convergence points to quantum leap

In this transmission, I am diving deep into the theory of convergence points to quantum leap and how we can bring these convergence points together to shift into a whole new reality.

In the last 2 years, I have made many MASSIVE quantum leaps into new realities in my life using the principle of convergence points.

This quantum architecture will help you understand why it is so important to follow your intuition and to take aligned actions when all of the convergence points are there.

Are you ready to start embodying a greater level of soul alignment and manifest a higher reality for yourself and your family? 

If yes, then keep reading!

Moving past blocks to manifestation

Many people tell me they struggle to manifest their higher reality and take a quantum leap and want to know where they are blocked. I usually perceive a lack of alignment with their soul, their heart desires, and no aligned actions being made. 

This prevents many people from manifesting a new level of reality in their lives. 

What they are missing is the understanding of these convergence points, which allow us to shift many things effortlessly.

What is convergence?

Convergence is the meeting of different dynamics into a unified field. 

This unified field opens up access points in time and space that allow us to take a quantum leap in our reality.

Our planet is a holographic reality. These planetary dynamics give us different points that we can use to reach these convergence points. 

When we understand this we can start actively harnessing these energies so that we can consciously take quantum leaps in our reality.

In this post, I am sharing 4 specific convergence points, that we can bring together to quantum leap realities. 

Convergence Point 1: Soul Alignment

When we work convergence points to quantum leap, we create a penetration of the field in time that will allow us to take a quantum leap in our reality. But before we can do any of this we must find soul alignment.

We do this by working on ourselves, honouring ourselves, and pursuing self-growth and spiritual growth relentlessly. So first always work on soul alignment before quantum leaping into a new reality.

Fractal geometry

fractal geometry

If you are familiar with my teachings you know the architecture of the fractal. This fractal geometry is simply a circle with a point at the centre. It represents creation itself, the first architecture of life. Everything is a fractal. We are a fractal, so we need to get to know ourselves on a multidimensional level. This is a lifetime of work! There is always more to discover. 

Before worrying about where our soul came from in the multiverse or who we were in our past lives, we get to know the human that we are right now. 

Our human is a reflection of our soul. 

You are the guardian of your human. So get to know yourself with playfulness, joy and contentment. It is when we are in full soul-alignment, that our heart desires can begin to blossom into our conscious awareness.

Convergence point 2: Time

The second convergence point to quantum leap is be aware of is time. Certain moments in time during our calendar are extremely important. Ancient Civilisations knew this and now more than ever, we are starting to remember these important times. 

These specific points in time on our planet that are special include equinoxes, solstices, eclipses, new and full moon, and special planetary and Galactic alignments such as the Arcturian Gateway in October, and the Lions Gate Portal in August. 

These alignments with the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars create energetic portals that propel us forward in the direction of our highest destiny. 

There are so many amazing astrologers out there that can talk in-depth about where we are on a planetary level (that is not my speciality!). I can highly recommend Pam Gregory on YouTube

During these potent times, notice your feelings, emotions, energy levels and mental states during the full moon and new moon. Observe how you feel during the lunar and solar eclipses. 

Start taking notes.

When you start to get to know yourself you can begin predicting how you will feel in advance. If you’re a woman, this adds another layer as you can get to know yourself in convergence with your cycle and the cycles of the planet. This is how we direct energetics that are happening at a point in time for humanity.

Convergence point 3: Space/location

Understanding when the convergence point of space is there

Now that the pandemic is winding up, many of us are feeling strongly called to travel or to move countries. It is extremely important to know that if you feel called to go somewhere, first align it with your heart. 

Feel how excited you are! 

If you feel as if you ‘should’ or ‘must’ go somewhere and there is barely any excitement, don’t do it! When you feel this way, it means there is no convergence, it’s an obligation. There must be joy, excitement, gratitude, and happiness. 

Observe how excited you are about a certain location. It doesn’t need to be far away. It could a two-hour trip to the next town or a walk on the nearest track in nature. 

Ask for signs to see if the convergence point is there

Then wait for signs. 

Ask the Universe, Source, God whatever you call it. Ask your soul. Ask your Team of Spirit Guides to give you signs that are going to help you identify whether there is a convergence point there.

At times we feel very called to go to a location, but maybe the convergence of time is not present. 

Maybe it’s this year or next year, maybe it’s tomorrow or next month. Certain pieces of the puzzle of our life need to come together to reach the higher frequency convergent point available to us.

Seeing clear signs that the convergence point is there

For example, I am waiting to know if going to Arizona in the United States in October is part of my journey in 2022. In October there’s a special Arcturian Gateway portal open and I would love to go there during this time as a personal retreat just for myself. 

I am waiting to find signs and to see clear signs. I ask my soul to please bring the signs to show me if this trip is actually of the highest for me. 

When we create this intention, then we can start seeing it. I’m not talking about seeing numbers on my phone. That’s different. 

It could be that someone starts speaking about these events themselves or I dream about it. Or in one of my meditations, my whole team comes and shows me everything. These are potent, clear signs that are going to tell me to go. If it’s not there, I will not push it.

Convergence point 4: Another person

There is also a fourth dimension to the architecture of convergence that we can consider, which is another person. This activates the primal code of connection.

When we bring this fourth level, we anchor the four points of this architecture which creates a square. This square is a pathway of evolution.

This other person may be someone who is going to travel with you. It could be your partner or a friend. It could even just be someone who gets very excited with you and helps you dream about it. 

You might even meet this person once you are already there, it could be someone you met online. 

It’s also important to know that if this fourth dimension isn’t there, of having another person and if you want to be by yourself, that’s perfect. It isn’t essential.

There is a possibility, however, that there will be another person who you will intimately co-create this convergence point with. 

Bringing the convergence points together

When we bring all of these elements together, we can start to go into action mode. We can really start to feel into it. We feel the power of it. This is the time to observe whether it increases our energy, if we feel depleted by it or if it doesn’t quite fit.

For my trip to Arizona, I have my fractal self fully present. I know this trip is in full alignment with my soul. Then the Arcturian portal in October in these locations is present. So I have three convergence points of soul alignment, space and time. 

The fourth point is also present because there are amazing leaders in Arizona that I want to meet and possibly co-create with. 

I bring all of these dimensions in me and I feel it. At the moment, there is not a clear path there. I can perceive that the field wants to take me there, but the convergence point is not fully present.

So what do I do? Absolutely nothing.

I don’t push or pull in any direction. Instead, I keep it in my being through my highest excitement. I have full trust that if this is going to be a convergent point in terms of a quantum leap, I trust that I will go. If it’s not meant to be, it’ll dissolve back into the field effortlessly.

Our heart desires are the starting point

When we observe that we have a desire to experience something more, these are our heart desires calling for us to start experimenting with them. 

All of our heart desires are seeds planted by our soul to help us follow our highest destiny. Our heart desires are always the first convergence point. Once that is there we start looking for the time and space. Once that is activated we find someone that we can co-create this convergence point with. 

The sacred geometry of convergence points

sacred geometry of convergence points

These four fractals coming together, represent convergence points. They all converge, creating a space in the centre of this sacred geometry. This space in the centre represents the heart.  

The heart is always at the highest level of frequency and is our connection to the divine. 

When we bring all of these points together, we create this huge amplified field that is a penetrating force. 

This is like finding a crack in that matrix and when we penetrate it, bam! We create a new reality, and we quantum leap into a new dimension of our evolution.

We can all create our reality by consciously getting out there, and following our highest excitement. By doing this we collapse timelines and quantum leap consciously through these convergent points. 

There is nothing that can stop us when we create this amplified field. Planets, star races, ascended masters, the earth grid, and our systems, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), converge to manifest our heart desires. 

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