The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry is here to support the movement of accelerated spiritual evolution through the sovereign embodiment of our multidimensionality.

We serve by sharing content to all that are ready to receive teachings anchored in divine love and freedom.

We provide support to all the humans that are looking to find greater levels of connection with their soul.

We are also here for the ones that are ready to share their own wisdom with others, and that look for new advanced teachings anchored in multidimensional connections with advanced masters and star races.


The purpose of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry is to create a spiritual movement of accelerated evolution, so we can anchor the new structures of the golden age of miracles, together, as one human race.

We activate a movement of like-minded people gathering together in the online world and in-person for the same purpose of spiritual evolution, choosing love as our guiding force.

We promote sovereignty, inner power, personal and spiritual growth, service to others and humanity, humility and aligned actions.

We create a movement of peaceful change, working with our members to help them find deep levels of inner peace within themselves first, which then ripples effortlessly in their communities as they evolve in their own beauty.

We lead by example, as all teachers, volunteers and facilitators walk on this path themselves, leading and guiding with love, kindness and generosity.