As Above, so Below.

I am free to experience the spectrum of frequencies available to me in this very moment of creation.

As the experience is being felt, the emotions arising will take me in the above fractal reflection, or the below fractal reflection. I am allowed to exist within this range, for this is my reality.

Acknowledging an emotion to free it from the physical and emotional body is needed to create space within the self. By surrendering to the flow of emotions, holding space for the experience, we create the container of self-love and compassion.

This way, we don’t allow the emotions to stay stuck within the self.

This way, we do not stay in the lower quadrant of the fractal reflection. We simply navigate there for as long as we need to.

As we are aware of this phenomenon, we are actually anchored in the upper fractal quadrant, observing ourselves living in the lower quadrant, therefore increasing the frequencies of the whole by the practice of self-love.

The one point of liberation resides in peace… Peace to simply be in the now.

This is Quantum Healing.

This is a coded writing to help you release the hooks present within your mind, keeping you in lower emotions, anchoring you in the lower quadrant of your fractal reflection. Release these emotions and these hooks now, through this practice of self-observation, self-love and inner peace.

So, you will be free.


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