channeling abilities

The purpose of this post is to give you tools to open up your channel, so you can channel with more precision and possibly start channeling star races, earth elementals and other aspects of the divine that you haven’t had access to so far. 

When we talk about channeling, we need to consciously shift the mind to be able to achieve higher levels of consciousness. Channeling is a conscious action that starts with the mind. 

How do we feel when we are in a state of stress, anxiety or sadness? We feel restricted like we are suffocated. There is a lack of space, we don’t feel connected and aligned. We are also often on an emotional roller coaster.

Our channel is therefore not open, it’s also restricted and not aligned. In these states, we are not able to connect with our soul and we don’t feel intuitive or connected to other star races. We are in the process of purging, healing and transmuting lower frequencies, so our consciousness is reduced. 

We are in the lower frequency of our fractal and if we were to look for connection with other star races, most likely we would connect with dense ones of the lower realms (even if they pretend they are of the highest). 

First, we therefore need to shift our mind, and for that I have a few tools to share with you.

Tools we can use to access our channel

The first tool is meditation, where we silence the mind. It can be created by breathwork (any type). 

channeling abilities

Another great way to shift our mind to be able to open up our consciousness is by practising sports. We can do yoga, run or swim in the sea. When I run or swim, I consciously shift my mind and my frequency, I stay focused on my breath and the movement of my body and nothing else.

Another tool we have is music. Music is interesting because if we, for example, feel down or if we feel we need more energy, we can put on some upbeat music and then we shift, coming to a state where we feel happier and more connected. This is one way to shift to a higher state of consciousness. 

Then, there is the use of brain wave and solfeggio frequencies music which we listen to with headphones on. This is one of the fastest tools for me to access my channel. Very often, when I channel, I do my meditation but then I also listen to certain brain wave frequencies and they take me directly there! I instantly feel the shift in my brain.

Consciously using these tools to shift our consciousness

When we are aware of these tools, we can then observe in our life what we are using already and then consciously start using them with greater precision. We can observe the state of our mind before we start the practices and then observe, while we are doing it, whether we are ruminating on thoughts or processing information. 

Find more and more of your presence and set the intention to consciously shift your consciousness with the practice. When you finish your practice using one of these tools, you can observe that there is more space within, the channel is more open. 

There is more space in the body, this space relates to the knowledge we have about the fractal and its centre. When we are anchored at the centre point of our fractal, the centre point increases in frequency and we increase presence and inner peace. This the architecture of channeling.

Conscious Channeling

From these tools, we start receiving different results. Here it is interesting for each and every one of us to observe why we want to channel, what is the purpose of channeling and what we are already doing in terms of channeling.

The first one that comes to mind is conscious channeling. This is when we go into an altered state of consciousness sitting in meditation. We might start connecting to source, the earth, star races and receive downloads.

For example, I receive many downloads when I run, but to go deeper, I sit down and meditate. 

When I receive information in this way, I can say that I am consciously channeling. Basically, I am in conversation with the being that is next to me, we chat, I ask questions and I receive information. Conscious channeling is easily accessible to anyone. 

Other Types of Channeling

Trance channeling is when you welcome a being into your physical body. Only few people are coded for trance channeling and it is a path that is offered to the soul whose mission it is to bring these codes to earth. One does not seek trance channeling as such.

We can also channel through art. Artists often go into altered states of consciousness to create their art, even if they aren’t aware they are doing it. They can do this to create beautiful pieces of artwork and also music. 

Artists create from channeling most of the time. When you feel that music and artwork are especially coded, it is because the artist was in an alternate state of consciousness, which allowed them to channel especially high frequencies and place them into the art. 

There are so many different channeling modalities!

There are also automatic writing and light language, for example.

We can practice these different modalities of channeling individually. If there is one pathway that is calling us more than the others, we can consciously shift our mind using one of the tools mentioned already.

From there, we practice the modality of channeling that calls us the most. 

channeling abilities

Taking aligned actions to increase our frequency

When we start understanding the process of channeling, we can start taking aligned actions to be able to open up our channel and increase our vibration. The more we start increasing our vibration constantly by using these tools, the more we can start increasing the frequency of our fractal and start shifting to higher levels of frequencies.

The more we consciously connect to this desire to channel, the more we live from that space constantly. I am at a stage where I am almost constantly in that space of being able to channel. I am always channeling, in connection and conversation. But when I am living in my 3D reality such as being with my kids or grocery shopping, my consciousness is not in a place to receive advanced information. But if there is information that needs to come, it is very easy for my team to say something to me through my channel. 

When we are in a state of high vibration all the time, we can sustain the frequencies that allow us to constantly be in co-creation with our team and with our soul as well.

Our channel is like a pipe

To start with, our channel can be compared to a pipe. If it’s narrow it can easily be blocked. It’s hard to find and run water through it. The more we use it and consciously access it, the bigger it gets. Eventually, this pipe is always present and clear, with water/high-frequency information running all the time.

The pipe/channel is always there. We don’t have to turn the tap on all the time if we are hanging out in 3D reality, but there is still a little stream there we can access at all times.

The four intuitive modes

We all have four intuitive modes. For example, there is clairsentience, which is getting goosebumps, strong gut feelings, physical sensations of hot or cold or attraction and repulsion.

All intuitive modes are part of our fractal frequency and clairsentience would be the one with the lowest vibration. It is not low vibe at all but in terms of frequency, it is the one that has the lowest vibration because it is linked to our physical body. It is bound to certain levels of density.

It is important for us to remove as much density as possible from the body by having a clean diet and not taking drugs and so on. This makes our vessel pure so we can receive clairsentience at the highest level of purity and therefore clarity. Clairsentience is also linked to the lower chakras, which are linked to our survival. 

Then we have clairaudience and clairvoyance. These also come through audition and vision.

To finish with, at the centre of our fractal, which is the highest frequency, we have claircognizance which is instant knowledge. Claircognizance is the intuitive mode that is most connected to channeling higher frequencies. The information is just there, and the flow is coming in a pure form. 

When our pipe is open and we are in a superconscious state, claircognizance just happens. When our channel flows through automatic writing or we start speaking light language, we can feel the instant knowing of the divine flowing through. The stream is there!

Channeling activates all our intuitive modes

When channeling is present, the pipe is fully cleared, all of a sudden we might have goosebumps and get hot which is a confirmation from the body that the codes shared are potent because it is reaching all the way to our physical body. What I am saying is so high frequency and profound that there is a physical shift happening.

This is so powerful! And this is why I love trance channeling so much. People receive my trance channeling and they feel it in their bodies. The frequencies that we can all access through channeling are so high frequency that they’re going to bring physical shifts all the way down to the cellular level.

The power of channeling

The power of channeling is to change the structure of our physicality. Not only that, channeling can change our entire life from our emotions, our mind, our relationships, our 3D life and our access to the quantum.

The more we reside at the centre point of our fractal, the higher the frequency that we can access. The more the centre point of our fractal increases, the more we reside in presence and inner peace. We simply witness the oscillation of our human with so much joy and curiosity.

When the centre point is magnified, the frequencies are so high that it instantly alchemises and dissolves all frequencies that are lower than this state of pure presence. 

Becoming a super-channel

When we start increasing these frequencies, we start opening up this pipe more and more. It then becomes easier to become a super-channel.

A super-channel is someone who not only has access to consciously channeling star races or earth elementals and dragons etc, but also can channel other frequencies that are not always so obvious. For example, money frequency

Money is a frequency and we can start experiencing more connection with it.

For me, the money frequency vibrates at a very high level, and because I choose to be a super-channel, money is literally everywhere. Money created everything in 3D reality. Because of money I can have my clothes, my house, my car and so on. As soon as I realise that I am simply channeling that frequency of money, it is everywhere! It is coming to me, through me and all around me and I redistribute it.

We start being able to open up this pipe so consciously because our frequency is so high, that we are able to channel different frequencies of higher vibrations. 

It could also be healing frequencies. If you are a healer, the frequencies that you will be able to channel through words or your hands are going to be directly affecting the person you are healing at the highest level. 

We all do this to a certain level but being able to realise what is going on changes everything!

Galactic Realms

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I love you dearly!

channeling abilities



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channeling abilities

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