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The “Souls Rising” Membership

“Embodying our Ascended Self”


Learn to embody your ascended self now, so you can manifest your highest timeline!

Did you know that your soul is already fully ascended?

Our 5D reality is here now, already. We simply need to adjust our body and mind to this new reality, based on heart frequencies.

In this powerful membership, I’ll guide you to embody your ascended self with:

– Yoga and meditations
– Spiritual lessons
– Channelling
– Videos

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Free Content:

“5D Aligned” Transmission & “Arcturian Trance Channelling”

Get two FREE Replays of powerful recent Channelling with activation codes and Light Language.

Watch the replay of the Channelling session from the 22/2/2020 and of the Trance Channelling Arcturian Healing of the 21/3/20.

They are both incredibly powerful!

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Find more videos, Yoga and meditation classes, as well as Channelling and Light Language Activations in Cendrine’s “Souls Rising Membership”.

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