Free audio meditation


The Bubble Emotional Release

8 min Meditation to release emotions, feelings, memories and experiences that are still present within you but that you don’t want to keep with you. Learn the principles by listening to this meditation then repeat on your own as often as you like!


Self Protection

8 min Meditation to be practised every morning. Create your self-protection for the day and use these techniques at any other time, when you feel the need to protect yourself more when facing challenges and difficult situations.


Clearing Star Meditation

20 Min Meditation to clear your energy field, from within you to all your auric layers. This is a very powerful visualisation that will clear on a deep level. The two stages explained here are needed to make sure that what you clear doesn’t stay around you. Practise it as often as you like, especially after going through difficult times or illnesses.


Yoga Nidra

14 min Meditation that is actually a visualisation to help you drift into the stage of relaxation that just precedes sleep. Yoga Nidra is an ancient and powerful technique that helps sleep better and stay asleep. It is a great way to get in touch with your body, calm the mind and open your intuition.


My very own Inner Temple

21 min Meditation that will guide you through a journey to discover your inner temple. This sacred and special place is only for you and once you have learned how to find it and keep it into your heart, then you can come at any time to recharge your batteries. It can as well be the starting point to any other meditation practise. I personally love this practise and have done it for many years; it give such a sense of connection and happiness that you will catch yourself thinking about your inner temple more and more often!


Your Own Body Language

31 min Meditation that has been especially designed to help you connect to yourself on a deep inner level to understand – maybe – the connections between your body and your emotions and soul. The body talks to us through its own language. Learn to clear your mind to become more receptive to its messages.


Visualisation Exercise

17 min Visualisation practise that was actually taught to me by my father. He would tell me to practise this before trying to meditate, to see how active and scattered my mind was… it works really well as you have to follow certain precise directions; if your mind starts wandering, you will quickly realise for how long you were ‘gone’! It’s fun and practical, a great first if you’ve never tried meditating before!


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