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In this transmission, I want to share with you all about our very own unique quantum space that each of us has access to. 

Our quantum space is a beautiful place that is in perfect resonance with our soul. It is unique to each of us and is perfectly aligned to our unique soul signature.

The possibilities of our quantum space are limitless. How it appears to each person will vary and what we can do inside of it is absolutely incredible for each of us on our journey of ascension.

From our quantum space, we can travel through time and space and visit different star systems, we can meet our galactic team and beloved friends and family who have passed. In this space, we can also receive deep healing, receive quantum technologies and download information from our team and our higher self. It truly is a magical space!

In this transmission, I also share how you can protect yourself fully from low-frequency information, situations & entities always, whether that is inside your quantum space, doing any spiritual work and in your regular 3D life.

Discover your unique quantum space and learn about all the possibilities that await you!

What is our quantum space?

Our quantum space is this magical place that is made from us. It is made from the principle of quantum resonance. It means that it is aligned with our frequencies, with our likes and dislikes, our dreams, our infinite potential as human beings.

We can call it our sacred sanctuary, a temple, or anything like that. For me, I use “quantum space” because it means that it is not tinted with any preconceived ideas. For example, if I think of a sanctuary it is automatically in nature with a certain scenery.

Our very own quantum space can be anything. Since I have worked with that wording, my quantum space has basically been blank, a gigantic multidimensional white canvas where I get to create and receive information. 

This architecture is going to help us magnify our field and also call in team members that are there for our soul mission. Only the benevolent beings that are there to help us on our mission and are really close friends will be present in this space.

quantum space

Time & space travel from our quantum space

This is also a very good landing platform, or starting point, for when we want to travel in the quantum. I feel myself move into my quantum space and from there I would time and space travel. It is not totally necessary to do this to quantum travel but we can do it from here because this quantum space can be protected with the 8-layered protective shield

Our quantum space is completely hidden. It is our own bubble beyond time and space realities. 

As we intentionally place the 8 layered Andromedan shield around our quantum space, we know that we are fully protected, and therefore we can only travel to places that match our frequencies, that are of some relevance for us.

This is also where we go to relax and receive information. You can think of it as a hidden cave or a secret place where nobody can find you.

Quantum Pods

In our quantum space, we can instantly manifest anything we like. For example, a healing pod. 

Pods are a smaller structure that we lie down into. Depending on the technology of the pod, it will appear in different ways. If I work with Sirians it is more like a glass capsule where I can see all the data on the pod. If I work with Pleiadians, I rest on a water structure that changes my vibrations to heal my nervous system in a smooth way.

The pod will be different depending on which star race I am working with.

Pods are like a chamber. When I work with pods, they are quite close to my body. I am always lying down and I just receive. It is not about connecting with beings and receiving information or quantum technologies. It simply is about letting go and receiving fully, relaxing deeply. Pods make us feel safe and nurtured. 

Depending on what we need, we can simply ask for a pod that resonates with our highest needs right now. But we might not always be sure what we need at the moment. Is it integration? Or is it rejuvenation or healing? We can ask our team members to simply bring in our quantum space the pod that is most aligned to what we need right now to feel whole, refreshed and integrated. 

Your galactic team knows what it’s doing, so you can ask for support and trust them!

Our quantum space is where we hang out with our galactic team

To land in my quantum space I close my eyes, I feel the connection to my quantum space and breathe, feeling that I’m shifting to be fully in my unique space. Then, I feel that I am there. Once I intuitively perceive my quantum space, I call in my team and then they join me. 

With the help of the key code from the Galactic Realms module, it is a lot easier to feel them all around. When we are in our quantum space it is very big, so we can perceive our High Council entirely. They may all be sitting there or standing all around us.

Connecting to family members who have passed

If you are willing to connect with some of your family members or friends that have passed, this also happens in our quantum space. This is because this space is our frequency and so it calls all of our soul family.

We aren’t going to meet any nasty entities or low vibrations in our quantum space. But if we have family members that we aren’t quite sure how to connect with, using our quantum space is a great way to do it.

You can ask them to come and visit you! You have a place for them to visit which is great because it gives them an anchoring point so they can find you, knowing that you’ll be fully present to consciously connect with them. It’s really beautiful! 

We receive quantum technologies inside our quantum space

The quantum technologies that we receive in our quantum space are coded exactly to our unique soul frequency and soul mission and are always exactly what we need right now. 

Using our quantum space gives us more precision and more clarity. It allows us to download what is useful straight away. 

Working with archetypes in our quantum space

When we work with archetypes, those aren’t anchored into a star system as such. Archetypes are more like coded consciousness frequencies that have certain intelligence that is here to bring information. We can think of all the gods and gods and goddesses such as Shiva, Jesus, Buddha, all of the Archangels and dragons and so on.  

We don’t need to know exactly which realms these archetypes need to come from to connect with them, if we have the desire to connect, we just go into our quantum space and the structure of this space will know exactly what type of archetype or quantum technology we need to bring through. 

We have more access beyond what the mind can actually comprehend. 

Using the 8-layered protective shield in our quantum space

This 8-layered shield allows us to be fully protected because we are in the infinite quantum. We might vibrate at a high frequency, but we are still anchored into the density of human 3D reality, healing and purging past traumas which are of lower vibrations. It’s totally ok, of course!!! 

Here there is a degree of humility to bring in and this is the awareness that sometimes we might be purging things that we are not aware of. It can be as simple as a thought process or a projection. This can create a slight shift in our field that could then in our 3D reality attract a slight distortion in terms of experience.

Through the principle of quantum resonance, when we are in a purging, healing process, we are more anchored in lower fractal frequencies. Therefore, we could attract unwanted experiences if we were to travel in the quantum without precision. 

For example, since I have been using this 8 layered Andromedan shield, the frequency of what I’m purging has no resonance with other lower frequencies because I protect myself with humility, from a place of Love and surrendering.

This shield can also protect us from other people. Everybody out there is light consciousness, we all know and trust that. At times, the light is dimmed under a big pile of traumas, and therefore our fellow humans project a lot of their own pain onto others. We learn to love them unconditionally with compassion, always. And we also learn to protect ourselves, so we can stay high vibes and therefore serve others more, as we keep our light shining and our happiness fully anchored!

Protection from low-frequency information 

Many of us experience distortion in our field around some information received from the collective. 

For example, I was receiving information and this information was layered into a spectrum of lower frequencies. I could feel some kind of density around that information but I wasn’t sure what it was. My analytical mind wanted to make sense of it, to find what is true from what is not. The density started increasing and therefore I realised that it was actually an outdated program of “who’s right versus who’s wrong” running within me that was actually depleting my energy.

I know that I have my Andromedan shield in place all the time, so this frequency that I was feeling had very little impact on my soul alignment and on the continuity of my accelerated path of ascension

The information that was there could have slowed me down with more doubts, but I kept aligning back to my soul, therefore staying in my own vortex. I observed that outdated program and didn’t buy into it, so I dismantled it fully.

Not understanding something could create a shift in us and allow for infiltration of our system by lower frequencies. Knowing the world we live in now is full of disparate and conflicting information creating separation, it is important too, more than ever, to protect ourselves and stay fully anchored in our unique soul blueprint.

This shield allows our negative projections to be dissolved

The more we vibrate at higher levels of consciousness the less we are going to meet lower frequencies, and this shield allows me to stay as protected as I can.

We are human and, as we open our consciousness, we are going to find more pathways of information to share and project. This is how we create realities!

These projections happen through our subconscious mind and it means that we don’t control them, so we create realities based on our lower fractal reflections frequencies rather than our divine light. 

This simply means that there is still some purging of lower frequencies needed and that we need to reclaim our sovereign creator powers to build a new reality consciously, so it is a match to our divine soul!

With the shield in place, we tremendously reduce the likes of cresting from unconscious programs.

Whenever I project from a place of low vibe frequency I have only ever been met with a higher degree of love, so basically my projections are dissolved instantly! This is a very humbling experience that comes from having this shield in place. It is a magnifier of our power!

To receive your very own 8-layered protective shield from our dear Andromedan friends, watch this free transmission.

Galactic Realms

If you would love to receive your very own quantum space to start meeting your galactic team, travelling through time and space, connecting with loved ones, receiving quantum technologies and so much more, I invite you to enrol in my online course, Galactic Realms

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quantum space



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quantum space

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