Reclaiming the power of our sacred sexuality is tapping in a new level of FREEDOM!

It’s very triggering, to dive deep in our sexuality, why we think this way, why we like it this way or not, why we judge others on their own sexual preferences… This is the work to be done: to reflect on our beliefs system, challenge it for the purpose of our evolution.

We simply can’t be free if we carry traumas around our sexuality, ignoring them, hoping that they will then disappear… What we do when ignoring our divine sexuality, is locking up our wounds and emotions, creating all sorts of internal pressure, distorted realities, lack of pleasures, lack of true connection with a partner.

It’s not because it’s hard that we avoid it! No, we grab our courage, in the knowing that we are the light, that we owe to ourselves to free what needs to be freed so we can call in more life force energy in the parts of us that need it the most.

I reached out for this, connected to guides, mentors and healers… It was challenging but I did it nevertheless, and especially because it was triggering. Being able to be held while going through this process is very important.

The power and freedom coming from being liberated from our past burdens, sexually, is deeply transformative!

I encourage you, my beloved reader, to reflect upon your connection with your divine sexuality and take the aligned actions that will allow you to unlock the deep power that resides within you. Awakening our Kundalini snake to heal but also to reclaim our power, reclaim our freedom, reclaim our innocence!

You are the light,

And we were born free, reclaim the power within!

I love you


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