“I’ll never be heartbroken because my heart isn’t breakable. I love myself, I love life and I bounce back very quickly” was once bragging a girl.

She liked to joke with her boyfriend about the fact that they were both heartbreakers. She didn’t really mean that she was a heartbreaker herself. She was expressing that she always felt in control and knew herself well. If a relationship was coming to an end, she was fine with it. She would bounce back quickly and keep her heart full of love and joy.

She had always been deeply spiritual. From a young age, she would perceive things that others wouldn’t. She could see colors around people, spirits, and past-lives. She could travel through time and space and yet feel very anchored to the earth.

She heard spirits talk to her and was now using those gifts to work with others.

Even though the girl was spiritually awake, strong, healthy and loving, she knew that many wounds were still buried deep within herself.

She had always been cynic about love. “Soulmates and fairy tales don’t exist. Love between humans is always tinted with negativity, possession, and control. Even love received from our parents isn’t unconditional”.

The girl chose to wear a persona of an independent seductive woman who can get men easily and replace them equally easily. Because you know, her heart was unbreakable anyway.


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