40 min Soul Reading

This reading provides space for you to ask questions about immediate issues that are present in your life.

I will read your energy, what’s present in your physical body and energetic field, as well as blocks, shadows and deeper challenges that you are facing right now.

I tune in to feel your vibrations and reflect them to you so you can take your own decisions, based on more clarity and understanding of the underlying patterns occurring in your life.

Clients have found this 40 min session easy to fit into their busy schedule and straight to the point to gain clarity and self-understanding.

It can be done in person or over the phone.

>>> To book, contact me on info@cendrines.com

If you are more interested in actively working on healing modalities, please check up my 90 minutes session “Spiritual Soul Healing”.

If you are willing to manifest true and deep transformation and healing into your life, then check the “Soul Freedom System”, my very special one-on-one coaching.


 90 min Spiritual Soul Healing

In this soul healing session, we will use many different modalities to help you heal on a deep soul level.

I will use my intuitive gifts and psychic abilities to tune into your energy field and discover the blocks that are holding you back. I have access to the Akashic records, and, as needed, can then work on your past lives.

Most of the time, I spend some time clearing your energy field from all that is not really yours and shouldn’t be there. Clients find that it makes them feel a lot lighter and brings more clarity into their mind.

I use emotional release to help you heal from past hurts and wounds and give you techniques to continue to fuel your heart with love and courage so when challenges come, you feel stronger.

I can use many other modalities to help you on your journey; such as working on your chakras and energetic system, talking with your spirit guides and spirit animals, connecting with your inner child and helping you ground yourself to the Earth and open up to the heavens. I can have access to other realms of reality, as appropriate for you right now.

I will often channel some spiritual exercises for you to do in your own time, so you can make greater and faster progress on your journey.

I have been offering this Soul Healing session for years now, and I have had tremendous feedbacks. People report gaining a lot of confidence and clarity on their path. They have said to be more joyful and happy, more connected to themselves and others. It often has opened the horizons of many of my clients, offering them a new outlook on their life, expanding and uplifting their awakening. This session is deeply empowering as I work with the help of ascended masters and connect to Source directly.

This is a joint session, meaning that I will help you to the best of my abilities, but you will have to help yourself as well, by being true and open-minded.

This 90 min session is a great investment in yourself, for $160 only!

>>> To book, contact me on info@cendrines.com


1:1 Spiritual Coaching: The Soul Freedom System

This one-on-one coaching is a deep transformative journey that is totally unique to each client. All the aspects of the self are considered: the physical body, the mind and the soul.

If you are feeling stuck, confused or lost at the moment; if you are scared to bring changes in your life even though you know they are necessary; if you have dreams but are unable to go get them; this “Soul Freedom System” coaching program is definitely for you!

If this makes you feel curious or even excited, if it gives you the goose bumps or you can hear a little voice in your head saying: “You should totally find out more about this!”; then click on the image below to receive more information (without any other commitment)