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Many of us find ourselves paralysed by fears, and therefore don’t step fully in their soul purpose. From little fears to big ones, conscious or unconscious, all of us humans keep on postponing the next stage of our evolution because we don’t know how to handle them.

Some of us try to fight their fears, becoming super anxious and stressed out in the process, others prefer to ignore them, pretending they aren’t scared at all, therefore lying to themselves. Then, some humans go into endless healing of past traumas, hoping that it will remove their fears altogether. They often end in endless cycles of low vibrations due to their inability to shift their perspective on the different dynamics of trauma healing and fears as pathways of evolution.

But what if we were to shift our perspective and actually use fears as portals of evolution?

In this article, I will share with you some potent codes and techniques of self-transformation through what I call the ‘fear portal’.

How we can use fear as a portal for evolution 

When we are faced with a fear, we have the option of choosing whether to go through the fear portal or to say no and wait. This process is the expression of choice. It is important that, as sovereign beings, we understand that we always have the option to choose for ourselves.

This option, this choice, is a portal. Fear is a portal of evolution because growth resides beyond our fears. Any kind of growth resides beyond our comfort zone, always. We don’t grow and evolve when we stay the same.

When fear comes in, it feels uncomfortable because it means that change is coming. When change is there, we are called to step outside of our comfort zone. This gives us a fear portal to work with.

Often, instead of qualifying a fear as such, I choose to word my observations of a possible scenario to “change”. It removes the weight and density to change the wording of certain situations.

Once we decide to face the fear portal consciously, we then have two options. 

Option 1: Penetrate the fear portal for evolution

We can choose to see the fear using the visual of the fear portal fractal. Inside the fractal, there is the centre point which is our heart, our soul. This is the quantum architecture of life that I channel and teach my students in my 5D Quantum University and my other online live events.

fear portal

We can therefore choose consciously to penetrate our fear and go through that fear portal through our own heart, with trust, knowing that we penetrate unconditional Love. This is how we choose evolution and growth. We choose to see the fear from a place of Love and enter it!

After all, don’t we already know that the universe, God Source, has our back? By stepping into the fear portal, we surrender into trust, anchoring in the divine feminine, and we take courageous action, anchoring the divine masculine. Therefore, we already evolve, simply by going for it.

We feel the fear and we know that it is simply a change arising for us and that we are going to learn from it. We don’t have to wait because we know that we have enough inner resources to deal with whatever arises from our decision to penetrate the fear portal and grow.

We choose to concentrate our energy around trust and confidence in our soul’s anchors. We choose to repeat our soul’s anchors such as “I am kind, I am powerful, generous and loving.”

Facing our fears impacts our nervous system

Sometimes we have to make a conscious choice to work through a deep fear that has been there for a long time. Because the fear is so deeply rooted, it is creating a reaction in our limbic, reptilian brain. This reaction is stress and anxiety which is our fight or flight response. 

This increases our stress and cortisol levels and is why the quantum key of relaxation is so crucial! If we are in a relaxed state, our nervous system will balance itself out much more easily. We’ll be able to come to a calm state with fewer reactions. 

Why is this so important?

If you start facing a fear that has been there for a very long time and you don’t do the work to reset your nervous system, the intensity in your physical body will reduce your ability to think clearly. You will also struggle to receive channelled information. This will prevent you from taking the highest decisions as everything is on high alert.

Only enter the fear portal from a calm state of being – or as calmly as possible. A bit of stress is normal and ok, here we must be honest with ourselves regarding what we can handle!

We do not want to go through the fear portal when we are highly stressed and anxious. This is when we start doing the work which leads us to the second option.

Option 2: Consciously relax and educate ourselves before penetrating the fear portal

When we are highly stressed and anxious, we choose the second option to wait. We consciously choose to relax first and educate ourselves so we can rewire our programs, our human brain.

For example, public speaking terrifies me. If it’s terrifying me, I’m not going to go on a stage tomorrow because I want to evolve and go through the fear portal right now. 

I am a wise human and I make conscious decisions that will help me evolve in a potent, yet organic way.

I consciously know that I will choose to eventually go through the fear portal of public speaking. I know that it’s part of my mission and my evolution. Opportunities are coming and I’m thinking about public speaking a lot and I’m admiring people who do it.

But it is currently creating a lot of stress right now. I sweat just thinking about it! I’m receiving information from my physical body and my physical body is telling me that I’m not ready yet. 

We observe our nervous system and do the work

It’s important to avoid being disappointed and judging ourselves for not being ready. Being hard on ourselves would place us in our lower fractal reflection. We are not here to reside in lower frequency! We have kind words of encouragement for our human, as we would for a child learning something new. “It’s ok darling, I know you can do it. Right now, we are going first to learn about what to do to get you there later, so you can stay relaxed and enjoy the process. After all, we are here to have fun, aren’t we?”

Honestly, I talk to myself like that a lot and it really helps me!!!

When we observe that our nervous system is all over the place when we think about facing our fear, we do the work to relax.

We take as long as we need to relax into the fear. This could be one day, one week, one month, one year or more depending on the fear. 

Do the work to educate yourself on your fear

We can also educate ourselves on our fear before diving into the fear portal. For example, I love swimming in the cold sea. For a long time, I didn’t swim in the sea, but I knew it was coming into my field. I was thinking about it a lot for a couple of years! But I had all of these fears and dislikes around swimming in the cold sea.

So I educated myself, I read books on the benefits of cold swims in the sea and of cold therapy. I also started realising that there is nothing dangerous in the sea where I live. So even if I don’t like the idea of having algae and fish around me, I’m not ever going to die here where I live. 

I reassured and calmed my human. Then I started doing it and I loved it! To start with I was really uncomfortable and scared, but after the second time, I had already forgotten all about my past fears, I was feeling like a warrior, a badass sporty healthy woman on top of the world!

What a boost to my mojo that was, and still is!!! Think about how proud of yourself you will feel after penetrating the fear portal! You will feel courageous and super powerful!

fear portal

The universe will test our readiness to dive into the fear portal

When I was asked by my Arcturians to swim in the sea at 6am as soon as I moved to my place by the sea I wasn’t sure about it. I went for a walk on the beach and the first test of the universe came! The sea was full of jellyfish! It was even hard to walk on the beach because there were hundreds of them, I just couldn’t believe it!!!

I didn’t want to be stung! I’m scared of jellyfish because I was stung when I was little. I knew that the perfect universe was again working out in my favour, to test my determination and willpower. I was certainly not going to take that as an excuse to not swim, this trick was just too obvious!

I went through the process of figuring out how to work around this. I’m not quite sure why but I understood that there was a much bigger picture at play in the scenario unfolding. I aligned to the fact that my highest intention was to surrender to this and to pierce through my fears. 

So I started talking to someone on the beach to see if this was a normal situation. The lady told me it has never happened before and nobody knows why they appeared. She said that she had been living there for years and that it had never happened. She was bewildered as this beach was supposed to be one of the nicest and safest in the whole of Wellington.

So the universe did this for me, to test my readiness for this growth and to swim in the sea. I knew it!

I educated myself to take all of my excuses away

When I learned that this was a temporary issue, I then needed to work out whether they stung or not. As soon as I raised that question in my field, I found, in the distance, other people who were playing in the water and they didn’t seem scared. I came closer to have a look at what they were doing. They were laughing and carrying jellyfish in their arms! I talked to them and learnt that these jellyfish don’t sting at all. 

So now, my human had no reason not to start doing the 6am sea swims, even though it was still dark at that time in early autumn!

The next day I did it and it shifted me onto a new timeline!

The day after, I went for a swim in the sea at 6am, as the Arcturians had asked me to do. I was scared about being in the water, in the dark, with all the jellyfish around me, but I still did it because I knew I wasn’t going to die or get stung. 

I knew it was a big fear portal and that I would be evolving fast simply from doing this… That knowing gave me the courage and willpower.

As I was swimming, I could feel the jellyfish around me but I kept reminding myself that nature is my friend. The universe and earth have my back and these are living creatures with their own state of consciousness. I could see I was learning to move through the darkness with other forms of consciousness. 

I felt like a warrior! The amount of confidence I gained from that one experience, shifted me onto a new timeline. The day after I went back and there were no more jellyfish! I was blown away by the whole experience and by what the universe had put on my path to test me.

Test passed, said the Arcturians! I then decided to go swimming daily a bit later when it wasn’t dark anymore, as I love looking at the beautiful scenery of Worser Bay, where I now live. It is a little paradise that reminds me that I am indeed living my highest reality now.

I did the most hardcore thing first. I relaxed my nervous system and reassured my mind that I was not in any actual danger. The effect of doing this has been tremendous on so many multidimensional levels. 

Life will always bring us what we need to evolve

I am sharing this to help you observe that things come at us in life as a test. It doesn’t mean you are on the wrong or right path. Life sees you having such a strong devotion to your spiritual path. 

Life then brings us all that we need to test us and see how ready we are to take the aligned actions needed. The aligned actions needed are simply observing what arises and choosing our reactions consciously.

Remember that you are a divine courageous soul that chose the pathway of spiritual evolution in this physical reality. Now is the time to remember who you are and take aligned actions that will anchor your highest timeline. You deserve it, don’t you?


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fear portal

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