also other parts of my soul in other star systems. I am Arcturian, I am Syrian, I am a dragon, I am a unicorn! 

This is so exciting and absolutely mind-blowing. 

By joining the university, you will start learning how to work with different alternate realities of your over-soul network, always increasing the embodiment of your unique soul coding in this present reality.

The quantum soul blueprint has all the codes of your oversoul network and you have instant access to all of this. This is a journey for the ones who are devoted and ready to work on themselves and take full responsibility for their evolution and ascension. 

Having access to your over-soul network and understanding your unique quantum soul blueprint will help you have greater clarity about your soul mission. You will embody more of these codes and amplify your vortex by becoming a quantum specialist!

Students learning from Fractal Alchemy University will become some of the most powerful channels, healers, light leaders, alchemists, and divine revolutionaries on the planet.

We are the ones who chose physicality during the great awakening so we can not only ‘wake up’ but we can also integrate our quantum blueprint. 

When we embody our soul blueprint, we can manifest our mission in a unique way. 

Students who join Fractal Alchemy will quantum jump realities because of the conscious awareness of multi-dimensional time and space realities. 

We become the great manifestors, healers and leaders, here to shift humanity with humility, from the heart.

What to expect when joining Fractal Alchemy?

I only work with people who are 100% devoted to their mission and their purpose. This is a university. So, it means that you need to be present during webinars, share and ask questions. I do not work with students who sit back and spiral down because they are too scared and vulnerable to ask questions! 

I co-create with souls that are courageous on their own journey, so they can show the path of empowerment to others. 

Within this University, you have direct access to me. On top of that, students have direct access to the 9D Arcturian Council of Light that I am so happy to trance channel. 

Two trance channelling sessions will be included in each module. These trance channeled sessions for the group are here to recode each students’ field, and it is very potent. You will have direct access to the council, to ask your questions. 

There is also a private Facebook group available for students. In that Facebook group, we learn how to embody our wins and our downloads. We can connect to other students and to the teachers facilitating with me. I am very present to help you ground the learning and integrate with ease.

The Facebook group is a wonderful support during our collective journey. 

Fractal Alchemy 5D Quantum University is completely revolutionary 

There are so many more things and surprises included in the 18 months codex of the university!

If you feel called to know more, I would love for you to book a discovery call with me to discuss whether Fractal Alchemy is fully aligned for your soul at this time. I will channel any guidance that is needed. 

This 18-month codex is the first of its kind in the world!

You can find more information about this 18 month codex in the Fractal Alchemy 5D Quantum University Brochure

If you are a light leader, a missioned soul here to serve. I would love to chat with you.

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