Tonight, full moon and powerful eclipse are bringing strong emotions, and profound release of outdated templates. It is a time for self-introspection and depth.

I stay free from the waves crashing, anchoring myself deep in my vortex of light.

Being able to witness the emotions arising, allowing them to exist without identifying to them, without letting take over is true liberation, pure freedom.

I am grateful to be able to hold myself into that space now. Detachment, self-love and mastery are holding hands to create a powerful foundation that is holding me in my highest reality no matter what.

This mastery, this self awareness comes with practice and always needs refining. It is available to us all, it’s actually not hard. Ease is there once we surrender to the truth: we are the light, when the shadow arise, they can flirt with us as much as they like, but if we are not tempted to follow them, then peace is found and we reach another stage of sovereignty.

I’m sending you love and support my friend, may you stay connected to your light, no matter the storms trying to take you.


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