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In this post, I am sharing how to release dense quantum entanglement. Density refers to things that are anchored in 3D and no longer serving us, all that we haven’t healed and alchemised. By releasing density we can find expansion, tap into the higher dimensional realities and anchor into our highest identity.

What is our highest identity?

Living from our highest identity is locking in the highest frequencies of 5D reality to all four planes of our being. The four planes of our being are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

The highest frequency is LOVE and all that relates to love such as trust, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and co-creation. 

To be able to bring these frequencies in, we need to cultivate those vibrations on a daily basis.

Locking in higher frequencies by cultivating high vibrations

Many of us get confused between frequency and vibration. Let’s bring some clarity to this, as it is very important to understand the distinction between these terms. This will give us practical tools that we can use in our everyday lives to establish ourselves in higher frequencies.

When we are working on increasing our vibrations it is through daily practices such as connecting to our heart centre and cultivating joy, love and gratitude. We need to do this work consciously to vibrate at a higher level.

Another way to lock in higher vibrations is through repetition of positive affirmations until we rewire our brain, our heart and physical body to be able to feel these vibrations. 

For example, if when I think about my father, I get fired up, sad and out of alignment

I will then start connecting to my heart centre and bring feelings of trust. This could be very difficult to start with because of the pain he has caused me. Nevertheless, I can choose my reaction now, it is a new moment and I can choose to breathe, distract myself with happy thoughts and activities, so I can experience joy and happiness in the moment.

The more difficult it is to cultivate a high vibration feeling, the more it is needed. So, to anchor it in, I will remember a moment where I felt I trusted the universe and I trusted myself and my path. 

I keep that feeling in my heart and expand it out so I start vibrating with trust. I can repeat a mantra such as “The universe has my back, always”. I breathe it in! I become more accustomed to breathing in trust and I start fully trusting now. 

I will do this repetitively until all four planes recognise this vibration of trust. Then, the vibration of trust is going to lock in on all four planes of human existence.  

I am going to vibrate trust so much that this frequency will become locked in. I will then start living at a higher frequency.  

Creating our highest identity by locking in new frequencies

From conscious practice, we lock vibrations in that then become our frequencies. When we bring in new frequencies we start shifting on multidimensional levels. We literally create our highest identity.

No one was born an oppressor, a bully or a victim. We are light. We are a divine soul incarnated in a physical body. 

Working this way is reclaiming who we already are!

Because we live in this reality of duality we need to be able to access what is outside of us and inside of us.

Doing affirmations and heart centred breathing gives us control over finding what is already within by tapping into the highest dimension of our being. It is a practical tool that we can choose to use every day, and that will transform our life.

When we start living from our highest identity, we start calling in our soul mission which becomes crystal clear. Every decision we make starts to be more in alignment with our highest path.

How can we find our soul mission?

We all have a soul mission. This is the big why! Why did you come here? Only you can find the answer to this.

My online course, the Galactic Intuitive, is there to help you find and anchor in your soul mission by developing your intuition. Over a six week period, we work to get crystal clear on our soul mission. I will never tell you what it is! I can give you lots of tools, guidance and support but it is up to you to discover the pillars of your mission, for yourself.

You have your main big soul mission and then under that, you have little missions. For me, one of them was becoming a mother and another one was manifesting an abundance of money and time. By manifesting financial abundance I know I can go towards my big soul mission of being a channel and serving millions of souls.

Our soul mission is the thing that makes us vibrate at the highest level and brings the highest excitement. Our soul mission is always related to the essence of our soul and our soul story which is why we work on past lives in the Galactic Intuitive as well as anchoring into our Starseed connections

Quantum entanglement 

Quantum entanglement theory is based on quantum physics and has been demonstrated in a number of experiments performed by scientists.

Here is an example of an experiment that shows how quantum entanglement works:

Two people are separated by a wall while their brains are being monitored. When a light is shone into one person’s eye, the person’s on the other side of the wall will have the same response in their brain as if the light is being shone in their eye as well.  

So one person is given a stimulus, and the other person will react to the same stimulus even though they are physically separated by a wall!

It has also been proven scientifically that a particle on one end of the world will have an effect on another particle on the other end of the world if they came in contact beforehand. 

This shows that we are completely entangled with every single person we have ever met! Including a person who you just bumped into on the street. 

quantum entanglement

When we work on ourselves we actually help all the people with who we are entangled

Many of us wonder how we can help our loved ones. Don’t worry about them! You do the work and through quantum entanglement, they will receive.

All the work you have done on yourself spiritually, intellectually, personally, emotionally has benefited the collective through quantum entanglement. This is a beautiful gift!

Our actions, thoughts, words and the way we shine in the world is deeply impacting the collective. 

This is why we need to maintain a high frequency in our energetic field

Knowing this, we can also realise the importance of cultivating purity and clarity in our energetic field.

This can be done by doing clearing, recharging and protecting our energetic field. We can do this by setting the intention that only high vibrations, frequencies and experiences for our highest good will come through. 

Every person who comes into our life is a teacher

Sometimes it’s hard to accept this fact because of the depth of the trauma that has been inflicted upon us.

When we were children, we were deeply affected by the trauma we received. When we become adults we have more responsibility for the trauma we receive and how it affects us. But we can still fall into victimhood and anger.

Often the other person is a teacher. Even if they are the aggressor giving us the trauma, that person is there to teach us to stand up for ourselves and not fall into the place of victimisation. 

It’s important for us to hold our boundaries. People/teachers come and will trigger reactions in us so we can become more powerful and loving towards ourselves.

Quantum entanglement is also why it is so important to choose the people we hang out with carefully. 

Observe the people who come into your life randomly and the friends you have. They will show you the best side of yourself and also the challenges you are working on. 

If we detangle to release density, will our loved ones still benefit from the work we are doing?

Yes! We are only going to be working on removing the quantum connections that no longer serve us from a place of love, compassion and forgiveness.

These are all the things that are polluting our energy field that doesn’t serve us or our loved ones. 

With love and reciprocity, we are going to help those people create more space in their quantum field. When we have more space we can create new connections. We connect more to our friends in spirit and call in our soul tribe. 

Our kids, partner, friends and family will still benefit from it. 

The Arcturians are master healers

My friend Anok who I channel is the head of the healing council of Arcturus. Arcturians live in between the 7th and 11th dimension depending on their grid and hierarchy and so Anok is pretty up there!

Arcturians are master healers. They use sound, colour, sacred geometry and (my favourite) cosmic surgery to heal people. I can trance channel their healing which is next level! 

I’ve had so much mind-blowing feedback from 1:1 sessions I have had with clients about their results after receiving healing from the Arcturians through me. 

Trance channelled quantum entanglement healing transmission with Anok

To listen to my 50-minute trance channelled transmission and receive quantum entanglement healing from the Arcturians, I invite you to listen to the podcast episode or Youtube video that goes along with this blog post. 

You can either watch the whole thing or simply fast forward to 28 minutes to receive this beautiful healing transmission.

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quantum entanglement

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