πŸ’™ Only if you could see yourself as I can see you, all that you are, the light and the darkness…

What you would see, my friend, is that indeed, the shadows are present,

But that they are mere flecks of dirt compared to the magnificence of your light.

Yes, at times, your ego-mind has identified itself so much with your story that you have forgotten who you truly are and the shadows seem to have taken over.

The light is always there though, vibrant, ready to be seen.

It doesn’t matter, the amount of shadows that you have covering your light,

Because they can all disappear in one blow,

For that is the power you have within you.

I’m wondering why so many of us direct our destructive fire to ourselves, self-sabotaging over and over again,

Or shoot that fire at others in uncontrolled destructive anger.

That fire, present within our light, is there to destroy the shadows, not our lives, not our personality, not our psyche.

I can see you clearly…
If only you could see yourself the same way…

A warrior, walking everything single day on the path, carrying so many unnecessary burdens, yet, still standing.

A thinker, looking for the path that will lead to happiness, even though the habits cultivated are taking you further away from that simple state of beingness.


A servant, looking at making others happy, serving them even though you have forgotten how to be there for your own self.

A lover, with a heart as big as the universe, ready to give and receive.

You see, my dear friends, you already are the light or you wouldn’t love others, you wouldn’t serve, you wouldn’t think to find happiness, you would fight your battles every single day…

So now, instead of identifying yourself with the fight, will you listen to me and connect to the light behind it?

Where you direct your mind, you direct your energy,

And so the light grows and you awake, ready to cultivate your magnificence!

I can see you
And I love you


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