Do you ever feel the presence of low-frequency entities in your space?

In this transmission, I am sharing my experience of the lower realms here in Bali. Bali is a very spiritual island and it draws a lot of Westerners who come here for healing and to enjoy luxury at a low cost – however, this dynamic comes with a heavy energetic price tag for the land and the locals who live here.

Learn more about the energetic dynamics here in Bali and how they peak before Nyepi. This is is their day of silence after they have warded off all demons and dense entities.

I also share the importance of taking responsibility for your own energetic ‘waste’ after you have gone through a healing process and how to clear density properly.

My experience in Bali this year

As I travelled through Bali in March I received so many downloads about this land and the darker energies here. I was in Bali for Nyepi which is a silent day. 

On this day the whole island shuts down – the airport is closed, the power and internet are turned off and you must stay inside. People are encouraged to spend time in silence and prayer during this time.

What is Nyepi

Before Nyepi, the Balinese have a tradition where they build giant puppets that represent demons, monsters and entities. They also create a lot of very loud dissonant music for this festival to chase negative spirits off the island.

It also represents a clearing of dark energies from themselves.

During this time the temples open a portal of purification for people to cleanse themselves. There are many processions through the streets as people go to temples for healing ceremonies. 

This is absolutely fascinating from a cultural perspective and a very important time of the year in Bali. It is essentially their new year! 

The energies invoked leading up to Nyepi began to really affect me

As the days passed and it got closer to the silent day (which happened on March 22nd 2023) I observed how overwhelmed I started to feel.

The crowds of people, traffic and chaos started to affect me as the energy started to build. 

A couple of days before the festival I experienced huge headaches which I haven’t experienced in a long time. 

Not only did I have a bad headache but I was also feeling off in many other ways. I was feeling lonely and cut off from my mission and my destiny.


My dreams began to show me lower timelines

I started to have terrible dreams of timelines that I haven’t even thought about for years. In these dreams, I would be back home looking for a 3D job and completely give up on my missioned work. 

I wasn’t able to live from my spiritual work and went into full scarcity feeling like ‘Who am I kidding, I can’t live off this type of work! It’s nonsense. The alarm bells in my field were off! I could sense something was going on here.

I haven’t considered having a 3D job in years! I thought that all of these timelines were fully closed. So I was extremely surprised to even see them coming through in my dream state. 

I noticed during the day because of my dreams and because I was feeling so off, I could feel the connection with my destiny was blurry and off – I couldn’t feel it in my heart. What is going on!?

I didn’t let myself get alarmed and I just stayed fully surrendered to the divine.

I don’t let myself get stuck and lost in lows anymore because I practice as I teach which is to reside at the centre point of my fractal. By planing myself as the angel behind my human I stay centred. From here I simply observe my human’s oscillations, emotions and belief system.

I could see my human going through something big here and was curious to find out what it is.

What I found were entities and demons on me

I decided to do an activation with Kaia Ra to help with what I was experiencing. 

When I started this activation, I immediately felt a lot of entities in the room. Demons were present as well.

Demons vs entities

Demons are massive entities that are much more ancient than entities. 

If you have never faced an entity or a demon before and you’re not sure what the difference is, entities are lost, souls. They are easy to pick up, you can feel them in the room. They are more like ghosts.

Demons are much bigger, darker, more ancient and more potent. 

Often it can be hard to notice demons because they are so massive, they can be in your whole field and create a huge level of distortion that you may not even be aware of. We may just think life is hard or there is something wrong with us. But it may be a demon sucking out our energy.


Entity clearing & removal training

As I was lying down with this pounding headache, I started calling in the ascended masters. Straight away I could feel they couldn’t come too close because of this level of interference. 

Then it all made sense! Of course, this is why I feel off. 

I didn’t panic because I have years of training on how to deal with demonic entities and dark forces. I work with the Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet and her army of light to help clear these entities and protect my field.

Since this experience in Bali, I received very clear guidance from my team to share this subject more with the collective and to offer an event to train people in how to deal with entities. 

This 3-hour training will be happening on the 18th of May 2023 (you will be able to access the replay if you are reading this after the event has happened). 

This training only costs $66 USD. I wanted to make it as affordable as possible so that everyone can receive it.

During this training, which is in co-creation with Sekhmet and my high council, you will learn how to clear entities and demons from the self. You will also learn how to clear:

  • False light templates
  • False light codes
  • Outdated Programs 
  • Negative AI intelligence
  • Negative alien implants and more

I will talk about all of that and then I will give you a clearing. I will also share how to distinguish between negative entities and entities of the light and how to get rid of them yourself and for others. 

Learning how to do this yourself is deeply empowering. Many of us when we have negative experiences of the lower realms, we shut off our psychic gifts due to the fear activated in our field. 

I’m not scared

I have danced with negative entities since I was a little girl. I was terrified back then. When I reached my 20s I started learning how to deal with them. 

For me it is easy. However, now and again they come. Especially here in Bali. However, I know I am the angel behind my human and I have spiritual support from Sekhmet and other spiritual beings and ascended masters. 

I cleared my field fully

I received the beautiful activation from Kaia Ra with Mary Magdalene and the Ascended Masters. Afterwards, I was able to fully clear my field of entities using my angelic wings and by connecting precisely with my star family.

After the activation, I fell asleep and slept for 11 hours straight with no dreams! After I woke up I was back in my vortex and all the negative entities were gone.  

I asked my guides to tell me what I needed to know and here is what they shared.

The land of Bali is an energetic dumping ground 

People come to Bali from all over the world to receive healing and recharge themselves. They come to Bali with their wounds, traumas and entities and demons that travel with them.

Most people have entities on them, including light workers. 

The people come to Bali and do the clearings through yoga, breath work, temple visits, plant medicine, ecstatic dance and so on. They go on a healing journey, which isn’t a bad thing, by the way, it’s great!

However, when people come to Bali they come here to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle for little money and dump all of their energetic stuff here in the process. 

This has created a lot of distortion in Bali

If you see the way locals live here, they are very trapped in the enslavement system. They earn very little money and they work extremely long hours with hardly any days off. 

There are also high levels of poverty and pollution as the environment gets destroyed. There are many amazing things here in terms of culture, natural environment and spirituality but also a lot of density.

There is so much density in Bali

I felt this from day one. I realised this density was coming the land struggling to deal with the amount of density that is being dumped here. 

Some Westerners come here with lots of money and build places for other Westerners without giving back to the land or locals. These people are like energetic vampires. Many Westerners take for granted what is available in Bali. 

Many people travel with veils in place that enforce templates of separation and carry all of their wounds and trauma with them. They then dump all of that here as part of the healing journey.

It is important to practice energetic hygiene

When we go through a clearing it is important to open a portal to the earth and God Source so that the density has somewhere to go.

We then call upon energetic armies to clear the field and to take the density back to where it came from.

The bandwidth in Bali between the highest energy and the lowest of low energy is very stretched, especially before Nyepi as all of the demonic entities are roused. 

We need to take responsibility when we clear ourselves by understanding how to do it properly. When we clear something during a healing session like reiki, it doesn’t mean it is gone for good. This energy will linger in the space around us – which is literally what happens in Bali.

There are all these neo-shamans and healers from the new age community that come here and do a lot of healing work. All of the energy they clear stays here in the in-between and gets trapped.

Locals do lots of ceremonies every day to clear and protect their spaces. However, your energetic rubbish should be your responsibility and not theirs. If you throw it out, it will stay there. Someone is not going to come and pick it up for you! 

When you clear yourself or you do a clearing on others, you are responsible for the energetic trash. 

Do not leave it in the in-between! Many people don’t know this which is what creates huge levels of density and this density increases the energetic tension here. Even if there is a light beam somewhere for them to clear through, it is not enough – there is too much trash to keep up. 

If you’d like to clear your field and the field of earth and humanity, you can practice this meditation for free.

soul embodiment free meditation

If you feel as though you live somewhere with a lot of lost souls, do this meditation regularly as part of the maintenance of your field. We need to maintain the high vibration of our field consistently. 

When the portals to the earth and heavens are opened, like in this meditation, the souls know exactly where to go so they are not lost here, stuck in the in-between.

There is very little education on this subject

The bandwidth we are experiencing in humanity, the polarity, all over the world, is increasing. When this happens a lot of us can feel the density more intensely.

If you live in a country that has had wars, poverty or where the matrix system is very developed, you need extra protection and to clear yourself.

>>> Learn how to activate the 8-layer Andromedan shield of protection

We need to help these demons and entities to clear from the earth field as much as possible so that they can be free to create in their own realm.

This is also affecting the ascension process which is why I am taking this subject seriously and want to educate more people on it. 

So join me for my entity clearing and removal training on May 18th and learn these powerful tools to clear your field, the field of others and the field of the land appropriately.

Sage feathers and medicine songs are not enough. We need more!

And remember to always connect to your column of ascension, your pillar of light. Because the more that you do this, the harder it is for lower-realm frequencies to get attached to you.


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