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Two months ago, I was guided by my soul to travel intuitively and leave my home. This was the start of a journey of profound initiations. 

This journey was to upgrade my identity and open new timelines. 

I was completely unprepared. I had not planned to travel intuitively much this year at all. Maybe a little trip here and there, but not leave my house, put all my belongings in storage and then fly to Melbourne, Bali and India!

Basically, I was kicked out of my old life and I was asked to completely surrender to the flow of life so I could be awoken to deeper layers of connection with myself.

We are taught to control, not surrender

Most humans tend to control things, plan for the future and be organised. It can be very scary to completely embody trust, faith and surrender. We are taught to plan, to have a budget and to be organised. Staying safe and not stepping outside of our comfort zone is what we should be doing. 

Depending on your upbringing and the amount of inner work you have done on yourself, you can find yourself more or less paralysed to try anything different or risky!

Having the courage to listen to our intuition

I teach soul alignmentchannelling, intuition and so on. Many people ask me how to channel and how to connect to their soul and their spirit guides. People want to know what their purpose is in this life.

I have found that many of us don’t necessarily struggle to be in touch with our intuition, it’s that we don’t have the courage to honour and follow through with the messages brought through to us.

This courage comes from doing the inner work. If you want to be a powerful channel, you must follow the guidance you receive while applying your free will to choose. 

You don’t necessarily have to follow through with the messages you receive, but at least acknowledging them is crucial.

How I received the intuitive hit to go to India!

When I was given this guidance to intuitively travel, I thought I would be in Bali for three months. This idea felt nice, easy and safe. I know people there, it’s affordable and easy to live there. I could travel around and see places, it’s not too far from home and I have friends there already.

I have been to Bali before, so it was fully inside of my comfort zone to go there. 

About 10 days before the departure date, I still hadn’t booked anything. 

One night as I was falling asleep, BAM! I received a massive download. 

“You don’t need to spend 3 months in Bali, you can visit your friends in Melbourne, go to Bali and then you’ll visit India”.

At the time of writing, that is where I am now, in Agra, India. I just visited the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort which was AMAZING. I uploaded many codes there which I will be sharing in future transmissions. 

When I received that guidance, my whole body felt an undeniable surge of excitement. It was immediately clear that this was the path I was supposed to take. 

travel intuitively india

Your body does not lie

If your body has a very strong magnetic, amplified reaction to something, pay attention. It means whatever it is, it is very meaningful for your soul.

Our body gives us biofeedback on the intuitive messages we receive through our channel.

From this point on I followed my guidance. 

I kept asking my heart where to go and what to do. I was shown that I was going to Delhi and then to Rishikesh for a yoga and pranayama retreat, with some room for spontaneity and flow. From there everything fell into place. 

The three keys to travel intuitively & in a highly conscious way

1. First of all, you need to listen to your intuition.

This means you need to know how to channel your soul, your spirit guides and source consciousness to receive information.  

2. Second you need to have the courage to decide to act not the messages and follow through. 

3. The third thing you need to do is notice how the field is responding. 

This means looking to see how things are moving as you start following your guidance. Are things falling into place? Or are you experiencing roadblocks? Are you seeing signs?

We do need to pierce through certain limitations to manifest our dreams, but they are manageable. These challenges allow us to step outside of our comfort zone and find the determination we need to follow our dreams.

Here it is a little different. We can feel something a bit different when the field is simply not responding. 

Watching how the field responds

When I was in Bali I wanted to go to Uluwatu. I started making plans to travel intuitively there and stay with friends. But when the time came to go I was faced with so many barriers. 

Plans to stay with friends fell through and there was also no suitable accommodation available for me at all.

The field simply was not responding. 

I started to tune in and felt a calling to go to Seminyak. Which isn’t the same vibe at all! However, there were plenty of places to stay by the beach and good a good internet connection plus it’s close to the airport.

The perfect place to spend Nyepi before I fly out to India.

I am so glad I followed my guidance here because I had an amazing few days and met some wonderful people, and I experienced a big heart opening. This was a beautiful way to end my trip to Bali on a high note and prepare for even more heart openings in India!!

When you notice that the field isn’t responding like my idea to go to Uluwatu, the sooner you let go of that and turn back to your heart, soul and team for new guidance, the better. The messages you receive will show you the way.

travel intuitively bali

Using our divine feminine energy to guide us

To do this process of following my intuitive guidance to travel, I opened up more to my divine feminine energy.

Our divine feminine is there to help us receive more. When we travel intuitively it is very important to balance our masculine and feminine energies.

Feminine energy is:

  • Receptive
  • Flowing 
  • Intuitive

By tapping into this energy, we open up the field of possibility. 

Masculine energy is:

  • Piercing
  • Structured
  • Analytical and logical 

This energy is like a piercing sword of truth that allows us to make decisions and bring intuitive guidance into action. 

Tuning into the codes of a destination to travel intuitively

Once we have arrived at a new place, it is important to feel in our body how the place feels. What does it awaken in us? 

  • Is it grounding?
  • Is it activating?
  • Does it open up timelines to past lives?
  • Do you see new timelines for future possibilities opening?
  • What are the codes of the place? Does it have codes of prosperity and leadership? Or is it more about connecting with nature and the earth? Perhaps the place is there to bring us healing in solitude or maybe it is a socially energising place to be.

As we travel we can go from place to place with different codes. By doing this, we accelerate our ascension. We open up the field to new timelines when we travel intuitively and in a highly conscious way.

Psychic protection when we travel intuitively

When we travel intuitively, channel or do any spiritual work, we must have protection.

I have met many entities and demons in different places on my trip (more about this here). 

I work with higher realms, but my ability to navigate different realms is huge. I can easily clear entities and demons from my field if I need to. I do it myself and when I work with people one on one and in groups. 

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Entity removal and clearing training

None of us is immune to attracting more lost souls and negative entities on us when we go to different places. This is because we have density in the body. 

I have been called to teach and share more publicly on this subject, which I have previously kept more private as the density and entities that are on many of us are having an impact on the ascension process.

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We will also remove any oaths and vowels you have made in past lives that are holding you back from expressing the truth of your own divinity. 

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