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In this post, I would like to share one thing that has really helped me revisit my story, so I was able to write a new one from an upgraded sense of identity and understanding of why things are happening the way they are in my life.

I have received many questions from people asking me how they can know if they are on the right path and how they can shift away from situations that keep happening over and over again. People want to know the meaning of these situations and why they are happening to them.

During this post, I will help you with one technique for you to practice. This will shift your awareness so you can see that from birth until now you have already received many tools and keys, and that you have always done your best. You will see how your life is perfect, always! This will help you understand why you are here now and also how these past stories relate to your soul mission and purpose to help you receive greater clarity around these.

How I used to look back on past versions of myself and past stories

For a very long time, every time I would think about all the things that I did in the past, I would do it from a judgemental and harsh perspective. It took me a while to realise this! I would bash my human and say things like ‘we had no idea what we were doing in Fiji, we were young and stupid.’

Or when I was younger at university I spent all my time binge drinking and going out. I was all over the place! I just went to university to study because I didn’t know what else to do with my life. 

These are lower fractal quantum filters that were in my field and made me always talk about my past self through negative narratives. When we talk in negative narratives we tap into lower fractal reflections. It means that we amplify the lower fractal in our field, all the way to the subatomic level.

It amplifies the lower fractal in our emotional body, triggering judgement, righteousness, lack and feelings of not being good enough. We can also trigger anger, sadness, frustration, shame and guilt. This is what I was doing!

Amplifying lower fractal frequencies in our macrocosm

Through the principle of quantum resonance, everything that happens in our microcosm through our thoughts will magnify and amplify what is in resonance with those thoughts into the macrocosm. Therefore when we think negative thoughts about our past self, we start to magnify lower fractal reflection experiences in the macrocosm, what we experience now in our everyday lives.

I have shifted so much from being a pessimistic judgemental person. The way I spoke about my past self was so intense! If my best friend was talking to me this way I would say to her ‘how dare you talk to me like this and say this about my past story!’. Yet, I was doing that to myself every day…

Revisiting past experiences from the upper fractal reflection

As soon as I realised this, I set the conscious intention to revisit all past experiences from the upper fractal reflection frequency of gratitude and observing all the gifts and talents I have developed as I navigated life.

This shifted my entire identity! From perceiving my identity as this human that was not conscious, addicted to substances, all over the place and so intense, I completely shifted into perceiving my identity from the lens of upper fractal reflection, from presence and trust.

An exercise to help you do this for yourself

After receiving this transmission, I would love for you to take a pen and paper and think about a past experience that is quite vivid in your mind and tends to make you activate your lower fractal reflection. 

Here we want to think about ourselves as if we were reading a book. This is not about revisiting past wounds and traumas. This is more about the way we talk about ourselves as we walked through life before. For example, “When I was living with this person I was angry, negative and frustrated”. You may go back and say “wait a minute, when I was experiencing that I actually learned to be courageous, to find new ways of having fun.”

I have always had my own space, preferring to live by myself. But I was fully anchored into the identity of a social butterfly, often being the life of the party! I would cook for people, have friends over for parties, loved clubbing and I worked in bars. When I look back on this I can see that I was very social and adapted to all sorts of situations. I can relate to so many humans because of all these things that I have done not only in Belgium but all over the world.

As I lived in the bush in Fiji I can see that I adapted. I became so close to the Fijian village next to me. I made friends that I never would have met otherwise. I learned to hand wash, live without electricity and hot water, use fresh coconut to make traditional Fijian dishes and so much more!

We always do the best we can with what we have!

Every time you catch yourself talking with a negative narrative about one of your past experiences, I would love to invite you to catch yourself. Remind yourself that you did the best that you could with what you had at the time. 

Don’t you really believe this and feel this? Don’t you see that you always do the best you can with your level of consciousness, everything you have learned so far, the amount of energy you have, how busy you are and so on? You always do your best!

Your past self hadn’t learned all that you have learned now. So of course you went through all of that to get to where you are now. Your past self was actually pretty badass because look at you today!

You’re amazing and you have come so far. I trust that you already know this. You can acknowledge with humility that you are a very good person. You are kind, intelligent, you want to love more. You are on this path of bettering your life and finding more connections.

recode your identity

Find a connection with your past self 

This is quantum work where we work with our alternate realities. Every time you talk to your past self you can thank them so much. For me, I say: ‘Thank you so much, past self, for all that you have learned, for going to university and learning so much about the world’. I am so happy that I did this in my past because it created so many neural pathways. I was courageous! I studied for 7 years while having a job and partying hard all at the same time!

I can see my past self was intelligent, curious about life, kind and playful, adventurous and full of energy.

Find some snippets of your life in the past and talk about yourself like this. This is the exercise I would love for you do to after you finish reading this post! 

Go deep to investigate why you were the way you were in the past 

If you find yourself being very judgemental about your past experiences, take some time to figure out why you are feeling like that. One exercise that I did was to revisit why I was so addicted to weed and alcohol and always having boyfriends around. Why was I constantly in and out of these intense cycles? 

I had to go really deep and what I found was these things gave me joy. Very often I was unable to find joy without these things. I have always been awake and gifted in a way where I can perceive other life forms and spiritual guides and entities. But I didn’t know what to do with them. I wasn’t fully empowered or aware that I was the creator of my reality. I knew nothing about quantum dynamics.

I was finding ways to be happy on earth when all that I wanted was to exit reality, literally. I had this urge to get high, party hard and feel connected with lots of people and always be on the go. This meant that I was always distracted from this feeling of being lost and really longing to leave the earth plane for good. So, I found some inner resources and maybe they weren’t at the highest. But back then that’s all I had and it served me. Instead of falling into depression, I actually had a great time and I learned so much!

Now I don’t need any of these things anymore because I have learned and do what I do teaching about the quantum as a spiritual mentor. I don’t need to find happiness by using substances and having people around. I am happy by myself all the time and when I socialise, it’s in a very healthy way, I’m happy to do so. 

When you struggle to find why you did things in your past, go deeper. 

What you will find is even more of your own resources. You will find more of your talents, gifts and also your thirst for life.

When I explain this situation about doing all of these things to find happiness, in one way I was feeling lost and I wanted to exit but mostly I wanted to stay here!

I wanted to have a good life and have fun. My notion of fun and happiness has now changed but I thank my past self for having done all those things. Otherwise, a timeline of me exiting my life could very well have happened. A lot of us did what was necessary to get through challenging times by finding solutions that were immediate.

When we look back we can realise we did those things because we actually wanted to stay because it was written in the stars and because we were being called to rise up.

I hope this transmission will help you to recode your identity at a much higher level through this upgraded narrative of having gratitude and love for your past self. Every experience your past self went through was so you could be the person you are today: a badass soul here for the great transition!


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recode your identity

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