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In this post, you will learn my magic Vortex Amplification Formula for Quantum Manifestation. Start accessing the next level of your life by manifesting your heart’s desires with greater ease!

This 7 step formula contains many algorithms that can all be uniquely accessed and worked with. It can take some time to really open up each algorithm and use the keys it contains in our lives. 

I share this with you all, as some of you might already have some of the keys present within this formula, but might not know how to put them together to access the next level of evolution available.

This formula has helped me literally quantum jump realities, create an amazing life and access the next levels of evolution that were already available in my vortex through quantum manifestation.

This formula might trigger you 

When we start receiving information, we must learn detachment so we can observe things we like and dislike.

I invite you to consider the fact that our likes and dislikes may be preventing us from evolving and simply observe them arising in you. When things trigger us it shows that there are areas of growth that we can dive into.

Our areas of growth are our triggers! There could be limiting beliefs, fears or traumas residing behind our triggers.

Then, ultimately, if something doesn’t align with you, you can simply disregard it.

What is a vortex?

I use the term vortex to make the distinction between the infinite quantum, where all possibilities reside and our 3D reality. 

The infinite quantum and our 3D reality are two different realms. Between these two realms, we have our vortex.

Our vortex allows us to use quantum manifestation in our 3D reality. Our vortex is everything we desire, we think and we say. When we actually manifest all of it, it means that we bring what resides in our vortex into our grid. 

This can be our grid of health, of abundance, our work, partnership and so on.

When we have negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, they also come into our vortex. Our vortex becomes cluttered with all sorts of information. 

What prevents us from accessing a certain level of manifestation is when there are contradictions about our intentions. 

For example, we could say, ‘I want to be a powerful intuitive’ and call that consciously into our vortex. After that when we start receiving intuitive messages we discard them because we don’t like them. This creates contradiction in our vortex. What our heart desires and what we think, say and do are not coherent.

This formula will give us the keys to be able to bring elements into our vortex with greater clarity, precision and coherence. It will also remove what isn’t truly aligned to our heart desires and our highest level of available frequencies from our vortex.

We will then learn how to actually bring those heart desires from the vortex into our grid to manifest our heart desires into our 3D reality.

quantum manifestation

Step 1: Daily meditations

The first step of my vortex amplification formula for quantum manifestation is to meditate, which is extremely important. We need to meditate for at least 20 minutes every single day.

We want to reach a state where we are present, feeling aligned and where the mind isn’t too agitated. 

Any meditation technique can be used as long as they give us a feeling of inner peace and presence.

There is a lot of information out there on how to meditate so I won’t go into details here.

Step 2: Coherence between thoughts, words and actions

This step could be dissected for hours and hours (which we will do in the workshop I am going to facilitate LIVE in Wellington, NZ)!

In this step, we work on finding quantum coherence. This means that we align what we think, what we say and what we do in all areas of our lives. This is easier said than done!

I’ve been practising just this algorithm in itself for a very long time and it is still a work in progress. This is why meditation is so important as the first step because we can learn to control and observe our thoughts and where they take us. 

We learn to align our thoughts with the things we say which is extremely important. “Think before you speak” is one of the rules of quantum coherence.

We all experience certain situations or interactions where it can be difficult to align our thoughts with what we say and do. 

For example, if one of our friends invites us to a party which they really would like us to attend. We actually do not really want to go but we don’t want to upset our friend so we say ‘Yes, of course, I will go!’. That is not coherence because we are saying something different from what we are thinking. The action we then take will probably be of a low vibration because we will find an excuse not to go at the last minute. 

Coherence would be saying, ‘thank you so much, I’m so grateful you invited me to your party and I would have loved to come but I really feel I will need the time for myself. It’s got nothing to do with you, I love you dearly and would love to see you maybe at another time when it can just be the two of us.’

We can unlock more of our DNA potential through coherence

When we have coherence in our lives we open up the availability of resources that are present for us.

It has been scientifically observed that when we have a higher level of coherence we are more relaxed. If we chose the first option with our friend it would create stress and anxiety and coming up with an excuse will be on our mind. This leaves a tab open in our field and creates an energetic leak. 

When we bring coherence and everything is aligned we can relax. Scientists have observed that when we are stressed and anxious the coil of our DNA is retracted, limiting our access to resources residing inside our DNA. 

When everything is relaxed within us, our coil of DNA stretches and expands. Therefore, we have greater access to the resources inside our DNA, which is all of our codes and programs residing within.

Placing clarity within our vortex through coherence

When we have coherence between what we think, say and do, we become very clear with our intentions.

For example, many of us would like to have uplifting friends and a  tribe of like-minded people. But we may keep cultivating toxic friendships because we don’t want to hurt people. This is because we would rather deplete our energy and place ourselves in a non-coherent situation than facing our fears to communicate clearly, practice coherence and be free.

This places mixed signals in our vortex and contradictions create tensions. How can we manifest new levels of friendships and partnerships into our lives if we continue cultivating relationships with people with whom we have nothing in common and are draining us? 

If we know certain friendships aren’t great anymore, it is time to end them because there are our blocks. Everything that is low vibe in our field, that doesn’t align with our heart desires creates blocks in our vortex and prevents us from manifesting the next level of evolution. These blocks need to be cleared by practising coherence. 

This is where triggers can come up because we may not want to end relationships, change our ways and face our fears. It is not easy but we are powerful beings and we certainly can rise up to that!

Where there is coherence there is clarity 

When the vortex feels this clarity, it opens up a direct path for our evolution through quantum manifestation. 

By consciously activating coherence, we remove everything from our vortex that is not vibing at a high level. It can be friendships but it could also be a job, which again can be very triggering! 

We are all highly intelligent with functional brains, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this! We can use our brains to build our happiness and not anchor our suffering. Perhaps we cannot quit our job right now because we have bills to pay. But we still have the power to change our thoughts and be grateful for the job that gives us the abundance that allows us to put food on the table and have a roof over our head. 

We can start shifting our thoughts around our job from negative to gratitude and abundance. 

We know that our work life has to change, we might not have another solution right now but we can feel in our vortex that the next level of our work life is there. We can take little actions, learn something new, meet new people who have connections, who are creative, think about a roadmap to creating our dream work-life…

This will start bringing coherence into our work life! 

Next thing you know, new ideas will start flooding in and the right people will show up in our life, all of that simply by finding the highest level of vibration for each experience we have right now.

Reclaiming our power and moving away from victimhood

The blocks that are present in our vortex come from a lack of coherence, from limiting beliefs and fears. There are no blocks in our vortex that we can’t dissolve instantly by becoming aligned with our heart. 

When we have issues shifting these blocks in our vortex it also comes from us placing ourselves as victims of a situation. 

We are not victims here, we are a spark of the divine! 

As a spark of the divine, we are powerful creators. We are so powerful that we can create the reality of our dreams!

When we start reclaiming our power, we start moving away from victimhood. We are creators of all our challenges and blocks residing in our vortex. We observe them and ask ourselves how we can use coherence to remove them.

We are always expanding our vortex

Remember to not judge yourself for not always being coherent. It is always a work in progress in our human reality! We are never fully ‘there’, which is why life on Earth is so exciting! 

When we start bringing our heart desires into our grid, it means that we become conscious, quantum manifestors. But as humans, we are going to start having new desires and new dreams. We will then start using new keys to expand our vortex to yet another level.

This is evolution, we become more and more aligned, more and more powerful and divine!

Step 3: Pool of frequencies created from our heart’s desires

What on earth is a pool of frequencies? 

It is different areas of our lives that all match in terms of vibrations. A beautiful home, a nice car, a healthy body, an uplifting relationship, a certain group of friends etc…

Pool frequencies come from our heart desires and for that, we can allow ourselves to really dream unapologetically. This accelerates our quantum manifestation abilities.

Dreaming is actually accessing all the infinite possibilities residing for us in the Quantum. We can dream about all sorts of things and allow ourselves to dream big!

Sometimes a dream is going to give us a delicious buzz and have a tear of joy just thinking about it.

When dreaming like this, we might start saying to ourselves ‘no, no, no, I shouldn’t dream like that, because if it doesn’t happen I’ll be devastated.”

Thinking in this way is not coherence!

We need to honour our dreams and visions and allow ourselves to feel excited. For me, it was living by the sea as I do now. My vision was to be able to see the sea from every room in the house, which is exactly what I have now!

How I manifested my dream home using pools of frequencies

My heart desire was to have a luxurious, comfortable house with sea views. In my visions, I could see my beautiful couch, modern kitchen, my own beautiful bedroom where I could just lie down and see the view. I was so excited by this vision!

These are the frequencies around our vision of our heart desires:

How am I dressed in my dream home? I am classy, I have more money and more confidence. My hair looks better, my teeth are better and my skin is glowing because I swim in the sea, sunbathe and I can afford more luxuries. These are all part of the pool of frequencies. 

Then I can look at the people in my life. What kind of people do I invite to that space? I start visualising the friends I have already that would absolutely love my new dream home. I then call in new friends who are aligned to that frequency of luxury. 

There is also a partner, a car, my health and my 5D body in this pool of frequencies. 

I don’t visualise with pure precision what I want to manifest which makes me a bit different when it comes to my quantum manifestation techniques. I focus more on the frequency and the feeling of it.

What the universe brought me was exactly what I needed according to the pool of frequencies that I created. 

We are able to bring coherence into our lives by matching the frequencies of our heart desires to our everyday lives

When I started having all these heart desires and visualisations of my dream home, I went through my wardrobe and got rid of three-quarters of it. 

None of it was coherent with those frequencies. I started getting clearer about my circle of friends around me and the partner that I will be meeting one day. I started shifting the way I wanted to present myself, with my head high and shoulders back, happy. 

I started going to the gym and practising more yoga every day and connecting to the sea more and more. I also started looking at properties online to code myself with these frequencies of luxury. 

This brought coherence into everything that was in my grid which matched the pool of frequencies that I wanted to reside in. 

This algorithm in itself is extremely powerful for quantum manifestation!

Now that I am in this house, I have upgraded massively. I can clearly perceive my dream car, a partner and a new network of powerful light leaders in my vortex. 

I’m curious to witness how life will bring these to me… How I will anchor that in my grids!

How to start accessing the next level of quantum manifestations present in our vortex?

When we tune into the ‘pool frequencies’, we can open up our vortex to new levels. We can do this during our meditations by seeing ourselves in our space with our friends, a car, a business or whatever we are calling in. 

We can feel how we feel physically as it gives us great indications of how aligned these dreams actually are.

How would you feel if that was already there in your grid? 

We would feel uplifted, happy, calm and proud! This sense of pride is not coming from the lower ego, it is coming from the higher self, the soul. 

If there is stress and anxiety, it means that we must work on healing and removing density from our field. We might dream those dreams but our frequencies aren’t a match to them yet.

When the vibes coming are high, consciously lock those feelings in every single day during meditation. And then we simply get on with our lives! 

We continue doing this work until we stabilise ourselves in those frequencies all the time. 

Many of us suffer from imposter syndrome 

When we allow ourselves to dream and manifest we often tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough. This is not true! Remove this from your vocabulary and never tell yourself you aren’t good enough ever again.

To get rid of imposter syndrome we have to control our thoughts. When these limiting thoughts come you can identify them as not yours immediately and kick them out. 

Talk about yourself kindly, ‘I am the infinite source of the divine, I am a joyful person, I am kind, I am generous. That is coherence because this is you as a soul. Our soul never suffers from imposter syndrome!

That is only a low vibration coming from our outdated 3D reality.

Our soul knows who we are beyond time and space realities. Tune into that. You are the master of your reality now!

Step 4: Quantum manifestation with conscious timeline shifts through aligned actions

Quantum manifestation with conscious timeline shifts through aligned actions mean clearing from your space all that doesn’t match the pool of frequencies that you are calling in. 

Clear your home, your friendships, your habits from all that doesn’t match the pool of frequencies that you are calling in.

Another thing we can do to take aligned action is to look after our appearance. We can do our hair, wear nice clothes and put perfume on. This is very individual based on what each individual likes.

When we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, we want to be pleased with what we see. We are so lucky to have physical bodies and to look at ourselves in the mirror, so look after it and uplift your frequencies.

I started to put more effort into my appearance every day and started dressing up a bit more to align with my pool of frequencies. I also started keeping my car clean and tidy and treating it as I would treat my dream car.

This is conscious timeline shifting. We do everything that is available to us in this reality right now that is going to match the reality that we are manifesting into physicality. 

This is about taking aligned actions in our everyday life to bring coherence and already reside in that pool of frequency we are calling in. 

Step 5: Timeline stretcher technology

This is unique quantum manifestation technology that I have received from my galactic team. They call this technology a ‘timeline stretcher’.

We are going to go deep into this in the workshop that I will be facilitating live in Wellington and online In June. Be sure to sign up to the waitlist to be the first to receive information when the event is announced.

A couple of weeks ago I shared how to travel safely in the quantum, use that before you use this timeline stretcher technique. This will keep you safe in your own quantum space and you will use this technology in a way that is matching your soul frequency. 

The timeline stretcher works with connections points. We are inside a web. I visualise being inside a spider web where I can see lines and connection points. 

It is important to not bring too many connection points. Have three to five maximum. We can visualise the connection points quite about an arm’s length away in the distance. 

These points are our quantum manifestation points or our heart desires. For me, this would be the Maserati, the conscious partner, financial abundance, my 5D physical body and so on. 

These connection points are around us. We don’t even need to know precisely what they are. It is simply a quantum exercise that has many layers which require mastery. This brings us to step 6.

Step 6: Connection to our galactic team

We then start working with our galactic team in the quantum. Step 6 is done in conjunction with the quantum manifestation timeline stretcher technique in step 5.

Our galactic team knows the next level of our spiritual evolution. We are powerful creators but most humans are unconscious of this. Most of us simply don’t have the tools and keys to work in the quantum with precision so we must always work with our galactic team.

Call in your team. This can be done by simply saying: ‘Please galactic team place in my vortex the main connection points that are going to anchor me into the next level of my evolution. Please galactic team place these connection points in my vortex now’.

These connection points are what is the most ascended and aligned to my soul and my soul mission. It is aligned to the primal codes of Love, Connection, Freedom and Abundance.

Our galactic team is in divine service for the greater good

Our galactic team works from divine service templates. They work for the greatest good for all therefore what they place in our vortex is for the greatest good for each and every one of us. 

It is not only about you. Tune into the greater purpose of your heart desires. What is the bigger picture? How is this going to serve others? Our galactic team will help us to anchor this into our vortex, therefore accelerating our quantum manifestation.

Sometimes we don’t know exactly what we need. This is actually good! I tend to surrender to the frequency rather than the precision of the manifestation in 3D reality. I allow the universe to bring me whatever is the most aligned. 

So, I sit in my own sacred space in the Quantum, fully connected to my heart and to my pool of frequencies. I feel calm, grateful and full of love. 

From this place I visualise and feel this web around me. From me, a few strings are going out, meeting the connection points in my vortex. 

I visualise holding onto these strings and pulling them. I pull them towards me slowly and say to myself ‘I am ready now, I am calling you in’. I can feel them coming closer and closer around my physical body.

When we work within the Quantum, we learn that what resides further away from us is literally further away! What is actually close to our body is what is going to manifest first.

When our galactic team is around our physical body then we can surrender even more to trust. This leads us on to step 7, which is the magical step!

Step 7: Let go and surrender

This last step in this quantum manifestation formula is going to change everything in your reality, but it is also the most challenging. 

After all of this, completely let go and surrender. 

How do we do this? Every single day we tune into our pool of frequencies and take aligned actions, but then we surrender. When we surrender we allow the universe to bring us what we need in terms of experiences.

A lot of people don’t manifest what they want because there are certain aspects of their reality that are not aligned,  but also because that manifestation is actually not of the highest.

If we don’t manifest the job or partner that we want, we have to surrender to the fact that there are certain things that the universe knows that we don’t know. There is something better, different or more aligned waiting for us.

What we do is stay with the pool of frequencies that encompass our whole manifestation. When we reside in the pool of frequency of love, gratitude, freedom and abundance there is no way we can call in lower vibe people, places or situations. If they come into our field, it is like a test. Are we going to hook onto it? Or are we going to observe that it is not aligned and move on?

Surrendering to the divine

Surrendering after we do this work allows Source to flow through us and actually see the level of devotion we have to our mission and to our soul. This vortex amplification formula allows us to have greater soul alignment and clarity about who we are and why we are here. 

When we surrender, we bow at the feet of the divine. We understand the divine knows what is best for us and we trust the divine. 

When we surrender it is going to dissolve even more blocks, limiting beliefs and traumas that we carry within us. Surrendering will alchemise our field and dissolve all illusions of separation that reside between us and our heart desires we are bringing into our grid.

Quantum manifestation and vortex amplification is big work!

Each step of this formula can be dissected, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you find it a lot! It simply comes down to practice.

Keep your heart light, stay playful and curious about the results. What is important is the journey that is taking you to meet your heart desires, not the outcome!

If you are interested to dive deep into Quantum Manifestation and learn how to create the life of your dreams, I will be hosting a 2-day live event in Wellington, New Zealand and online in June 2021. To be the first to find out more information when I officially announce the event sign up for the waitlist here!

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