I often get asked how we can reduce our anxiety, and how we can be more intuitive. But actually, how can developing our intuition help to reduce our anxiety?

Think about it… Why are we anxious?

I get anxious if I feel that I haven’t got much control over my life, or when I don’t seem to find the ‘me-time’ necessary to recharge my batteries. It becomes a physical sensation. I feel oppression on my chest, my heart is beating faster, my mind is confused, and my emotions all over the place.

I know that I have to learn to go with the flow but at times, the flow seems to push me into a rough see where I struggle to breathe.

Intuition is the ability to tune in and listen to the little voice within. Our intuition is the language of our soul, it is the language of higher consciousness. ‘What knows best’.

When we reject our intuition, we create resistance to our deepest needs.

You see, it’s one thing to be willing to develop our intuition, but it is another to actually accept what it brings up. Then, the next step is to actually act so we can swim with the flow of life.

Being able to receive our intuition as it is can reduce anxiety because we learn to trust our inner guidance. We learn that there is a part of us that knows better. That little voice comes from beyond our fears and the negative beliefs we have about our self. It translates to us the immense power that resides within us and that we want to tap into.

To reduce anxiety and increase our intuition, we need to lay the foundations that will allow us to trust ourselves and find our inner compass. Once we can do that, we will feel more in control of what happens to us.

There are 5 steps to laying our foundations:

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