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In this transmission, I share two different soul alignment techniques with you. You can do each exercise individually on its own or combined together. 

These exercises are here to help you stay fully soul-aligned, reclaim greater soul alignment and understand who you are as a unique soul. 

The soul’s anchors

The soul’s anchors are a foundational teaching that I always share with my students. I have felt a strong calling to share it freely with all my followers because this soul’s anchors exercise is extremely helpful to find inner peace and know who are. This helps us trust our intuition, inner voice and life much more easily!

So for this, you will need to grab a pen and paper to complete the exercises.

What are the soul’s anchors?

The soul’s anchors are here to help us remember who we are. When we are a little shaken up, judgemental or we find ourselves being in a place of victimhood, where we feel sorry for our lives or worried about what is going on in the world and we feel we can’t trust anything, we find ourselves being fearful and scared of the future, not really knowing what will happen. 

It can be challenging to get back into trust, presence and inner peace. When we have our soul’s anchors very clearly present in our consciousness, we can write them down, put post-its around the house or even set reminders on our phone, we can send it to ourselves as an email. We can put these soul anchors pretty much everywhere! 

We can also record our soul’s anchors on our phone and listen to them in the morning and the evening. This allows us to get back into our vortex immediately. It will bring us back into trust, inner peace, knowing who we are and that everything is going to be okay. 

When we experience fear, we direct our attention externally and that creates a vicious cycle of becoming more and more fearful. This drops our frequencies drastically and prevents us from creating the life of our dreams. When we are fearful, when we judge others and judge what is happening in the matrix, it is a strong sign that we are not soul-aligned.

Our work is to do the inner work, always. So we can be fully anchored in our sovereignty and live a soul-based fulfilling life.

Soul’s Anchors Exercise

This exercise is easy and very potent. Grab your pen and paper! We created a worksheet for the Soul’s Anchors exercise which you can download, print off & fill in HERE!

soul alignment

1. Write down all your qualities

Firstly, write down between 15 and 20 qualities that you have.

Please here, don’t be shy… I would invite you not to think that you have a big ego if you say you are generous and kind and loving. Dissolve false humility now by reclaiming your qualities consciously. When we reclaim our qualities consciously it means that we are aligning to these soul qualities that are inside of ourselves which manifest through our higher ego.

Recognising qualities such as having a sense of humour or caring for others doesn’t mean we have a big ego, it simply means that we realise our qualities and we can realise we have these qualities with humility.

These qualities are a part of you that vibrate at high levels because they are uplifting for yourself and others. These qualities are your “higher ego” as I sometimes call it. They are the embodiment of your soul in this current reality, what makes you so amazing and unique!

2. Write down how people feel when they are around you

This relates to how people feel when they are around you when you’re in a good place yourself. 

How do people feel when they are around you? Do they feel uplifted, inspired and energised? Do they feel heard because you really listen to people? Do they feel loved, nurtured and looked after?

Think about the way people feel when they are around you.

No false humility here again please! 

From your heart, objectively put down on paper how people feel around you and consciously realise all the qualities that you have that allow other people who come into our field to feel a certain way. In a good way!

Please try to come up with 15-20 qualities written down.

3. Speak your soul’s anchors out loud

Now you have these two sections in this exercise – your own qualities and the way people feel when they are in your vortex.

Share all these qualities out loud using your own voice. Record it on your phone as a voice memo because everything you share out loud has much more power to change the frequencies of your inner being. When you share sound frequency out loud with all of these qualities, you not only hear yourself but you use your throat chakra to switch the vibration of your atoms. 

Your atoms are going to vibrate at a much higher level because you will finally be receiving all of these amazing qualities from yourself to yourself and you are going to feel that supercharge your atoms and your energy field all around you.

Here is an example of what you can say using myself as an example: 

“Cendrine, you are such a kind person and so generous. You always try your best to give gifts to students and people who ask for help. You’re so kind and generous that you always think about other people’s happiness. You are also very gentle and really grown into what compassion truly means so when people are around you they feel safe to share their stories and to learn with you. They feel so uplifted! 

You are so intuitive that when people come into your field they have a huge boost in their own intuition and psychic abilities so they can understand their own soul. Because you have a high level of integrity, respect and honour, you always make sure when people come around you they don’t create these dependent hooks of thinking that you are better than them. Because you have a lot of integrity you can show that you are simply reflected who they are already. That they are divine beings, that they are magnificent. 

This is why you can see that you are generous and humble because the way you share shows that other people can also rise up in their own sovereign power, into trusting their own intuition, their own courage and their own dynamics. Cendrine you are freaking amazing, I love you dearly and I am there for you always!”

Our soul’s anchors are an aspect of the truth

These are my soul’s anchors that I share with myself these days. At times when I say this to myself, I think maybe it is a bit bratty, a bit too much. But I simply observe my mind saying that. There is this beautiful understanding that I’m sharing an aspect of the truth of my own soul’s anchors as I evolve into the human that I am more and more. 

Therefore, these soul anchors, as I say them out loud, activate this quantum resonance. I remember who I am and what my soul is. I remember that my human is simply aligning to that. This helps our human align to our soul by speaking these souls anchors out loud over and over again.

At times when I speak my soul’s anchors, I feel like I want to cry. My inner child is so happy. It’s like I’m seeing myself for the very first time again. I really have so much love and compassion for myself. It is this beautiful reunion with the self. This unity consciousness

Always come back to your soul’s anchors when you feel lost

When I feel triggered and all over the place and wonder what is going on, and who I really am, I go back to this very basic exercise. I just say it out loud, I write it and I listen to voice memos over and over again until the penny drops. 

Everything else that I was thinking about myself, like “I am too much, I am not good enough”, isn’t actually real. None of that makes me vibrate the way I vibrate when I share my soul’s anchors.

Nada sound practice

I would love to offer the possibility to add another practice that I have been using as part of my yoga practice. This is to listen to the “nada sound”.

Nada is the sound of your inner being, the sound of the universe that resides within you and all around you.

After I started practising nada sound again after not doing it for a very long time, I remembered that as a child I would do this so often!

It was an instant remembrance of knowing that I was doing this to connect to my inner being as a child. 

Nada sound practice instructions

  1. Take both of your hands and extend each index finger straight and fold your three other fingers down and place your thumb on top of the three folded fingers. 
  2. Then place your index fingers in your ears to close them.

Lift your elbows so they are a little lower than shoulder height to create some space under the armpits so the energy can flow. 

  1. Close your eyes.

Now listen to the sound of your inner being.

This is absolutely fascinating because the more we do this and the more attuned we become to listening to our own frequency. There are all of these different vibrations we can perceive. From a low humming sound like the humming of bees or the sound of the universe to more high-pitched sounds, which are another spectrum of frequencies.

Bringing nada sound and the soul’s anchors together

When you close your ears, you go fully into yourself and you just breathe there.

After a while when you feel connected and relaxed, share out loud, with your ears closed, your soul’s anchors.

You will hear the frequency of your own voice in a very different way. This will help you recode yourself so much more easily and powerfully by saying the soul’s anchors with your ears closed.

Bringing nada sound and soul’s anchors together is a potent practice to come back into instant soul alignment!

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