sovereign soul alignment

I would like to share a short and potent meditation/activation that is going to instantly bring you back into full soul alignment and full remembrance of your unique sovereignty.

Everything that happens in our external reality is there for the same purpose: to help each of us step back into our power. It is as simple as that! 

This is why events unfold as they do outside of our reality, to help us become more powerful. The more we realise that and the more we maintain our soul alignment, the more we reclaim our creator’s powers, and therefore the less we are subjected to ups and downs, feeling lost and feeling scared, stressed and anxious.

When we are continuously aligned to our unique soul blueprint, fully sovereign in our magnificent power, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in our external reality. We observe what is happening as yet another pathway of evolution offered to us so we can stay more aligned and reclaim more of our unique power.

We are experiencing a slap in the face to wake up

At the moment what we are experiencing in humanity is pretty much a slap in the face from the 3D matrix system to say ‘wake up, you are much more than this!’. 

Yes ok, we pretty much get that, but wake up to what? 

To be truly awake is to be aware of the separation residing inside of ourselves which makes us project that in our external reality and see separation happening everywhere. Our life is a constant dance with our quantum self, so we can align more and reside in unity consciousness, always.

We are projecting a dense reality based on separatism

The modus operandi, the way humanity functions at the moment, is basically based upon templates of separation. Many believe that we are separate from our divine soul essence and our sovereignty. This is why we experience shitty things as a collective because we are all separated from our unique soul blueprint and our sovereignty.

A lot of spiritually oriented people believe that our very human existence is the cause of our separation, that it is a curse preventing us from being one. This belief in itself is actually what creates the separation template within the self. 

As we learn the quantum laws of life, we realise that this is an erroneous concept and that indeed, we are one already, the whole of the collective is also one and that we are simply learning to remember…

Each and every one of us is experiencing that separation, therefore, this is what we project in our external reality, so we create this holographic representation of a very dense matrix system, which is in resonance with most of the frequencies that people project at the moment.

The 3D Matrix is created from separation and fears. If we learn to stay soul-aligned, residing in Love and trust always, then we will reclaim our freedom and experience a very different life, not dictated by the low density matrix.

The power of going within to project higher frequencies into the macrocosm

When each and every human on the planet realises the huge power that they have, which comes from going back within and understanding the self and knowing the self, our society will change drastically, for the best.

We can now reclaim our divine essence, our sovereignty, to say a sacred “No” to whatever template of separation arises in our field.

Each and every human residing in her/his sovereignty is going to start vibrating at a much higher level of frequency, which will start projecting very different energy in the macrocosm. When more and more humans start doing this, we will reach the tipping point of creating a 5D reality. This is the Golden Age of Miracles, which are magical times that are ahead of us.

The tipping point for The Golden Age of Miracles

We just need around 1% of humanity to vibrate fully in their unique soul sovereignty to anchor a new dynamic infiltrating the 3D Matrix to transition into higher vibrational systems. This will be enough to start seeing results in the macrocosm. When we feel powerless, we can instantly reclaim our power by realising this. Simply because we choose to vibrate at a higher level and we unapologetically choose to be happy, to laugh and make jokes, to live and to love at the highest for us now, no matter what is arising around us, the more we are going to stay anchored in our soul blueprint.

This is not to deny the intensity of what is happening in the world. It is saying that, no matter what, I will still laugh every day and marvel at the beauty of nature around me. I will still make love to my partner and dance in the lounge with my kids, I will still cuddle my pets and go to the beach because I can! It is our right to be happy as sovereign souls and our duty to do so as lightkeepers.

What is sovereignty?

When the energies of the matrix start to get very dense and things begin to explode, a powerful pathway of evolution is given to us which is to reclaim our sovereignty.

But what is sovereignty exactly? It is the ability to tune in, to find the most aligned reaction, emotion or action to take in response to an external stimulus. It is finding our own unique truth, which could be totally different from everyone else.

If something happens, instead of getting super angry, sad or anxious, we simply observe our external reality and how it impacts our internal state of being. We then can consciously choose our reactions as the highest response to have in accordance with our own truth. Ask what is going on by interpreting the story happening and tuning into how it is making you feel.

I tune in and I ask myself: “Is this really me talking here? Is this reaction coming from my soul? Or is this a program running from my parents? Did they teach me to react like this? Or is this society wanting me to go down this path? Am I experiencing pressure from people around me?”

Reclaiming our sovereignty 

We must do the inner work by opening the ‘pandora box’ of our inner world. We layout all of the stuff we are experiencing and feeling regarding the external situation. We then reclaim our sovereignty by taking time to tune into it. We don’t need to give any answers or have a reaction or take a side straight away, or at all actually. We don’t need to have a narrative or belief system. We can just realise that we actually don’t know and are open to waiting to receive more information from the field.

We can choose to have no clue! By having no clue, we are already being more sovereign than pretending to have a clue just because we feel we need to fit into one side of the story or that we should know from our rational mind what is right and wrong.

Sometimes saying, ‘I don’t know’ is a sovereign choice anchored in higher levels of frequencies than just going along with one side of a narrative. 

sovereign soul alignment

Being courageous and reclaiming our power 

The more we realise that we can think whatever we want and that we don’t have to justify ourselves to anyone at all and we can own our choices, the more we tune in to how we feel about our own life. We can find more of our preferences that truly match our reality. 

We reclaim our power and we become courageous. Now is the time to be courageous, not to be a coward and hide pretending that nothing is really happening. Things are happening right now (in case you haven’t noticed!). This is not to say you need to start protesting in the streets or start a podcast or anything like that. 

It is to say that it is now the time for you, in the intimacy of your own relationship with the self to know who you are, where you stand and what you choose. Where do you place your energy? What do you believe in? What makes you happy? What are your dreams? This is your honour.

What is honour?

Honour is how we react with ourselves in our own intimacy. It is what we do behind closed doors when no one knows what we’re doing. How do we treat ourselves? What decisions do we make about ourselves? Do we follow through or bail out when we are being challenged?

If we have honour, we can have courage and if we have courage, we have honour. They go hand in hand! 

Here, I’m talking about the courage to stand in our truth.

As sovereign souls and powerful divine beings, do you think that we are weak? No! It is not nice to think that we are weak. We like to think that we are powerful souls, don’t we? We like to think that because we know it and it makes us feel good. 

So how can we actually embody that power? When we start anchoring our sovereignty, our soul blueprint, we start aligning our human to our unique essence. The human is the aspect of ourselves in this current reality that is doing the work. 

Our soul is divine already, our soul knows! 

Our soul is whole and resides in oneness, it is only our human that is learning to catch up to that. Do you think our powerful, fearless, divine and free soul would chicken out when aligning to its truth?

No of course not! Our soul will always go for it when aligning to our truth and reclaiming our sovereignty. Our soul asks us to drop every fear that we might have. This is the fear portal that we have been waiting for! Now is the time to be courageous and rise up and say “I am free to think what I want! I am free to say what I want when it is in resonance with my magnificent heart!”

This is based on love for ourselves, love for humanity and love for the earth. This is what the Arcturians have shared over and over again with me over the last month during the Arcturian gateway in October. 

A message from the Arcturians

During all of my 1:1 sessions in the last month, the Arcturians have been saying they don’t want to pressure us too much but now is the moment to go for it! To stand up for our sovereignty and to be courageous enough to speak our truth.

The force of the energetics in the quantum at the moment are bringing us the force of courage and of aligned action. This is why I wanted to share this message with you.

Sometimes we need to be shaken up! If you find courage by reading this, then my job is done for this transmission.

Connecting to your future ascended self

Remember that you are courageous already, it is only that there are new levels of courage to be found and embodied at the moment. The more you embody courage, the more you will find that honour and pride. 

What do you think the future, upgraded version of yourself would say to you right now? Would that version of you say “just wait and hide in the corner, do what everyone says, don’t make a fuss?” Do you think your future ascended self would say that? No freaking way!

They would say “listen to me, listen to your soul, listen to your own truth, go deep and be courageous and speak now! Now is the time!”

The transition into The Golden Age of Miracles

Now is the time my friend. The transition is here, it is happening! Every soul stepping fully into their sovereignty, every soul reclaiming unapologetically their inner truth, every soul speaking their truth now and encouraging others to find more Love, Connection, Abundance and Freedom is helping a thousand humans to step up also. 

Through your own shift, you are helping a thousand souls at least through the principles of quantum entanglement. This is quantum physics! 

The principles of quantum entanglement 

Remember that you can do a lot simply by stepping into your sovereignty. Keep meditating and keep your vibes high no matter what. By doing this, we will literally blast everyone coming into our field with love, joy and freedom. 

We are also sending signals through all of your electrons and all the electrons of all the people that you have met in your life through the principle of quantum entanglement. 

Everything that is happening is divinely orchestrated

I want to reassure you that everything is happening beautifully. Everything is going according to the greater plan. The architecture is divine, always! 

God, Sophia Consciousness, the greater Creator, Creatress, Supreme Consciousness, knows exactly what is going on. The universe has our back, your soul has your back, your galactic team has your back, your soul family has your back and you have your own back.

So relax into the knowing that no matter what happens, you will rise and you will evolve. Evolution is what we chose. It is the constant and it is why we incarnate. Every single soul incarnates for the purpose of evolution. We are here to evolve.

Navigating your spiritual evolution?

How are you going to choose to navigate your spiritual evolution? Will you navigate it with courage? Will you take quantum leaps of faith into new realities? Will you become who you came here to be? Or will you choose to hide in a  corner and watch Netflix pretending that nothing is going on? Will you lie to yourself about the decisions that you are making because it keeps you safe? 

Activate your sovereign soul alignment meditation

This is a short channeled meditation for you to receive so please sit down somewhere comfortable with a straight spine and listen to the meditation below either on YouTube or on my podcast.

Skip forward to 18:45 minutes!


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sovereign soul alignment

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