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I have been gifted since I was very young and this is the work that comes the most naturally to me. The spiritual world is were my heart and most powerful gifts lie, were my journey takes me on a deeper level than ever before. I have been working as an intuitive healer, psychic and medium for many years and my ability to help others on their spiritual journey is increasing as I, myself, progress on my own spiritual path.

I have access to information held in the Akashic Records, I see and hear spirits and light beings, I receive messages from ascended masters and can see one’s energetic field and all that it contains.

With the Spiritual Soul Healing Session, I will help you awake your soul and empower it so you can live your life more purposely, with enhanced clarity and freedom.

I use my intuitive gifts and healing modalities to tune into your Soul, listen to it and talk to it. I can bring to the surface old blockages and patterns, hurts and desires as well as anything that needs to be addressed.

Together, we can work on any area of your life that’s of your concern, or simply come to see what’s coming up for you on your journey. This session is truly transformational.

During the session, we can use any of the following modalities, depending on your needs and wants:

  • Channelling with Source/God, Ascendant Masters and Spirit guides and ancestors
  • Clearing of the energy field from entities, low vibrations, blocks and implants
  • Body scan using the intuitive Ajna center to find what your health and physical body go through and hold with the appropriate recommendation for better health
  • Trapped emotions release using muscle testing and the meridian system
  • Radiesthesia using a pendulum
  • Reiki and E.D.I.N.A
  • Past-life regression to release old patterns and blockages, hurts and karmic debts as well as regain powers and gifts
  • Soul Retrieval to find a missing soul piece lost through the wheels of life
  • Akashic records reading
  • Communication and activation of your Animal of Powers

You will as well receive some sort of spiritual practice and exercises or meditation to help you implement the changes that have occurred during the session and rewire your mind to speed up the transformation and healing.

“Are you ready to be you?” – BOOK NOW to start living a life based on your soul’s purpose!

This session shouldn’t replace any medical treatment recommended for your health condition by doctor and other specialists.

This soul reading is about finding about yourself, your journey at the moment and your soul’s aspirations.
I retrieve the information from the Akashic records, the database of the universe that contains all information about your and your journey.
Learn about blocks and patterns that hold you back and how you can overcome them finding more power within.
We can connect to your spirit guides if needed to hear what they have to say to help you on your journey.
You can ask the questions that you want or just allow the flow to come and give you messages that are important for you to receive at this moment in your life.
I use my clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant gifts as well as channeling.
Reiki is a technique for relaxation and stress release that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” (the hands are not place directly on the body but slightly above it). Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Reiki works with the life force energy (Qi) to heal body, mind and emotions. Work is done on the chakras system, to allow them to flow and be free from blockages as well as on more specific areas requiring healing.

You can expect to feel relaxed and even fall asleep! Some people see colours during the session, others feel waves of energies or images popping into the mind. It is not necessary to feel and see anything at all for the life force energy to flow through your body and do the work ii needs to do.

Reiki is wonderful as a complement during more intense treatments, helping deal with the hardships of illnesses with a calmer mind and warmer heart but it does not replace a proper medical treatment.

I am now a Reiki Master and initiate others to this beautiful and very simple healing technique. If you are interested to learn yourself, let me know and check our website to find out when the training session are!


Spiritual healing:

  • 60min: $95
  • 90min: $125

Reading: 30 min: $50

Reiki: 60 min: $75

We offer 20% Off for students

Please kindly note that there is a 3.5% surcharge on all credit card payments. We accept online payments and have an eftpos facility in the Centre.


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