More and more I work with past-lives during private spiritual consultations and group workshops. I have done so for years and the more I do it the more I am in awe of what can be found and achieved by working on them.

You have had hundreds of them you know… Well, most people do. We have to experience everything on earth. We have to experience doing great things and terrible things, to love and to hate, to heal and to hurt, to have families and to stay alone, to be poor and to be rich, etc. When I channel, I see millions of souls waiting to be incarnated here on earth to be able to have all those experiences. All of us chose to be here – yes I know, we often wonder why and for a long time I was convinced of the opposite – I could not have chosen to come here, no way, this is just too crazy for me!  But really, all of us came here eager to experience and to learn. Earth is like a university for the soul, we study and learn all our lives. Sometime we ‘pass’ and sometime we ‘fail’; which is more that we then have to repeat the same over and over agin until we have learned our lessons. We are students and masters at the same time; we must stay humble in the understanding that we actually don’t know the reasons why we are here, that we just try our best. We must be warriors and constantly face hardships, unfairness, hurts, feelings of loneliness, of ‘what is all of this for?’… we have no choice but to constantly rise from the situations and challenges that we face, learning new set of skills, adding some tools in our tool box that make our soul so very unique and yet connected to everyone else as we are all here on the same boat, in the same school. The tools we get here are the ones that we will take with us in our nest life; and so are our hurts and wounds. The first ones are uplifting while the second ones are heavy and constricting.

When we work with past-lives together, we look into understanding what happened and why there is still a charge attached, what is holding us back from the past experience and what can be released. We keep the gifts and tool set, but we let go of the heaviness. We shine light on our own likes and dislikes, our interests, our connections to others, our way of being.

From a young age I heard of past-lives from my parents. To me, it has always been obvious that they exist. I never actually understood the people who say it’s a belief system. To me it never was. Not believing they exist doesn’t change the fact that they do and they influence our lives to a scale that we can hardly understand. Don’t get me wrong, past-lives don’t make us who we are 100%; we have our upbringing, our siblings and parents, our country and its laws, our education, our astrological sign and numerology, our own human design and much more added to the mix and creating the complex human being that we each are. But I see it this way: we are all on a self-discovery journey and here to become stronger, happier, more fulfilled human beings. We don’t have to wait ‘the mid-life crisis’ anymore to embrace the journey of discovering who we are and what we want. Having the desire and ability to do some self-development is the only way that we can keep moving forward. Everyone interested in that find different ways of doing it. Some travel, others have a family; some get involved in their communities, others go see therapists; some are very driven by success and need to accomplish great things in the material world, others try to live a simple and authentic life that follows the rhythm of nature; some pray and some practice yoga… Past-lives work fits into all that. It’s not for everyone but if you have the slightest interest in it then maybe you should give it a try, out of curiosity, as being part of your self-discovery journey.

When I was a child, I use to live in a place in Belgium where some of the biggest witch hunts happened. One day, my mum took me and my siblings to a festival where people would reenact the whole thing (with scarecrows don’t worry, burning real people stopped a long time ago;-). I remember when she told me, I must have been 7 or 8 but I remember. I had this feeling of coldness spread around my whole body, I felt terror inside of me… but I was as well curious, I had this urge to go and see. There, people were lighting up big fires, burning the ‘witches’; my mum was explaining to us the story behind what was going on, she was great at telling us that those women were most likely healers, women that knew plants, that might have been able to channel, to read the signs of the future and to cast spells sometimes yes. It was burning inside me, emotions were intense. Next thing I remember, we had to leave the festivities as a storm was approaching, a few minutes later, hail that were the size of ping pong balls were falling on the car, making us very scared. I thought then that God had punished us for rejoicing in seeing witches burn, that I would make people understand who those women really were… that I was them once and that many of us were now walking on this land… still…

Many years later, it was the first past-life that I saw about me… the witch one… it started coming in my dreams and then in my meditations. It took me a long time to understand and release the weight of the suffering endured. But as I saw myself burning on the fire with people screaming with joy around me, something magnificent happened. I saw above my head a big ‘hole’ of light and my soul left my body. It then watched my body burn and scream but my soul was ok, not damaged too much. I then saw angels around me taking me to the light where I could finally rest before coming back again.

To be honest, writing this still gives me goosebumps all over, my heart beats faster and my eyes tear up. I have worked on more than 30 past-lives that I have had and I know that I have many more of them. I know as well that I won’t work on all of them, it is not needed. Whatever comes, comes, and the rest doesn’t need to be remembered. This work doesn’t consume my thoughts and my life. It is not meant to be, my life is here and now and I create it. If release needs to happen and past-lives are involved then so be it; if not, then so be it.

When I work on people, they are often very emotional and stunned by the discovery of what there were once. We all wanted to be queens and kings, warriors and shamans, witches and healers. We might have been but most of the time we were just people going through life and learning along the way by being hurt or hurting others, by experiencing love and joy, forgiveness and acceptance, by studying ancient scriptures, meditating, praying and the rest.

So here are some stories from clients that can explain a bit more what I mean by all this (all names have been changed).

  • Sophie has always been terrified to leave her children behind, even with her husband that she knows is an amazing father. She loves her works but feels very guilty when she works and is not there for her children. It prevents her from taking on promotion and going on short trips that could advance a career that she craves for, with guilt. She is as well terrified of fire. In her past-life regression, she saw that she was a mother who left her home with her husband to work in the filed nearby, only to come back to her house on fire with her children inside. Her husband ran in to try to save them but without success, she never saw him again. She then saw herself carrying one of her children’s body outside. The pain in her body as she was describing it was intense around her heart, her arms were weak and she had tears flowing… It was a huge revelation, an explanation to her unjustified fears and blockage to progress in her work. She was able to release the energy around it, to heal the memory and move forward with her life.
  • Caroline has a very soft voice and is terrified of public speaking and the judgment of others. She is a talented artist recognised in her field. She has tried to work on her confidence, on being able to speak more loudly, to trust others, to have confidence in herself but nothing seemed to work. She as well as pain in her ears that are unexplainable and neck and head troubles. During her past-life regression, we saw that she had been an homosexual judge during the French revolution (no one knew she was gay). She was then sentence to be decapitated, by her own lover, in front of everyone, all the people that she had helped and trust. She gave an outstanding speech against hate and begged for mercy but without success. She was then beheaded in front of everyone, her lover included. As I was describing what I was seeing she had sensations around her neck and head and a heavy burden on her shoulders. She kept saying ‘it makes os much sense, it makes so much sense’… Again, the importance of that past-life on Caroline’s life was pretty big, so many areas of her life were still affected by that trauma. She was relieved to know and to let go.
  • Sam had a shameful uneasiness around red hair women who’s hair were curly. It was really never clear to her why and felt pretty bad about it knowing that those women were most likely like everyone else. She had never shared that with anyone, knowing it was pretty irrational, she wondered what was wrong with her. For some reason, she felt they were crazy and not to be trusted. She came to see me because her mother was visiting from overseas. She loved her mother and was very excited to see her but for some reason a week after her arrival she was still avoiding being with her mother too much, experiencing pain in the chest, shortness of breath and uneasiness every time she was around her. She was aware enough to understand that it was coming from somewhere else as her mumwas lovely and kind as usual. During her healing, she saw herself as a young girl in Ireland. She lived in a remote place with her mother. Both had bright red curly hair. She saw herself washing the dishes with her mum and next thing, she was running outside with her mum chasing her with a big kitchen knife. Her mother then stabbed her in the solar plexus and heart. pinning her to the ground, laughing, seemingly happy to do so, her wild hair blowing in the wind and on her face… Crazy I know, again, seemingly unrelated events came together to allow Sam to let go, to understand her fears and weird feelings… It helped her see that there was nothing wrong with her for  having felt this way around red hair women, it was not her fault. She then told me that red hair women are no longer scary for her, the emotional charge had left.

These are just a few examples of the many things that I have witnessed unfolding during healing sessions. I am always in awe of what we cary with us and in awe of the easiness that it is to release them when done under proper guidance and direction. I don’t say that they explain everything and cure all illnesses and mental issues – not at all. Doctors and psychotherapists are there, highly trained, to respond in their own ways to your issues and you should always seek for help with trained professionals if you need it. But if you want to try some past-lives work, who knows, it might help.

Most of all for me it’s observing the relief in people when they understand that this ‘thing’ about them is not weird, that there is nothing wrong with them, that some of our likes and dislikes, fears and desires come from way back and that is why it is unexplainable today.

Yes working with past-lives can be life changing but what is the most life changing thing is the attitude you have in life. Remember that you live here and now, that it is every day that you create your life and the person that you are. If you have the right attitude, things will fall into places. Workingon past-lives won’t solve all your issues at once, that’s just impossible. It shines light on many things but it is our own responsibility to be a functioning human being who makes his/her life better with the choices made. Never give your power away to anything and anyone, keep your power here and now for this life is the only one that you have, the only one that matters, the one that you have chosen to live so badly, the one that allows you to heal, to love, to nurture yourself an others, to accomplish what you need to accomplish and let go of all that you can let go of…

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