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Many of us don’t understand the quantum dynamics of the flow state and misinterpret what the flow state is.

The purpose of this post is to clearly state what a flow state is so you can be more empowered in your everyday life to access it!

Continue reading to discover:

  • What the flow of inward movement means
  • The feminine and masculine dynamics at play when finding a flow state
  • How to access flow state through meditation
  • How a flow state can help us access our channel with greater ease
  • Harmonising the quantum dynamics of the universe and 
  • Using these quantum dynamics for manifestation 
  • How we can access higher levels of information through our intuition
  • & much more!!

When we live from our sovereign soul-alignment, when we are more anchored in meditative states and when we have faith, we can activate our ability to live in a flow state.

To live in a flow state is to feel at each and every moment, where our soul wants us to go.

This means being tapped into what our soul wants us to do with our physical experience. Ideally, we want to have so much time in our day so that we can live in a flow state.

For me, the whole morning is for me to embrace my flow state. When I take time in the morning to activate flow states, I am able to be connected to my channel with higher precision.

When I come to share in my programs and facilitate 1:1 sessions with my clients, I am strongly connected to my channel. This allows me to serve my community at the highest level.

The flow of inward movement

When we are anchored in flow states, we are very connected to our systems. We can discern when we are moving inwards with our energy over outwards.

We can feel inward movement when we notice we are exhausted, drained, and need space to recharge our batteries.

It could also be when we desire time for ourselves. This could be to meditate, journal, pull cards and so on.

This is the inward movement. Through this inward movement is how we access a flow state. 

river flowing

Flow states are anchored in divine feminine frequencies. 

This feminine frequency of inward movement is often disregarded, which is why we experience downs and density.

In today’s society, there is a belief system where we feel we always need to do things, perform, achieve, move forward and activate a timeline. 

The divine masculine frequency needs to be present

It is wonderful to activate the divine masculine penetrating force. This is about taking aligned actions and making things happen.

This force is needed within our divine feminine flow of inward movement. For example, just to sit in meditation, we need the penetrating force of the divine masculine will to make it happen. 

If we don’t activate this divine masculine will, we wouldn’t meditate.

How do we know when to activate a flow state?

The quantum field will let us know when to activate inward movement

Divine masculine will is a penetrating force of action, which is necessary! But at times, through quantum resonance, our field is going to tell us that we need to direct our flow inwards. 

This may show up with things feeling overly difficult and slow. The website isn’t working, the product I want to order is not available, I can’t get through to this person and so on.

This is showing us that the field is not responding. 

So instead of trying to penetrate a rock, we can take a moment and see whether we need to slow down and relax. We might observe that, yes, we are agitated and too charged. 

These frequencies create distortion in the divine masculine penetrating force of aligned action. Therefore, this is a sign that we need to recharge our batteries by activating relaxation. 

So instead of banging our heads against a wall, we pause and meditate or do something else for some time.

When we move inward, information starts to flow through our channel

When we take the time to slow down and simply be in silence, all of a sudden we may start receiving all of these new ideas and downloads. 

These ideas may bring us the solution to overcome the situation that was making us agitated and frustrated. 

I may find a method that makes my relationship easier or new ways to allow money to flow into my business with greater ease.

We may come out of our inward movement ecstatic that what we were trying to do didn’t originally work out! This happens naturally to all of us.

When we reclaim flow states, we access a highly conscious state of mind. 

Harmonising with the quantum dynamics of the universe

By working with the quantum resonance of our field, we can discern when we need to activate the fire of action versus we when we need to activate the frequency of relaxation. 

We start to understand that our true human nature as a quantum being is to live according to the quantum dynamics of the universe.

The quantum dynamics of the universe is this constant flow state. This is the dance of the masculine and feminine polarities. 

Therefore, when we receive an intuitive message, it is very easy to take aligned action at the appropriate time. 

We then manifest our reality by embodying our intuition and taking action according to the dynamics of the quantum. 


Manifestation through the dance of life

When we harmonise ourselves with the quantum dynamics of our purpose and our mission, then manifestation becomes effortless. 

It is life-changing to be able to activate these codes of flow state and feel them in our inner being so we can start dancing with life instead of resisting it.

We are always a work in progress 

It is important to remember that we are always learning how to embody these codes. We are all a work in progress, including me! 

My life is going to be long and there are always going to be new dynamics in my inner world and external world to keep refining. That is part of the flow state.

When a challenge arises that was totally unpredictable, it can be a shock. 

But we know that we can access our flow state by activating the four codes to ignite our intuition. This way we can activate and manifest our dreams and dance through whatever challenges arise along the way. 

Using our intuition to receive more advanced information

When I start tapping into my intuition and psychic abilities I started receiving more advanced downloads. These downloads were about our purpose. Our purpose is a massive frequency that we come to embody on Earth sometimes through thousands of lifetimes.

Our purpose is to constantly share information with our oversoul network. This allows us to activate our mission pillars in this lifetime. Then there will come a time when it becomes easier to understand our soul’s greater purpose and start embodying it.

To understand our purpose and to co-create with star races and our high council, it is crucial to have clear access to our intuition, to our channel.

We increase our intuition through continual refinement

Through our oversoul network, we have different projections existing in different alternate realities. 

They co-create with us in this life by sharing information with the oversoul network. These may be codes that as an Arcturian or Sirian are very useful for us in this lifetime.

To tune into the level of intuition where we can receive downloads and activations from ascended masters, star races and other high-frequency beings, we need new techniques to refine our intuitive abilities. 

When we receive new openings in our channel, we can download massive bodies of work that can literally change the world. This is about anchoring in the new Golden Age of Miracles on Earth now baby!

pleiadian galactic being

Accessing higher levels of information

We all have an extremely high level of intuitive access, but we receive it in increments. 

By cultivating our intuitive abilities through accessing flow states, we open ourselves up to receive high levels of information that transcends all time and space realities.

This is the information that I receive about the Golden Age of Miracles!

I see it clearly. I know what it’s like and how it feels because my channel allows me to travel there! 

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