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Dear fellow lightworker, have you ever felt depleted of energy after giving to your clients? Have you ever felt the interference of lower frequencies in your field? 

We are walking on the path of serving others by sharing from a place of love, but often we can feel drained afterwards. 

This transmission will change the game for all of us, missioned souls!  

The Andromedans share a unique way to build an 8 layered protective shield. It’s an extremely powerful piece of quantum self-protection technology. 

I myself, have been using it for over a year now. This technology has allowed me to expand very fast, serve many souls and not feel so exhausted after sessions. 

I used to struggle with clearing dense energies

I made the choice to work in the quantum with advanced star races. That choice literally made me leap into a crystalline timeline where I now have clear and precise access to advanced teachings and a new body of work. 

Over a year ago, I didn’t have the quantum knowledge and tools to be able to travel safely. I was often meeting lower vibrations and frequencies that weren’t pleasant. I had to do a lot of clearing on my clients and myself, and most of the time I felt absolutely drained after 1:1 or group sessions. I didn’t have the information and the precision I have now, so basically I was just soaking up all frequencies that were around me.

No matter how many bubbles of light or clearing techniques I would use, I was still absorbing what wasn’t mine and at times I would even feel the infiltration of my sacred space by lower frequencies. 

“This has to stop”, I often thought to myself… 

“How can I make sure that I can serve others without even having to think about being infiltrated and drained? 

This is when I started receiving more downloads and clear explanations from my Andromedan friends. 

The Andromedan’s shared with me their 8 layered protective shield 

They shared this unique 8 layered field of quantum self-protection with me, telling me to experiment with it first, then share it with the world. 

So here we are!!! 

I recorded a video about it a little while ago and now finally take the time to put it into writing as this is such a game-changer for all lightworkers. 

Please share this around with your friends, so they can also be safe and uplifted while serving others. The world needs us, so we need to share this kind of technology with each other! 

Together, we weave webs of divine light around the planet! 

quantum self-protection

Effects of this quantum self-protection:

  • It makes us invisible to the lower frequencies that we don’t want to meet.  
  • We start vibrating at a much higher level, therefore keeping us safe from lower realms as we simply do not play in the same playground 
  • It amplifies our vortex, therefore we become more magnetic 
  • We are fully soul-aligned, which means that we have greater access to our talents and gifts 
  • As we are fully soul-aligned, we may receive a greater understanding of our soul mission 
  • We work with dragons, powerful protectors, time and space travellers and shapeshifters (that’s super cool!) 
  • We increase our confidence and our intuition 
  • We may start meeting higher frequency beings, advanced galactic friends, ascended masters and archangels 
  • In our 3D reality, we have fewer low-frequency experiences. I have noticed that a lot for myself actually… Yes, life still happens but I meet much fewer low-frequency people and experiences than I used to. 
  • When we meet low-frequency people, we can be much more present and compassionate, as we don’t feel so drained by them anymore. We can serve at a new level!  

Quantum Self-Protection Meditation: 

Start by meditating first. 

The first layer of quantum self-protection is the heart centre

As you breathe, breathe from your heart portal, feeling your heart expand more and more with every breath that you take. Breathe the quality of peace, love and allow these qualities to flow within your cells. 

Continue breathing and create a gigantic enormous electromagnetic field of inner peace all around you. Your first layer of protection always resides within the heart centre. The one point of creation, the one point of unification, oneness, is inner peace. So always start from there! 

The second layer is the invisibility cloak (Harry Potter fans, you are welcome;-) 

Please visualize a cape with a hood being placed on your shoulders. This is an invisibility cloak. I would like you to sit or to visualize yourself sitting with your knees curled up into your chest and your head forwards on your knees and simply visualize this invisibility cloak wrapping all around you. This is an image that is going to bring oneness, unification of the invisibility cloak.  

But of course, in whatever you are doing, if you are standing, running, or stretching in real life, you still have the cape all around you.

This technology in itself is very good to use in 3d reality as it is going to help you stay invisible to people that are really not aligned with you and your offerings. It is going to be a protection against low vibe people. Still, you will be able to be recognised as a lightworker and serve others. It is simply a protection that makes you invisible, therefore, preventing you from experiencing leaks in your life force energy.  

The third layer of quantum self-protection is the bubble of light

You can visualise it all around you and make this bubble of light quite big as it has to wrap all-around your aura. This bubble of light is beautiful and magnificent, it is a healthy boundary.  

The fourth and fifth layers are two four-pointed pyramids

Each pyramid looks like the ones they have in ancient Egypt. You are at the centre of the pyramid. Connecting to inner peace, wrapped into your invisibility cloak, protected by your bubble of light, place yourself inside the first gigantic pyramid. Then simply bring another pyramid, upside down this time. These two pyramids are around you and create a 10 pointed star.   

The sixth layer is ice

Please visualize around the shape created by the two pyramids, a cloud of ice. This ice layer is wrapping itself all around the 10 pointed stars, creating a big sphere. Feel it everywhere around you, connect to the power of the ice. This is a huge protective field that deters lower frequencies.  

The seventh layer is a shield

It is made out of very high frequencies and to me, it appears as dark metallic grey. It is placed around the ice, creating a huge sphere of high frequencies. Stay connected to this layer, feel it everywhere.   

The eighth layer is created by our dragon friends, fire! 

Now, call them and ask them to activate their fire! You might feel them and visualise them setting fire to the previous metallic shield. The metallic shield stays intact but flames are now burning on top of it. This is the ultimate protection! 

And there you have the 8 layers of the Andromedan shield technology! 

Remember that our team can protect us yes, but that we are sovereign beings and therefore we are the leaders of our lives. Keep consciously activating this 8 layers protective shield every day, otherwise, it won’t be so powerful and your frequencies might start dropping over time. 

To listen to my channelled guided meditation of this 8 layered protective field you can watch my YouTube video, or listen to this episode on my podcast below.

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