“Heart Portal Healing and Recoding, a 2 parts Masterclass”

This is a unique Masterclass that contains two parts:

  • The first part is there to help you understand how to heal your heart portal with quantum healing techniques channeled from the Arcturians.
  • The second part takes us on a journey to understand where we come from, where our first cosmic heart was created, and what is our unique primal individual coding. This part contains a powerful channeled activation done Live. The Arcturians will bring their quantum magic to help you recode your heart portal. Welcome them, as you will have a special team working in your field for this transmission!

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‘Find your Inner Compass’ Masterclass

This Masterclass is there to help you trust your intuition and receive guidance from within. Learn how to find your inner compass now, in this practical, yet very galactic, transmission.

Receive coded upgrade to help you anchor yourself in a reality where you know how to trust your inner guidance.

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“Pineal Gland Recoding Masterclass”

This is the most popular gift so far! Experience an in-depth masterclass on the Pineal Gland, followed by a powerful transmission from our friends the Arcturians.

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“Sacred Sexuality” Arcturians Transmission

Our galactic friends the Arcturians have brought us yet another mind blowing transmission to heal and expand our sacred sexuality!

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“Trance Channelling Arcturian Healing” Replay

Get this powerful really recorded on the 21/3/20.

If you are ready to drop the old templates of your reality and be cleared from your deepest fears, this is for you!

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