“Freedom is a note in a symphony”, says the quote on the postcard sent by my mother 11 years ago.

Mum gave my the codes to freedom but her and I never truly understood what it meant to integrate freedom in our daily lives, as human beings. The jails of the mind, of the wounds, of the traumas, of the conscious collective, of society, were so many burdens to carry, preventing us from being truly free.

Today mum would have turned 72, on the first of July 2020.

Today, I honour her memory but starting a diary to witness my own expansion in what was so dear to her soul: reclaim her freedom, no matter how hard it was.

I deeply believe that freedom is the most important code we can integrate and embody, because it is the primal code of our adventurous soul. As we all resided within the chambers of God’s heart, we were all in oneness. Each particle, each soul essence that we are, chose, at some stage, to have an experience in the galaxy, and for that, the first code was born: freedom.

We each integrated freedom within our soul as we left the chambers, to go on a journey amongst the stars. We were already free in oneness, but the action of expansion and integration of physical form required us to claim that code and integrate it, so no matter where we were, we could always expand and travel back, free, to the chambers of God’s heart.

I truly believe that we can 100% integrate that freedom here and now, that we don’t have to wait to die to be truly free. Freeing ourselves comes from the understanding that we already are…

I will not let my mind, my identity, other people, the conscious collective, society, or anything, prevent me from experiencing the soul aligned freedom that I am called to embody every single day, to the best of my abilities.

This first integration of freedom is the foundation of the aligned work that we do consequently, every day.

Today, I place the act of integrating freedom by allowing myself to express what resides within me, every single day that passes, for as long as my soul desires to. I answer my soul’s calling to express itself and shine through this medium of writing my Freedom’s Diary, leaving the doubts, the fears, the blocks behind, dissolving the in the cosmos.


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