Today, I just released a MASSIVE block to my quantum evolution, and the thing is: I wasn’t even aware it even existed!

I went on a galactivation journey in the quantum to receive many gifts (thank you Gaby Kowalski for the guided journey;-). I got a galactic crown, a crystal placed in my head, a special shield and also an invisibility cloak.

I know, I’m a luck woman right?

I get to be a channel, a witch, a shapeshifter, a queen, a warrior and a magician all at once! These kind of coding is actually called a ‘missioned soul’, aka a soul who’s old enough to integrate many archetypes within, allowing for a greater soul mission to be birthed to help humanity evolve.

And the thing is this: I’ve always been cool with those labels, I feel it’s pretty awesome and they do resonate with me a lot.

Only one I have never accepted: ‘healer’.

Even though I worked as a massage therapist, I’m a Reiki Master, I worked as a psychic healer, and I now trance channel powerful quantum healing, calling myself a ‘healer’ always made me cringe.

“I’m not a healer”, I would say to people who would call me that, “I simply channel healing, that’s different”.

So, as I was in my quantum journey, receiving all of these amazing gifts, I got to ask my galactic friends what I needed to know to download my new products and reach my soul tribe.

“I’ve been feeling it all coming, but there’s something missing that I can’t pinpoint”, I told them. “Could you show me what I need to know?”

And there, they showed me a timeline where I am working in the quantum, while sitting in front of a human being. In that timeline, I am able to isolate the one particle in the physical body and/or light body that is creating discordance, disease, low frequencies, etc. I can isolate it, remove it, and repair the grid, very easily and effectively.

“That’s so cool, I want to do that!”, I said to my galactic team, “but what does that mean, how can I get there?”

And they ALL said, pretty loudly, at once, ” you ARE a healer, and as long as you reject this, you will stop your evolution, you won’t receive the most aligned downloads and your soul tribe won’t be coming. If you don’t accept who you are, you won’t access that timeline”.

… “fuck”, I thought,”but I don’t want to call myself a healer!”.

I was so triggered, I actually got to talk live with Gaby so she could help me sort it out. Thank you best coach ever, for bringing clarity and helping me so much!

I found freedom – big time – , because she showed me that I was running on a distorted template around humility. This false coding placed there, was preventing me from accessing my most ascended timeline. Gaby told me “it’s just a word! Stop being so stuck up on it! If you can’t explain clearly who you are and what you do, you prevent your tribe to receive all the amazing codes that you hold within yourself. You hold powerful healing codes, you are a healer and you need to align to that, so you can be at divine service”.

I felt a major shift in me… tears of relief helped my body shift through this powerful healing I was experiencing.

Space has been created, FREEDOM is even more present than ever before, and I am forever grateful to Gaby, my galactic team and my soul for doing the work to channel in this powerful healing, and to myself for getting out of the way of the powerful integration taking place within me.

Yes, I am a healer, and not any healer, a Quantum Healer playing in a new field of frequencies, channeling in templates and codes from my Galactic team!




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Gaby Kowalski facilitating Multidimensional business for her tribe in the New Earth Mission Collective. She has a lot of free gifts and activations on her website, I highly recommend binge watching them;-)

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