In this video, it is explained that our neurons really shape the reality we live in. I don’t even now what to first share with you on this matter as the information in the video is very in-depth. My little neurons are all fired up with the excitement of sharing all of this with you!

To me it it pretty amazing to learn that our neurons function with a mirror effect. So basically that’s the way they act. Because of this mirror effect inside our brain, we experience the mirror effect into our lives, instantly interpreting the reality we live in from ourselves, we see it as a mirror of our belief systems. So indeed we only see the reality through that mirror effect, it is never the same for two people.

An other amazing thing that I learned is that neuroplasticity is kick-ass! You know how kids learn to read right? Through endless practice… same goes with writing, or walking on two feet, or learning to play music, etc… etc… So with this neuroplasticity, we understand that our brain is not like concrete, that it does in fact constantly adapt to what we do. The more we do something, the better we get at it; like handstands! But lets go further here. The more we think about something, the more our neurons will get used to reacting to that stimuli and transmit the information to other neurons, through the mirror effect mentioned above. The more I think I’m an awesome person, the more my little neurons will go “yes, I know that” and fire it up all over the place so my other little neurons can fire up to and say “yes, I’m an awesome person”! Do you see where I’m going??? I’m truly an awesome person because I make my neurons exercise daily so they eventually become natural at keeping this information alive, as a fact! You can say bye bye to low self-esteem, depression and the rest, I’ve trained them hard, it’s part of my belief system now!

We do shape our reality, our belief system, our relationships to others… yes we do… it all happens in the neurons, hence the title of the documentary, “God is in the neurons”. Let’s just mention that this documentary is not religious or truly spiritual actually, as God doesn’t need science to prove that He exists;-)

Anyway, back to this moment of truth! An other interesting point is when they talk about the way the different parts of the brain react to different interactions with people. If you know someone stubborn or narrow-minded, watching this will help you emphasize, trust me! The part of the brain that’s active in an interaction that can appear as ‘threatening’ to a person is actually the same part that reacts in a real life threatening situation. So the person’s brain is wired that way… the left side of the brain will hold on to its belief system at all cost while the rational right-side of the brain will do everything it can to win the battle and show to the left part of the brain that it can actually back-off, as the person is not actually in danger. Who wins then? The one that’s strongest off course! If the belief system is too strong then the battle is lost (check out for intense brain-washing here), the person stays as narrow-minded and stubborn as always… but if the person, for example, works on some sort of self-enquiry – even in an unrelated area – then it’s feeding the right brain big time and then it helps it get stronger and stronger until it can eventually win the battle! Yes, it’s possible! Narrow-minded people do have the opportunity to open their mind, if they are only slightly interested in self-enquiry!

How can we help people open their mind? Again, all is in the neurons! As explained, these little things fire up with compliments, praises and approval… they love it as we love it. They get stronger and encourage other neurons to change patterns or waves if you prefer until they can all dance the same song. So yes, praises are super good and much needed in fact!

From personal experience, in hard situations with difficult people, always first praise them on what they do well, on what they wear, what they smell (pass that if it’s really bad). Stay honest but there is always something good, sometimes we just have to dig in really deep;-) It could just be “thank you so much for spending time reading me, or talking to me”, there you go, their little neurons are firing because of recognition, you’re half-way there! The rest is managing to get to the point without bringing the slightest threat to their belief system. Think about that before you enter the battlefield, get your weapons ready in the place of your knowledge, desire to find a peaceful solution, and understanding that you shape the dialogue from your own reality – remember, the mirror effect?

Well, I could go on and on but it’s gonna get too much right now, my little neurons need some sleep. there is way much more fascinating information in the documentary. I can only strongly recommend you to watch it, my little neurons will fire up knowing that this advice has been well received;-)

And thank you for reading me;-)




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