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Welcome to this post on “Quantum Filters”! In this post, I will teach you how to quickly and easily change your perspective of your reality so you can place conscious high frequencies filters in your field, which will help you create a more uplifting life. 

What I mean when I talk about the “Quantum”

When I talk about “quantum”, I always personally refer to the dynamic that exists between our microcosm and our macrocosm.  

Our microcosm is all our systems or structures. These structures are our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical systems. Basically, it is everything that we have within ourselves. Our microcosm creates our macrocosm, the reality that we live. 

This external reality reflects back at us, therefore influencing our microcosm. We can start shifting our macrocosm by reclaiming our sovereignty. We do that by residing in our unique soul blueprint, reclaiming all of our powers and anchoring ourselves in the four primal codes of love, connection, freedom, and abundance.  

What are “filters”

When I talk about filters, I refer to the filters that we place within our conscious mind to change the way we see the world.  

It is literally as if you had glasses that were tinted with blue lenses or red or pink or yellow… 

When we have these filters in front of our eyes we start seeing our external reality with different colours.  

Quantum filters are conscious filters. Most humans at the moment live from the subconscious part of the mind that actually dictates all of their reactions. They think that they make intelligent wise decisions, but actually, they are automated outdated programs that run within the subconscious mind. 

Outdated, subconscious filters

Those outdated, engrained programs make us take the same decisions over and over again. They leave us wondering why nothing ever changes. 

Why am I not able to achieve a new level of abundance? Why can’t I get this job that I really want? Why can’t I create the business of my dreams? Why don’t I have psychic abilities so I can know my star origins? Why can’t I co-create with my star family? 

Most of the time we can’t break through because blocks reside within the subconscious mind.  

I am a quantum teacher and I have so many students coming to me with this issue. So many people also get in touch with me after receiving some of my free content and ask, “How can I shift blocks? Why and how can I shift?”  

I’ll tell you now that actually, 90% of the time, it is coming from the subconscious mind and outdated filters that we have had all our lives and don’t even realise are there. 

These blocks are pretty much non-existent. The mind simply needs to be reprogrammed, and that is very easy to do, with understanding and practice of course!

Reprogramming the mind can be more or less tricky depending on the filter that we choose to place as we enter this experience.  

This is why I’m sharing this content!

The dynamics of quantum filters

The filters that we choose to place in our field are going to dictate how we react within our microcosm and how we create our macrocosm. This allows us to observe the way the macrocosm influences our microcosm.  

For example, if we think that change is hard, that it is difficult to change ourselves or to change our reality. This is a filter of a low fractal frequency.  

Everything is a fractal, which has two hemispheres: the northern, which is the positive, uplifting vibes, and then the southern, which is the lower vibe, the lower frequency. We want to place ourselves at the centre point of the fractal, meaning that we are the presence behind all that arises in our life, especially our thoughts and emotions.  

quantum filters

This fractal system is part of the body of work that I channel and that I teach extensively. So, you will hear me refer to this a lot.  

When we choose to place a low-frequency fractal filter in our field, it means that through the principle of quantum resonance, we will literally trigger low-frequency resonance inside of ourselves. 

Activating low-frequency filters

All of the low-frequency filters will be activated, such as: “Change is hard because you know what? Life is hard. Life is hard and challenging. We were all born broken. All of us are broken souls. We’re just trying to heal and find ourselves but oh my God, my karma is so deep. I’m such an old soul. I’m so traumatised and so wounded by all of my past lives. I suffer a lot and my inner child is very wounded as well” 

All of the above are things we tell ourselves and are low-frequency filters. When we start perceiving our reality like that, what do you really think will happen externally? Do you think that we will start creating abundance? Do you think that we place in our vortex of gratitude, excitement, joy and appreciation? No, it’s the opposite, right? Life becomes a drag!

We are going to program our minds to notice everything that is challenging about life. For example, we’re going to start seeing people who are struggling in life and all of the dense, negative things happening in the world.

We start seeing the world in a way that confirms these low vibe filters and limiting beliefs to us, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It creates this loop where we find ourselves stuck in this low fractal frequency of existence and we wonder why it’s so challenging to shift.  

Well, it’s because we think it is difficult to start with! We unconsciously live our lives within dark, tinted filters! 

Our practice is to shift with honesty and courage

I would love to invite you to look within yourself with a good dose of honesty.  

I never cuddle people’s feelings, my dear reader. This is not how I work. I poke my students constantly, and I poke you also, but it is always with so much love and compassion because, you know what, I’m one of you, I’m also human. I had to deal with so many challenges and hardships in my life. 

I had to change and shift my limiting beliefs and all my systems, all my architecture to be able to now channel this transmission at the highest for you today. I’m not here saying that I don’t do the work and I know it all. No, no, no. I do the work and I have healed and alchemised so much already! 

It’s because I do the work, all the time, that I am now in a position of channelling these advanced, revolutionary quantum teachings. 

Every time you feel poked, every time you feel triggered, say “F**k yes!”  

That’s a filter that you can choose and that is going to literally wire your mind into trusting that being triggered is positive, that being poked is positive because it actually is!  

Embracing our triggers

What if what you are experiencing was actually of the highest truth? What if it was resonating so much with your soul and your soul wanted it? 

That is why we react so strongly. It’s because our soul is like, “oh my God, this is absolutely the next level. I want that, I’m ready for that. I don’t like what she says but I know it hits something inside of me”.

We can do the work no matter what our human likes and dislikes are. This is an essential empowerment technique I always share. It is primordial for our evolution because we are not here to follow our humans’ likes and dislikes as they are pre-programmed from our childhood. We mostly don’t even choose our likes and dislikes! 

So, place a filter of excitement in your field every time you feel triggered and you feel something is rubbing against your fractal. As my students say, “My human is so triggered right now. There’s something rubbing against my human”. 

When we are triggered we say:

“Great, every time I feel triggered and something makes me react, I can shift into excitement and place a high vibe filter in my field. F**k, yeah! Room for growth!

Thank you, life for bringing me something that is going to open up to shifting to a new level of consciousness. I trust that I am here to become a super conscious human. I trust that I am already a super conscious human. I know that I’m a badass soul that came here to experience evolution in 3D physicality.  

I’m freaking powerful, I’m infinite, I’m a warrior, I’m a leader, I’m so loving, I’m so wonderful.” 

And you go on a self-love rant! 

These are the filters that I would love for you to integrate into your reality.  

Quantum filters are conscious filters. So, it means that we do the work. Every time you observe that there is a low-frequency filter arising in your field, you’re going to simply observe that and you’re going to dissolve and alchemise it simply by not going there.  

Quantum coherence

Quantum coherence is aligning everything that you think to everything that you do and everything that you say. It sounds easy, but it is a journey and very potent work.  

For example, observe when you see someone driving a luxurious car, observe what you think, what you say, and what you do. Do you say, “Oh my God, look at this dick showing off his money with his useless car. This is absolutely ridiculous.”  

How many low vibe filters are there my friends?  

Can you dissolve them? Because if you see a luxurious car like that, chances are that money is never going to flow in and you’re never going to be able to afford even the slightest luxury. It says to the universe that any luxury has a low vibe. 

It says that receiving more money to spoil ourselves isn’t good.  

Maybe for you, a little luxury isn’t a car, but a nicer house, a holiday, or maybe it’s spoiling your family, buying nice clothes, it could be anything that you personally dream of…  

As soon as you place low vibe filters like that in your field, the universe says, “Okay, well, you’re not going to get more abundance because you’re poo-pooing money. You’re poo-pooing luxury, you’re poo-pooing abundance, and fun and play altogether.”  

Shifting your quantum filters

I would like to invite you to shift your quantum filters, so every time you see someone else, and you feel slightly pissed off, jealousy or judgment, you can catch yourself and replace them with high vibes filters.  

Remember what I wrote above. Catch yourself and go, “F**k, yeah. Oh my God, I’m going there. I’m judging and I’m jealous. I’m totally shining love vibe filters now!” 

You can say to yourself: “Wonderful, I’m taking mental notes here. There’s room for growth and I love it because I want to shift and I am ready to shift!” 

And then you go deeper: “Why am I saying this? What is the program that needs dismantling here? What am I ready to let go of? What is no longer serving me around what I’m saying? What am I really doing when I see someone driving a luxurious car?” 

And then, do the work of reprogramming your subconscious mind.  

The two main filters to adopt now

I would love to invite you to align with two high vibe filters right now.  

I have been teaching for a while and I work with many different kinds of people. I observe that often it is challenging when we have a package of limiting beliefs and we don’t really know how to shift and alchemise them. We can be so stuck and then we end up procrastinating.  

You can write these two filters down on a couple of pieces of paper and paste them in different places in your home. Also, you can set an alarm on your phone every couple of hours. Every two hours when your alarm goes off, you’re going to simply repeat the appreciation filters and remind your human, and your conscious and subconscious mind that now, basically, you’re the boss.  

You’re the freaking boss of your mind! And your soul is the boss of your human, not the other way around.  

quantum filters

1st Quantum Filter: Appreciation

So, first, place the quantum filter of appreciation in your field.  

Appreciation is one of the most potent high-frequency filters that we can find in humanity right now.  

Appreciate everything!  

“I love my hair. Oh my God, like my hair is so beautiful. And I’m so happy with my physical body. Look, I have eyes to see. I have fingers. Yay, I have a physical body! I can walk…” 

So many people on this planet don’t have legs that function, they cannot walk. If you do have legs that function, appreciate your legs. Instead of saying “Oh, my legs are too fat, or too this, or not enough of that.”

For goodness sake, no. Never talk negatively about your physical body! Do you want to have an awesome physical life full of abundance? Well, first, learn to appreciate the first physical gift that was given to you as a soul, your physical body.   

Appreciate that you’re here, on planet earth! Then, appreciate what you witness around you.  

“My home is so beautiful! I have a phone, I have a computer so I can read this transmission. Thank you, money. Oh my God, it means that I have money! It means I’ve always been abundant and I am more now than ever.”

“Thank you earth for giving me all of this food. Thank you, money for being there so I can buy the food. I can buy a couch and I have a car! Thank you, my car! I’m so appreciative of my car because I can drive around wherever I want to go and see the people I love”  

So, start placing these appreciation filters around everything

Do this, especially when you’re triggered. So, now, if you see someone driving a very expensive car, appreciate it.  

“Isn’t it amazing that a human being can just play with money and have the abundance to have a toy like that? And if that’s her reality, it shows that if they were able to manifest that dream for themselves, I can also manifest my own dreams, whatever they are!”  

Appreciate everything that arises in your field. Everything and everyone, even people that are apparently draining your energy. Appreciate them! 

“Thank you so much for coming into my field, because now I understand how much more strongly I can hold my field of frequency. Thank you so much for being there, so I understand my need for greater energetic protection. I now understand that I will stop spending time with you because actually, you’re draining my energy. I appreciate you coming into my field because it allows me to reside more into my sovereign power of choice.”  

2nd Quantum Filter: Curiosity

The second filter that I’m inviting you to adopt is very different. This one, I would like you to place in your field every time you struggle with placing the appreciation filter.  

It’s when you feel like, “Ugh, I’m really struggling here to actually appreciate that. I know I should, and I know it would be of the highest because it’s the highest value of frequency to be able to appreciate every situation, and every one arising everyone coming in my field, but like right now, I don’t really know how to do that.” 

When you feel this way, place this filter of curiosity and allow yourself to see the situation through this filter. Instead of judging yourself for your inability to adopt the appreciation filter, choose curiosity! 

Being concerned with why you aren’t shifting now is actually dropping your frequency big time and as you are using a low vibe filter to see yourself. You’re basically hitting your human with a baseball bat saying, “Shift now, shift now. Why are you so slow, stupid human.”  

Love your human self, love your mind, love your subconscious mind. You are absolutely perfect. You are just learning new things! Patience, love and care are absolutely necessary for any transformational journey that we embrace.  

This filter of curiosity is going to come as a breath of fresh air! 

“Whoa. I’m observing that I’m really not shifting around this and struggling to adopt the appreciation filter. I do not see how I can appreciate this. Like, this experience is pretty intense. I do not like it, it’s full-on triggers everywhere. My judgment is all over. I don’t know what to do, but here I remember what Cendrine says. Yay. Thank you, Cendrine!”  

I’d like to invite you to adopt this curiosity filter in such a way:

“I’m going to play with the filter of curiosity. I’m actually really curious to know how this can be the highest for me. I trust that it’s at the highest because the universe has my back, always. So now I know that somehow this experience that feels unpleasant is coming in my field to trigger me, to challenge my judgment, to challenge my belief system, so I can shift. I do not have a clue how to do it. So, I’m choosing to stay curious! 

Please, my soul. Please, God. Please, my galactic team. Please, my spiritual team, all of you. Please help me. I surrender. I have this package here and I don’t know what to do with it. I’m really curious to see how I can shift. I’m so open to receiving. I’m so open to change. I’m open because I’m ready to experience more love, I’m ready to experience more connection with other people.

I’m ready to experience more abundance in my life. I really feel like I want more abundance in my life and more freedom. I want to feel free.”  

When we can reclaim our sovereignty this way, that we have the choice to not go into the lower fractal frequency of judgment, and full-on triggers of being dramatic, we increase our inner strength tremendously. 

From healing past lives to the alchemy of evolution

We can reclaim our infinite power to recreate ourselves and to be completely new with every breath that we take. We don’t need to carry the burdens of our past lives, ancestors and inner child trauma any longer. That is an outdated healing template, by the way.  

I’m teaching Fractal Alchemy now inside my 5D Quantum University. Alchemy happens when we reside in our divine self and in superconscious states so that we can alchemise everything that arises.  

This is not to poo-poo on our disciplines around healing the past which is very often necessary at a stage of our lives. But this type of healing is temporary. Don’t stay stuck there.  

Always remember that there is another path. So, you don’t linger into lower fractal reflection templates of constantly healing. It’s literally opening the Pandora Box over the never-ending stories of past traumas. 

And, you know why that path is outdated and inefficient?  

Most of us have had thousands of lifetimes on earth, so chances are that if we go into past life healing or ancestors timeline healing, there is no way that we can heal everything by digging it all out!

If we had to actually go into each and every single one of them to heal everything, we’d be screwed. No way in a lifetime can we actually revisit and heal ALL of our past wounds and our ancestors.  

The algorithm of alchemy is there to simplify our evolution

We can tune into our past lives from the higher frequencies instead by saying:

“I went through all of that trauma before and received so many gifts from these experiences. Now I’m reclaiming my power, wholeness and divinity, always! All the data that I have collected of the highest frequency are welcome to stay in my field for they represent my wisdom. I hereby declare that now I reside in the higher reflection of myself. I place a curiosity filter around everything that arises because I choose evolution. I choose accelerated evolution.  

I choose myself now, so I can be happy. So I can embody my mission and understand my purpose, and I can serve as a beacon of light in humanity. 

I’m ready to rise!  

I’m really curious to see how I can rise. I’m really curious to see how I can embody more of my magnificent divine soul. I’m really curious to discover all of my gifts. I’m really curious to see how I and many, many thousands of humans can weave webs of divine light on the planet, so we can indeed create the new earth.”  

Because we are here together, my dear reader, now more than ever, to weave those webs of divine high-frequency light around the planet.  

So, every time you find yourself utterly challenged, place a filter of curiosity in your field.  Remember that you can alchemise everything if you choose to do so.  

Your belief system belongs in your microcosm. Your microcosm projects your macrocosm that therefore reflects back at you. Observe where you are at. If there is room for progress in any area of your life, it shows that there is work to do on the self. And that is absolutely amazing because this is why we came here on planet earth.  

We came to play. We came to rise. We came to evolve together.

Observe all the filters that you have and make them conscious. Every time you observe a filter, you know that you have dogged it out of your subconscious mind because you are conscious of it.  

When you’re conscious of it, what do you do with it?  

You could choose to keep this filter of judgement by saying, “I am right, they are wrong. This is my opinion. My opinion is better than theirs.”  

Every time you observe a low filter arising from your subconscious mind, and you become conscious of it, you have the choice to change. May you reside in your sovereignty when you apply that choice. May you take the highest choice, which is always based on love, freedom, abundance, connection and on honouring the self and others.  

Always remember to place the appreciation filter in your field first. This is the most important one. It is the biggest architecture of all quantum filters and the first one in this hierarchy of filters. So, place that filter of appreciation first and every time you struggle to do that, choose the filter of curiosity next.   

When you place the quantum filter of curiosity, it literally opens up your systems as a human. It opens up your mind. New neural pathways can be created because you are not stuck in old pathways.  

With curiosity, open up your brain to creating new neural pathways.   

Ask God Source to help you

Ask your soul to help you. Ask your friends in spirit to help you. This is why we have all of them. This is why you are reading this. This is to learn to shift your reality.

I get very, very excited every time I teach and channel, and every time I share, which is very often a mix of everything. 

So, if you like what you received today, I would love to receive back from you through this beautiful sacred geometry of the infinite loop of giving and receiving from the heart.  

You can simply give back now by commenting on this post. I love reading your comments! You could even share it with your friends.  

Remember that we were born free and that we are here to reclaim the power within. I am there for you always and I love you lots. 


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