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Spirituality is evolving fast and we need to receive guidance for a greater understanding of the Quantum Worlds, the new concepts and Quantum technologies received.  

What is the Quantum and how can we start accessing it to accelerate our evolution? How can we use these Quantum principles to experience more happiness, joy, and abundance in your life? 

We could talk about this subject for an infinite amount of time because Quantum is infinite! 

May you receive this Quantum Worlds transmission from your heart, allowing yourself to feel into it to see how it resonates with you. 

To expand your vocabulary and understanding of the Quantum, I’d like to encourage you to watch the many free transmissions that I facilitate. 

The meaning of “Quantum” 

If we search for “Quantum” on the internet or start listening to transmissions on Gaia, we will receive mostly scientific perspectives on this word such as Quantum Theory and Quantum Physics. I am learning a lot about those subjects myself, so I can indeed have a greater intellectual understanding of the Quantum.

However, I also download a lot of information on Quantum Worlds from my galactic team. Sometimes this information is quite different from the mainstream scientific theories on quantum physics.  

The first thing to realise is that there is no separation, no right or wrong. There are simply new ways of trying to express the vastness of the experiences that we are encountering.

According to modern-day science, “Quantum” usually refers to something very small on the atomic level and subatomic level. But when I personally connect to my galactic team and start travelling in different Quantum realities, everything seems so big, so vast, so powerful.  

These two understandings seem to be opposite, right?  

To me, this simply shows that the fundamental law “as above, so below”, the principle of “fractal reflection”, still rules, aligning the microcosm to the macrocosm  

“As above, so below” always shows that what we find in the microcosm or the smallest particle, we also find in the macrocosm or in the infinite.

Keep an open mind 

Always keep the mind open and stay curious when you start exploring the infinite quantum.

The Newtonian Paradigm that humanity has been living from for centuries is based on separatism. This has allowed us to isolate elements and go deep into understanding our physical reality. It has served us greatly but this paradigm is now facing major challenges.

We are now entering an era of Quantum Physics, where we realise that everything is conscious and inter-connected. We are awakening to the fact that most of our actions and pathways of evolution are limited by the collective knowledge around science.

Therefore, we must leave behind what we thought was right and what we thought was true, such as “we can only trust what we see and touch”. What is actually known from science, only constitutes about 5% of our reality!

Yes, that’s right, our modern science actually only knows 5%. The rest of our “unknown” reality is categorised as “dark matter” or “dark energy”. That is a lot yet to be discovered right?!

Access the space between particles to access the Quantum 

When I talk about the Quantum, I talk about everything that exists. Otherwise, I would talk about the Earth realm or about the Galactic realms. The Quantum is everything, all the data of the infinite consciousness or God source if you prefer.

In modern science, when we look at atoms, we find electrons oscillating around the nucleus. There is space between these electrons and the neutrons they oscillate around. There is no matter in that space.

If we were to remove all this space that exists in our atoms, all that we are would fit on the tip of the pen, and the whole of humanity would be a cube of sugar! 

Isn’t that crazy?!  

We are mostly made out of space which is the foundation of our quantum realities!

When we start accessing the space between the particles, we start accessing the infinite Quantum, which resides within the self and also outside of the self.

All possibilities reside within that space. If everything is available, we can access the infinite. Some people have access to connections with star races, others have access to millions of dollars. Some people have access to the sea, others to a healthy avatar body, divine union or sacred parenthood.

Some are learning to have access to ‘it all’… 

When we start realising that the whole of reality resides in the infinite Quantum, we can open up our minds and stay curious. Questions do not need to be answered.

If we always try to answer all our questions, it shows there is uncertainty in our field and a lack of confidence and trust.

Plus how can we possibly fit all our questions into the 5% known and proven by science? 

That seems way too limiting for me! 

The Observer Effect

In Quantum Physics, it is demonstrated that the way an experiment is set up will directly influence its results. This phenomenon is known as “The Observer Effect”.

For example, light is both a wave and a particle. In experiments is has been observed as both because the observer influences the results of the experiment. When scientists set up an experiment to observe light as a wave, it will behave as a wave. If they set up an experiment to observe light as a particle, it will behave like a particle.  

So what is it? We do not know. It is both, depending on what we desire to observe!

With this knowledge, we can learn to step away from our projections when asking the Universe questions. We allow ourselves to stay open and receptive so we don’t influence the answer to a question placed in our field.

Through this system, we can start accessing new downloads and deeper truths. 

How to start accessing the Quantum? 

Most of the time, I raise questions that I direct to the Quantum. This allows my energy field to open up and I allow the answers to come in due time. Sometimes a question stays out there in the field for months!

Patience and trust are Quantum keys to access those realities.

Here are a couple of questions I like to ask in the Quantum:

  • Why do I feel this way when I talk to that person?
  • Why does that person trigger me like this?
  • Why am I experiencing this?
  • How can I reconcile these two thoughts that seem so divergent to me right now?

I stay the observer of my experiences and my questions.

Raising questions that do not have answers, without projecting answers will literally open up our consciousness and our energy field. If we observe ourselves projecting an answer, we can just notice how that projection started and where it came from. Is it from fear? Or is it a repetition from our past reality, limiting beliefs perhaps? 

The most important ingredient to this formula is patience! 

For example, I had all of these questions about the Galactic Federation that was not making sense to me. What I was hearing from the outside world and receiving from my galactic team were simply not matching. There were a lot of gaps in the information I was receiving.  

I started raising questions such as “Why do I not feel connected to the Galactic Federation? Why am I not receiving downloads on this? Why do I feel that the Galactic Federation is limited?” 

I did not know the answers to those questions. I stayed in a curious opened state of being, not judging myself or analysing the situation. Then all of a sudden, one day in my Quantum travels, everything started coming. Everything was linked, all the questions that I had raised for months were answered. I had reached an embodied state of acceptance and advancement necessary to get the bigger picture! 

A Visualisation to help us access the Quantum

A visualisation I like to do when accessing the unknown is to visualise little antennas coming from my field, spreading all around me far away in the Quantum. Those little threads are like detectors, they vibrate at my frequency. They allow me to connect to new information that matches the highest level of frequencies available to me.  

The questions I was asking were pretty advanced! I had to shift through many timelines to access the level of frequency necessary to connect my little antennas to the frequency of the answer!.

This exercise is practical and light. It is an easy way for us to shift our reality by raising questions.  

Welcome in your heart desires

For example, some of us have a heart desire to have a lot of money.  

We must allow ourselves to welcome all heart desires equally. They are seeds planted by our soul to help us align more deeply to our unique quantum soul blueprint and anchor our soul mission. 

Do not fight your heart desires! If you do you will block your intuition and therefore your evolution. It’s basically like saying “shut up” to your soul because you hold onto the belief that you shouldn’t want this or that! 

Your soul is saying, “Manifest, shift, take aligned actions, bring millions in.” But then, you react by closing off and saying, “No, that is not spiritual. I should not listen to you”. Instead, you can choose to honour your intuition and your soul’s calling even though it might not make sense right now.  

Later down the line, you may realise this heart desire is actually there because you are meant to serve millions of people! To align to the idea of serving millions, it was easier for your soul to align to the thought of having a lot of money. 

This is the fastest pathway of evolution. Direct your antennas out in the quantum and allow yourself to receive effortlessly.  

Quantum Jumping

Quantum jumping realities relate to the architecture of life that is currently present for us in this very moment. This moment changes with every thought and the words and actions that we emit.  

But what the hell does that mean?  

In this regard, the architecture of life present in our field right now is all the timelines available to us. There is a constant collapse of timelines depending on what we think, what we say and what we do in terms of actions. 

Most people do not know this. They do not see it because the changes are so very small they are barely noticeable. But when there is a massive collapse of timelines that people feel and see, it is impossible to deny that something bigger is at play.  

The player has changed the game and is starting to become a conscious creator.  

Timeline shifts

Anything that happens in our life, and especially when it is very sudden, is basically an instant timeline shift. A crossroads. It is taking us on a different journey. We had this nice routine in place, just going with the flow, enjoying life and all of a sudden, a new experience hits us and we must adapt.  

Think about a loved one passing, a relationship ending, losing a job… All of those are experiences coming from the outside and residing in the lower frequencies. Life is trying to teach us something. 

We are learning to anchor ourselves in trust, and getting to know our inner strength. We are offered the possibility to rise up to the occasion to be the bigger person in our reality, therefore anchoring a new higher identity. 

These are massive timeline shifts, and we all notice them because we are never the same afterwards.  

Most humans, at the moment, are being shaken up and they have zero clue, zero control and zero understanding of the process really happening.  

This is why it is so exciting to work with the Quantum World and Quantum Realities. Instead of being the victim of experiences happening in our field, we gain a greater understanding of the architecture of life and of why this is happening.  

We reclaim our power and our freedom as conscious creators! 

Staying wired to the higher frequencies of this fractal experience

When things get hard when life sucks, how can we stay wired to the higher frequency of this fractal experience?  

How can we navigate that pathway of evolution with joy, surrendering to the flow, with courage, confidence, trust in ourselves, and trust in the universe? 

When we start navigating the timelines in our field with precision and inner knowing, we start receiving clear information about what is available to us. We are then able to make conscious decisions accordingly. 

This is what I have been playing with for a while now and why I have experienced a huge collapse of timelines and Quantum jumping of realities very fast. I am living my best life ever, which is absolutely amazing!  

This is the mastery of seeing and understanding all the timelines available within my Quantum reality right now. And always choosing to align my frequency to the highest point of that timeline.  

How I have made my Quantum jumps

I adjust my vortex to the timeline available. Then I access it with patience when all the architecture aligns to the frequency of the available timeline. Indeed, all areas of my life must be adjusted and upgraded to call in my most ascended timeline. 

When we Quantum jump reality, we consciously choose to transition from one reality to another one. 

I have done many Quantum jumps in the last year! The last one was moving into my dream home, which is a luxurious house overlooking a beautiful beach and the sea. I am also manifesting my ideal 5D avatar body. I have never been so healthy, strong, fit, and so happy in my physical body. I’ve founded my Quantum 5D University, Fractal Alchemy and I’m on my way to hit 7 figures in my business this year. 

All of this happens because of the deep awareness of all the timelines available. I do the work on myself constantly to stay anchored in the highest frequencies available to me in each and every moment. I do not simply sit on my couch relaxing, waiting for it to happen!  

How do we visualise timelines available to us?  

To visualise my timelines I close my eyes, and I simply start asking, “What are the timelines that are available to me now?”  

I have great visuals and have been playing with this for many years, so I know that the one that is in front of me is the one that I am on at the moment. The ones that are on the left, are lower timelines, and the ones on the right are higher timelines.  

This is my own way of seeing this process, you might see differently and that’s ok! 

Sometimes I visualise my current timeline as a path that I am walking on. I ask to be shown what resides on this path and what I would experience if I was to continue on this timeline. 

If I want to make some changes in my life, I visualise those changes happening and how much my timeline changes as a result. 

I see all the ramifications of this new timeline. Other ones will quickly start appearing on the left and right. I can then start navigating to the new timelines to receive information about them. This is how I make conscious choices in my life, anchoring new realities very fast! 

Working with your current timeline

We can consciously work with our current timeline from this choice point by always choosing the highest point. The one that has the highest vibrations available to us, where we feel the happiest, alive and vibrant! 

Sometimes, the highest point is having a good old fashion party! For example, we might have friends visiting from overseas. We all have been in lockdown for over a year, so we need a goddamn good party to feel alive again, connected, vibrant and happy. You get that right?  

Sometimes that becomes the most ascended timeline! 

We have to do the work with honour, from a place of integrity, knowing what we need, then take aligned actions to meet our needs. We must be there for ourselves first, then be there for others. Always acting from a place of love and connection, abundance and freedom will allow us to anchor our highest identity and collapse timelines within the quantum. 

Sometimes all we need to do is be the bigger person in as many situations as we can. 

Creating resonance

To get more precise on our Quantum journey, we do the work on ourselves first. Therefore, it allows us to shift realities very fast because we send signals from our cells, from our Quantum microcosm to the Quantum macrocosm. We create a resonance in terms of frequencies.

When we start creating resonance, it means that we align our microcosm to our macrocosm.

What I cultivate and shift on a subatomic level in the Quantum Universe within myself, I set the tone of my frequencies. All of these frequencies are going to attract the manifestations in my outside reality that are a vibrational match.

Quantum jumping realities means that we are going from something that is ‘normal’ to something mind-blowing.

For example, the shifts that I have recently experienced…

Honestly, people don’t get how I can live where I live now. Some of my friends, and my students, know the work I do, but even for them, it is hard to fully understand how I did it. It is such a big Quantum jump in my reality that it is mind-blowing! And it is only starting! 

I’m paving the way for this architecture, so I can embody what I teach and will teach in the future.

Quantum allies

The gateways are now open, so we have the chance to benefit from our connections to our soul family.

Star races are here to train us in our understanding and embodiment of new Quantum realities available for humanity now.

Our next module, starting in April, is all about the Galactic realms. This is going to be amazing because we will start refining the connections we have with the main known star races. We are also going to start creating connections with new star races that were not in contact with humanity before.

These star races are looking for ambassadors on earth, so they can start sharing the knowledge they have about their part in the Quantum.

I work with the Arcturians who are very advanced. They know a lot. They are master healers, they are badass, but they do not know everything. Nobody knows everything. Only God does.

Only the source of everything has all information.

As we ascend, we get access to a higher, greater level of information. I work with a collective residing in the 9th to 12th dimension. I sit with them, and I share the information I have from my own understanding of reality. They share the information they have with me, coming from their own perception. Therefore, I can translate those teachings for my fellow humans!

The recommendation that is coming from my team is that humans start accessing the Quantum within the cells. This is the safest and most important way. The pathway of evolution that humans take is through the self, from the self, and for the self.

For having that access, we must go within in our meditations. We start silencing the mind and we create space between the cells. By therefore that space, we access the Quantum World within the self.

quantum worlds

Our vibrations determine what we meet in the Quantum

Everything is vibration. 

When we talk from an understanding of Quantum Physics, the Quantum is the behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic levels within the body,, the microcosm.

We can also place that into the infinite Quantum, the macrocosm. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, which is going to give it its quality. It can be a hard object, the waves of the sea or the wind. It can be a sound or a thought.

All physical bodies have certain vibrations, as well as our energetic body, our thoughts and our emotions.

For example, the vibration of sadness can be felt strongly on many levels. The physical body is going to react to the vibration of that emotion. So our mind, our actions and our thoughts are also affected. If you think about excitement, then you are going to start vibrating at a completely different level. 

When you’re sad you may just want to curl into a ball wrap yourself in a blanket and just disappear. When you’re excited you just want to throw the blanket away and share your happiness with the world. You want to see your friends, try new things, expand your life! That is the vibration of excitement.

Consciously working with vibrations to lock in higher frequencies

When we start working consciously with vibrations, we can start locking in the corresponding frequency. If we consciously tap into joy, love, and trust, then this vibration becomes more present in our lives. We choose to anchor this vibration in our field.

Our physical body, our mind, and our energetic field are going to start vibrating at a higher level constantly, therefore, locking in that new frequency. We start increasing our frequency from the vibration that we consciously choose to embody in our field as often as we can.

We have a general matrix system that vibrates at a corresponding level of frequency, depending on the vibrations that are present. In the Quantum we will meet whatever is closest to our frequency. 

It means that if you are a dick, you consume a lot of alcohol, and are very mean to people, chances are that your frequency is quite low. Most likely, you are never going to encounter or start working with Arcturians from the 9th dimension. Most likely you will attract lower frequencies and all sorts of nasties out there…

If you do work on yourself, or if you are born with remembrance, then you start working on lifting your frequency. Then you become a match to higher frequency beings and experiences.

It means that the pathways between these two realities within the Quantum can be established and you start accessing higher realities.

To start accessing higher realities or to connect with advanced star races, raise your vibration consciously. Choose high vibes and always live from a place of love, freedom, abundance and connection. 

Then, you will start anchoring higher levels of frequency within yourself. This will allow you to connect more deeply with ascended beings, angels, ascended masters, and all sorts of super cool frequencies.

Further Studies with me

If this content excites you and you feel your energy expand, then I’d like to encourage you to also watch the many free transmissions that I regularly facilitate on Facebook and Instagram.

Keep shining bright, my friend, because the world is a better place when you shine unapologetically in it.

We are here to have fun.

We are here to enjoy life.

Let’s do it now!

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