Today I chose to free myself even more from all food addictions and templates created by society.

This has been, roughly, the changes in my eating habits over the years: 6 years sugar free, 4 years vegan (not completely as I ate eggs for 2 years during that time;-), gluten free 2 years, intermittent fasting 1 year, sober for 5 months and now switching to 70% fruits + no more coffee!

Some people will think I’m crazy and that I can’t enjoy life this way, or even that I can’t be healthy eating like this, surely, I’m depriving myself from enjoying life…

If you meet me in the flesh, the opposite is pretty obvious! I’ve never been healthier, and I still love food! Only, I eat the food which holds the frequencies high enough to recharge my light body and not deplete it.

Reclaiming my freedom comes from reclaiming my power over my body, removing all the preconceived ideas received by society and the collective about what should and should not be eaten. I am guided by my intuition, my galactic team and most of all, my physical body. The depth of my connection allows me to use my interoception to refine my diet and exercise in the way that my body needs me to, with fluidity and gentleness.

Through massive deprogramming of outdated templates of 3D reality, I have been able to unhook myself from the food industry, and honestly, this is utterly liberating.

Far from feeling deprived, I am happier than ever, more energetic, softer, and my intellect is super switched on. My light body is activated in such a way that I am truly starting to live 100% connected to my soul, all the time. My intuition is always there, guiding me, and my emotions are never taking over anymore.

Through listening to my needs, I reclaim my power to set my body free! I trust 100% in the fact that we can live a very long human life (way over 100 years old), in a strong and healthy body. Every day, we can align ourselves to that knowing and place the aligned actions that will anchor the ascended timeline of longevity and vibrant health!

This is my story, my body, not anyone else’s… It suits me and therefore allows me to serve humanity at the highest.

But it might not be for you, we are all different. There are no judgments held about what other people, really, everyone has the right to do as they want, but the thing is: are people really taking aligned actions in total freedom with everything they put within their body? Mostly not right?!

Listen to your intuition but most of all, take action!

Why would intuition keep showing up if we never act following its guidance? Try something different with your food habit, and observe how you feel. Take small changes and build up on your success. We never step back, we only learn and grow, learn and grow, learn and grow… The failure comes from not trying, from staying trapped in habits that don’t serve us and our body, that is enslavement!

We all have the power to reclaim our freedom, one step at a time!

I”m currently professionally guided by a health specialist who’s extensive knowledge allows me to dive deep into the power of food changes. I thank the amazing Corrie Taylor from Naturescript for her dedication to an unconventional path of medicine, integrating all multidimensional levels of the human being. Her ability to set herself free on her own journey with food inspired me so greatly that it now allows me to dive deeper within mine.

This is how we grow and learn, by resonating with someone who inspires us and following their guidance.







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