At each and every single moment of creation, I am given the choice of experiencing the fractal reflection of me residing within the range of highest possible frequencies available to me right now.

As I chose Love over hate, faith over despair, compassion over judgment, co-creation over egocentrism, I chose the highest path.

This is how I free myself in every moment.

This comes with ease and grace, as I anchor more and more of those chosen moments of highest identity. It isn’t commitment to the path, no, it is devotion.

Devotion to serving my soul at my highest, and therefore becoming the guardian of my soul mission, a pure channel, Leader of the realm of the galactic earthlings.

This devotion is free from burden, it is beyond dualities and hardships.

Like the river that flows with great ease, it never wonders where it goes, it simply does, no matter the rocks, the turns and the scenery. The water simply flows, in the surrendering of the divine certainty that the course created is the most perfect one that could exist in each and every moment for this is the only one that exists.


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