Welcome to Pathway One: Soul Alignment.

During this five month transformational journey, my team of physical and non-physical angels and I will show you the way to transmute density, so you can open yourself to allow your soul to shine bright, unapologetically being you!

Did you know that you are a walking miracle, born for a reason?

Did you know that finding deeper levels of union with the self, with divinity, is absolutely accessible to you now?

Now is the time to shine and activate your accelerated pathway of multidimensional evolution

This container will help you understand how to embody the most vibrant version of who you are and how this most vibrant version of you anchors your highest destiny each and every day that you breathe on our beautiful planet.

We came here for a reason

We were born during this very important transitional time in history for a bigger purpose.

We came here to experience joy, happiness, abundance, freedom and all that life has to offer!

Many truths have been shared already around the world in different education systems, different programs and religions. These all share different aspects of how we perceive reality. 

I too, share my own angle of connection with the divine, and it is one that is there to teach others how to reclaim their full sovereignty, so they can be the most vibrant version of themselves and reclaim the life of miracles they came here to experience.

Join me and my high council in this pathway of evolution, to co-create this journey of accelerated quantum evolution together.

We will help you plug yourself so deeply into your sovereign being that you will receive deeper access to your oversoul network and understand who you are as a multidimensional being.

Learn how to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of our everyday life!

Being a human comes with many challenges

Being a human is fascinating, isn’t it?

We wanted to come to earth so badly when we were in non-physical form. So why is it so hard and challenging now to find unity consciousness within the self? Or to simply be happy everyday?

Why is it so hard to maintain this connection to unity consciousness and to embrace all the different perspectives of life and all of these experiences, wounds and traumas with equanimity, strength, power, faith and confidence in our own self but also in life and in the divine?

The divine is everywhere all around us and everywhere within us.

Our role in the transition into the new Golden Age of Miracles

As multidimensional beings, we are now entering an accelerated pathway of evolution. 

We are here to anchor the destiny of humanity as we are transitioning into the Golden Age of Miracles that is upon us!

It is starting now.

If you are reading this it means that you have heard the call to become more powerful and to become a happier person for yourself, because you are here to have a good life! But also for your family, your community and maybe for your clients, students and also for the whole of humanity if you feel a great level of service within you!

Is Pathway One of Soul Alignment for you?

This Pathway One of Evolution for soul alignment is for everyone who is ready to do the work of entering the portal of quantum alchemy where we experience many different shifts on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level so we can find a greater level of unity consciousness within the self.

Become the courageous soul in physical form that you were born to be!

We were not born to shy away from our divine unique blueprint! We are here to reclaim it unapologetically!

During this 5-month journey, my team and I are going to help you do just this.

Have you already done a lot of work on yourself?

If you are already very connected to your intuition and have done a lot of inner work, can transmute density and process highly coded advanced information fast, then Pathway Two: Co-Creation, might be more in alignment for you right now.

Inside this 5-month container, that runs alongside Pathway One, you will step up into the next level of your evolution by learning to consciously co-create with your spirit guides.

My team will help you on this journey

I have an amazing team, both in the physical, and also non-physical light beings that are here to serve you on this journey of full soul alignment! 

I will be sharing a lot from the Ascended Masters in this container. Ascended Masters have walked on Earth before us and paved the path of love in their own unique ways. They now share their own unique perspectives on these pathways of returning to love, of anchoring conscious societies where all humans can be free to explore their own sovereign embodiment.

The Ascended Masters as well as my High Council and Star Races are here to co-create this container with me. 

We will be co-creating all aspects of this container with you 

Through the recorded videos, through all the live events that we are going to have together, through the opening and closing ceremonies as well as all the quantum healing I will be facilitating monthly, they will be by our side.

They will be by the sides of my coaches and teachers so they can serve you at the highest as they facilitate breathing practices with you and quantum coaching as we all create this divine container of service so we can all be there for you.

We are here to encourage you to continuously tap into new levels of your magnificent self. 

We are here to hold the light of who you are so when you find yourself being blocked by the veils of your own illusions, we can remind you that you can open up your consciousness to find greater levels of coherence and therefore perceive yourself from a different angle.

This is an angle that is anchored into higher levels of love, connection and service for yourself and humanity. 

Pathway one is coded to activate deeper levels of soul connection

Pathway 1 of accelerated evolution is coded to activate deeper levels of soul alignment through a 5 module codex across 5 months. You will learn to understand the architecture of life and how the soul comes to exist in this physical reality.

Spiritual exercises will be taught to help you create solid foundations of transmutation of your avatar body. You will be given potent keys to help stabilize oscillations and allow greater anchoring of 5D frequencies within all your systems

5 High Decrees have been channeled by me specifically for this container and will be shared at the beginning of each module every month. These will become some of the most potent daily spiritual practices for the students. High Decrees are one of the most potent practices to enter the vortex of accelerated evolution!

This container is designed to help you fully immerse in your own sovereignty and to dive even deeper within your own unique soul blueprint, allowing you to create a higher reality and follow your highest destiny.

 Receive cosmic upgrades, brain enhancements and DNA transmutation so you can access new human processes previously unavailable to you.

I will be channeling advanced quantum alchemy and quantum healing to help you increase your ability to heal yourself and others on multidimensional levels.

My High Council is devoted to working exclusively for all her students, doing most of the work behind the scenes. The quantum work done in non-physical realms is extremely potent and will support your journey at the highest level!

The Codex for Pathway One: Soul Alignment

  • Module 1: Grounding and Protection
  • Module 2: Divine flow and sacred containers
  • Module 3: Energetics
  • Module 4: Horizontal line recoding
  • Module 5: Soul-alignment and destiny

Program Inclusions

This transformational journey includes over 25 pre-recorded videos, monthly live half-day events, monthly live quantum healing, monthly live quantum coaching and monthly live breathing practices, bonuses as well as opening and closing ceremonies with my team and I so that we touch base as a group live at least once a week.

Pathway One: Soul Alignment has three levels of donations on a sliding scale

With donation plans starting at just $270NZD per month as well as special gifts for you to get started on your journey now with me for all one-off donations!

We open this container on April 28 2022

Enrolments are now open! For more detailed information about the Codex, detailed inclusions and donations click HERE!

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