the akashic records

In this transmission, I am sharing the way our soul’s information is organised and the most effective way to access it (hint: it’s not the akashic records!).

A lot of people immediately believe that the Akashic records are the best place to go to receive information about your soul’s history.

Many of my students ask me questions about how to access the akashic records and the difference between the akashic records and the oversoul network. 

I address these very important questions. I also share information on how you can receive information and codes about your soul from your light body, etheric body and even physical body.

As the saying goes, ‘as above, so below, meaning all information that is up there about your soul also resides with you

This transmission is here to inspire you to understand yourself more through understanding more about the akashic records and the oversoul network.

The oversoul network

Our oversoul network is a big frequency that descends many different projections down into physicality. Within our physical body, we have a crystalline divine genome present with our DNA. This genome contains all the information residing in our oversoul network. This includes other projections from our oversoul network in alternate realities and in other star systems across time and space realities.

We can access all of this information through our vertical axis, our column of ascension, which goes all the way up from the crown of the head to the frequency of the oversoul network above.

When we connect to our column of ascension and request to be connected to our oversoul network, we can find all of the information about ourselves that is important for this life.

The akashic records

The Akashic records on the other hand are a huge database or they can also be thought of as a library. It contains all the information for all life forms that have existed and currently exist within all of creation. 

This library is pretty big!

Within this library, we have all of the records about our soul. The records that are present within the akashic records, however, may not necessarily be in our oversoul network as well. 

This is because when we heal an aspect of our soul this information is no longer needed there.

This relates to information that creates density. It may be information regarding a horrible past life. All of the lessons from that life may have been fully transcended in subsequent lives and therefore information about this past life would no longer be needed in the oversoul network. But it will remain in the akashic records.

the akashic records

The purpose of the oversoul network is to evolve

The oversoul network cannot evolve with that level of density. The purpose of us projecting on Earth, again and again, is to evolve. This is the true purpose of karma.

We are not trapped in the wheels of life against our own free will! That is not what being a sovereign being is about at all.

We are sovereign beings who are here to evolve.

To evolve is to increase the frequency of our fractal self.

Every fractal vibrates with a certain degree of variability, going from a low vibe to a higher vibe. We evolve by shifting more towards high vibes to increase our frequency.

We do this by choosing love as our guiding force, practising compassion and kindness, being joyful and by opening up our consciousness.

This will bring high vibes within our fractal self. This high-frequency information will then be shared with our oversoul network, therefore, helping our oversoul and all of its projections to continue evolving.

the akashic records

But what about our pain, trauma and wounds?

Some of these will need to be addressed, but not all of them. There is an alchemical process that unfolds as we bring high vibrations simply by choosing to rise up to be the sovereign, divine spiritual being that we were born to be.

If we choose to align to that in each moment, this alone can alchemise lifetimes and lifetimes of trauma. However, at times certain circumstances, lessons and challenges keep looping back around to us. Our external reality keeps projecting to us what needs to be addressed. 

This is when we do the deep shadow work, which is equally as important.

How the oversoul network purges density

As the oversoul network continues to evolve, it will reach a point where it cannot continue unless it processes some of the low vibrations. When this happens the oversoul network will send a projection down to earth with certain data that needs to be processed by this projection. The oversoul network can process low vibe data by bringing this data down into a physical body as a human.

The oversoul network sends us down into physicality to recode itself for the purpose of evolution.

Once the oversoul network clears the low vibe information, it can be removed from the structure. When we heal, we remove data. We remove pains and aches, we literally remove density from our body whether it is a disease, viruses, bacteria, emotional pain and mental pain.

We remove it and we discard it.

This is exactly what the oversoul network does with the dense data residing within its structure. However, this information stays in the Akashic records.

Why going into the oversoul network is much more effective than the Akashic records

Yes, we can go into the Akashic records and receive the information we are looking for, but it is not necessary.

Why would we want to go and poke at all of the negative past lives and experiences we’ve had if we don’t need to for our own evolution in this life?

It’s not important! Furthermore, it is actually detrimental.

What is safer, more effective and a lot more beneficial is to go into the oversoul network and see what information is active there. What data is being processed and why is it present? 

What is activated in our oversoul network will be much more relevant to our lives now. 

We will find what density needs to be purged, what past life trauma is there to be healed, and what we came on earth in this life to work on.

If you’re thinking ‘but Cendrine, I really want to find out about all my lives on other planets, in other star systems as different star races and alternate realities. Don’t I need to go into the akashic records for that?’.

Yes, BUT we have all of the information about our amazing past lives, alternate realities and star races in our oversoul network. It is present there. But it is more high vibe than what you may find in the Akashic records.

healing past life trauma

We can access our soul history through our physical body

This unique algorithm of the oversoul network, with all of this amazing information about our soul history, is copy-pasted within our crystalline divine genome, in our DNA, in our physical body.

As above, so below.

As within, so without.

If there is information above in our oversoul network, it is also below in our physical body. Therefore, we can go into our physical body and ask our physical body for information.

All of this information is present, it’s just that we may not be conscious of it.

Receiving information from the outer womb or the light body 

There are also different layers of information shared through the architecture of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems. The energetic body and light body are included in this.

The oversoul network sends information down to our physical body. This information first gets channelled to our outer womb or our light body. Our light body surrounds our physical body, like an aura.

This information is the same information that is present within our cells, however, most of us live from carbon-based DNA. This means we don’t have access to our divine genome if we haven’t done work on ourselves and if we don’t choose 5D over density.

The oversoul network brings this information down to our light body, to create quantum resonance within this physical reality.

the light body

Entering into quantum resonance with codes in the light body

Not being able to see what is within is a big problem for humanity. We are always looking outward, never inward. If we are in, we don’t even need to worry about having any information sent from the oversoul network, it’s already activated with us! This is why the oversoul network brings information down into our outer womb surrounding the light body as it will help us enter into resonance with what is inside of us.

When the codes sent to the light body from the oversoul network start to resonate more with the physical body, they will be drawn closer and closer to the energetic body and the etheric field. When the code reaches the etheric field, it sends a much stronger signal to the body, showing that it is ready to come in.

When the code enters the body, it merges with the core that is already present. All of a sudden we have embodied this code from the oversoul network and have full access to it.

soul embodiment free meditation

Our macrocosm is always directed to act in our favour because the universe has our back!

Whatever codes the universe, our soul and our team know need to be activated, will be sent to us in divine timing from the oversoul network. 

How to activate our divine crystalline genome

Every day we have little opportunities that we can take. These little opportunities to be more compassionate, more patient, kind, joyful and loving. Every time we rise up to the occasion, (even if that is just smiling at someone on the street), we recode ourselves more and more.

This will eventually allow our crystalline genome to take over as our operating system, allowing us to vibrate at a much higher level of 5D frequencies.

The more we understand all of the fascinating ways that information is being shared in us and all around us, we can see how life is continuously offering us so many pathways of evolution.

DNA crystalline genome

Receiving information from the physical body

For me, the best way to receive information about my soul is through the physical body. So many people just want to live life in the astral. They’re happier in meditation and not on the earth plane. But why did we come here? We came here to be a human! To be an earthling. We are all earthlings, aren’t we?

We weren’t put on Earth to escape the Earth’s ascension process. The awakening process needs people to anchor and ground themselves in this reality. To be fully present, embodied and unapologetically loving this realm.

This is how we can be of service when we are fully embodied and present in our physicality. This is also how we can easily access information without having to go off into the ether or the Akashic records to find it.

If you want to go to the Akashic records to find information, you can. It’s all there. But this is certainly not the most effective way to receive what you need to receive.

Instead, ask your body what you need to know right now. Ask your life what you need to know and ask your human self. Ask your soul and be present.

Why do I sometimes go into the Akashic records?

This transmission is not to judge anyone who does work going into the akashic records. This transmission is to enlighten you on the lack of precision in the way information is shared there and the way I believe is the most effective way to receive soul data. 

Whenever I do need to go into the akashic records for a specific purpose for a client in a 1:1 session or a student, I always ask for Archangel Metatron to be there to guide me and allow me to receive the information I need to serve the person at the highest level. Most of the time, however, all the information I need for myself and my students and clients is from the physical body and the oversoul network.


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the akashic records

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