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We may feel like we don’t belong here, we’re supposed to be somewhere else, that we aren’t home and we don’t know why. Feelings like this come from our multidimensionality! 

This feeling of being at odds with our existence as a human and that we don’t belong here is extremely present in humanity. 

✧ Am I a starseed?

✧ Am I an old soul?

✧ Why am I here?

Pretty much all of us that are here, embracing the awakening process, will feel like this.

In this transmission, I am sharing many keys with you on how to embrace being a human and how to connect with others deeply on a human level. I share how having connections to other star races and life forms isn’t always helpful, and how we can become more ‘human’ and adore being the guardians of our precious physical bodies.

Learn how you can rise up to be an earthling of the light, develop a sense of belonging on earth and be the human that you came here to be!

Many of us feel we aren’t home yet long for deep connection

Many of us have a yearning for ‘home’, feeling that we really come from another place and this isn’t it. These feelings come from the fact that we are multidimensional beings and for many of us, we have had many lives on other planets.

This can leave us feeling disconnected from the earth, our physical bodies and also the people around us. However, we all have a deep longing for connection with ourselves and with our family, our loved ones, our community and with humanity in general.

human connection

Connecting with others through this common feeling

This feeling of being the odd one out in our reality, like we don’t belong here, is super present in humanity. Many people ask me why they feel like this and what it means. Does it mean they’re a starseed? Is it because they’re an old soul? 

However, all of us who are here, embracing the awakening process, have most likely felt like this at some point. So in a way we are all feeling like this! This is a way we can connect with others, by acknowledging we both feel like the odd one out and that no one understands us.

We can start conversing by asking questions about how they feel to deepen the connection and the conversation, even if it is just in a playful way.

Conversations and connections don’t always need to be deep and profound

We can find meaningful connections with others through communicating and interacting on a superficial level. Such as going for drinks, making jokes and talking about light-hearted things.

It is totally fine to have friends who we don’t talk about the meaning of life with and who are there to simply have fun.

The depth of connection we have with others comes in many different ways. It’s not that we can’t have deep conversations with others, but we don’t necessarily need to connect with all of the people in our lives in a profound spiritual way. Even if a relationship is superficial, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important and should be judged or discarded.

Welcome your friends just the way they are and they will give that back to you by welcoming you just the way you are!

I have many friends in Wellington who I connect with on a superficial level. I went through a long hermit phase of pure isolation. I needed space and I didn’t see my friends much. When they wanted to hang out I communicated with them and you know what? They were totally fine with it. They understood I needed space, they loved me anyway and were waiting for me when I was ready to connect again with open arms.

On the other hand, some of my more deep and spiritual friends did not like it! They were triggered by my need for isolation and they didn’t know how to take it. Interesting isn’t it?

Relationships with others start with you

When it comes to the connections that we have in our lives, it is important to realise that we are the ones supporting ourselves by being the eternal divine guiding light of our human.

If we want to have deep relationships, kindness, generosity, playfulness and so on, we have to be that with the people that are already in our life.

For me, I practice being more kind to every human I cross paths with. I practice being generous, and less judgemental. Every time I find myself being critical and not showing compassion and love to myself, I catch myself. I then realign to the path that I want to embody here and now.

friendship & human connection

You are a human now!

It is amazing to know about our star race origins and the connections we have to other life forms and star systems. However, it is very arrogant to think you are better than anyone else or have superior knowledge because of this. It is awesome to know about yourself on this level, but what difference does it really make?

You are a human right now! The more we realise this, the more we can ground into our humanity.

How I found my humanity

I was born psychic and I’ve always had connections with alternate realities and star races and so on. However, this left me feeling so at odds with my humanity. None of it helped me to be a human. This is why I shut it off! It was creating stress and fear in my field due to what I started perceiving. I was so highly sensitive that it was overwhelming.

So instead, I decided to become a human boss. I wanted to be the cool kid with lots of friends, who drinks, smokes weed and goes to all the parties. I’m not saying that this is a good thing to do, but at the time, all I wanted was to understand humans. So I dove right into human experimentation. I would observe myself and others. This helped me become more and more human.

To be able to be who you came here to be, it is to understand that you need to connect with humans as a human on a human level, as an earthling. 

This doesn’t mean that you cannot know about your starseed origins, like about your past lives and so on. That is part of your multidimensionality! 

Say YES to being a human

Always remember that to connect, find depth and embody your unique multidimensional soul blueprint, is to say YES to life every day. It is to say “Heck yeah, I’m on Earth and I’m going to rock it!”.

It is to say “How can I feel joy? How can I feel ecstasy? How can I serve myself and others today?”.

joy and human connection

Attract friends through the lens of non-judgement

Attracting friends through the lens of non-judgement is a potent way to create deep and meaningful connections with others. When we attract friends through non-judgement, we open ourselves up to feel accepted and to feel we can truly express our own needs, as we don’t get judgement back.

These are the friendships and relationships where, even if they don’t understand everything you do, they love you anyway. They are there for you anyway. They don’t care as long as they know you are happy and thriving in life.

The world needs us to thrive as humans

It is such a beautiful thing to be able to live in humanity as a human!

I want to anchor you back into this world, because the world needs you here and now, fully loving this life! It needs us to choose success, to choose to rise up and cultivate high vibrations by serving others and by opening up our hearts more to love.

The world needs the light beings that came here in physical embodiment now to rise up as earthlings of the light.

We are Earthlings.

We have a human body.

The earth is calling us, Mother Gaia is asking all of us earthlings to rise up and say YES to this life.

Our human body is a HUGE gift. We are the custodians of a body!!

Billions and billions of souls are waiting to have a body and here most of us are saying our body isn’t good enough.

Can we stop with the jealousy, the comparison, the judgement and the separation?

We are here to have a sovereign embodied experience. Choose to reclaim your sovereign embodiment by choosing yourself.

soul embodiment free meditation

Because I am a multidimensional being, I choose to identify as an Earthling!

My multidimensional soul and my high council and I are here to shake up your belief system. We are here to co-create together using the story of my human, Cendrine, as a grounded experience. This is how we create a connection to other humans through these teachings.

We don’t hold back from sharing what we perceive needs to be shared.

If you love this content and want to dive even deeper into connection with my High Council and me, I would love to invite you to watch my free 90-minute masterclass ‘Ignite Deep Layers of Connection’. Receive instant access here.

Dear one, always remember that you are the unconditional light of divine source frequency and you are completely unique.

Through your embodiment as an earthling, you will be able to see all of your heart desires blossom. You are here to create miracles. You are here to serve yourself, your family and your community from a place of joy, abundance, freedom, connection and love.



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